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Gay Romeo is a meeting place that is run by and run for Gay guys. You may be thinking that there are enough of these kinds of sites out there already so what is different about this one? Well, to start with they offer you quite a lot of functions for free. Some other dating sites only let you register a basic profile for free and then ask for a sign up fee before you can see the kind of content you actually want to see.

When you start the registration process at you actually get four options. You can register as a user (I’ll come back to that in a moment) or you can register as a club. Doing that will let you set up a different kind of profile and create your own on-line community; a great way to find other folk with the same interests as you. If you are a business you can register to be in the guide and if you are an escort you can also set up a professional profile and, as far as I could see, all of these options were free.

I tried out the basic, personal registration process and found it quite a long one. There are certain things you have to fill out before you can proceed but the site will tell you if anything is missing. It’s always best to be thorough with these things anyway as you only want to attract the right guys. There’s no point saying you are hung like a horse and have the body of a porn star if you don’t – you’ll only disappoint people and get a bad name. Also, take a moment to work out your ‘handle’ or profile name. Things like S2***drt7 are not only hard to remember but meaningless.

Once you get your log in details and your registration is confirmed you can start to upload images. The users console in quite neat and easy to use but there are lots of different options to experiment with. Across the top you have links to shops, the info zone where there is all kinds of useful info including tips on how to design your profile and safe sex information too. There are really friendly help and support pages plus the ‘about’ page where you are introduced to the team behind the site. Then you come to the users search engine and I guess this is where you’ll want to start. There are seven kinds of search already picked out for you and these include your area under their headings, so for example you can see who in your area has images, you can find recently registered users from your area and so on. Of course you can search for other locations too and even by name, age and the usual dating site options apply here.

At the bottom of your screen the options continue and you can check messages, view clubs, change your profile and update any number of settings to aid your viewing. It looks like Gay Romeo has thought of just about everything and, when you register, you really do get the feeling that you are joining something special. The design is cool with neat images and clear text and you can even instantly change the language of the site into one of six European languages.

I have seen quite a few of what I call dating sites recently and they each have their own style of presentation but, so far, Gay Romeo is my favorite for Europe. There really is too much on it to tell you about here so I can only suggest you pop over and have a look. It’s free to register and use so you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s new and fresh and offers a good hook-up, chat and general on-line community for you to become a part of.