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I’ve looked at a few personals sites in my time and even joined some and let’s face it there are plenty of them out three these days to join. If you are looking for a new partner or just for some on-line chat then these sites are a good and safe place to start. Of course when it comes to actually meeting someone in the flesh you should always be careful and a good personals site will give you guidelines on the safest way to meet a stranger. After all, that is what you are doing and, even though you could chat to someone for weeks and even exchange pictures, you never really know they are who they say they are until you meet face to face.
O.k., warning over with, what are the most popular lesbian personals sites out there at the moment? After a quick search I came up with four alternatives for you:

Lesbian Personals claims to have over 3,750,000 members and when you click to the home page you’ll be told how many of these members are in your country. There is a tour you can take which will tell you what to expect, or you can browse the membership by country and USA state. Again it is easy and free to create a basic profile but there is a fee for premium use. The site also has a magazine and chat room associated with it.

With its simple, white and purple design this site is nice and easy to use and look at. You can explore it by running a quick search to see if there is anyone near you already registered. Select the state, if in the USA, or country, the persons age, what they/you are looking for and away you go. The site caters for bisexual as well as lesbian women and you can opt to see face pics or not. You can also see who is on line and read the short profile that each girl has put up. I found this site really quick to search and load results and there were over 250 members on line when I was there. You can create a basic membership for free and there is a non-recurring fee for a premium membership.

The Pink Sofa claims to be the world’s biggest lesbian meeting place and how are we to know any different? There were 463 members on line with 17 chatting when I was there. You can carry out a search by country to see if there is anyone here you’re going to want to meet and you also get access to the forum and classified adverts. There is a travel section so you can see who’s traveling in your area, a business directory and a message board. This site seems to have more extras than the others and looks like a more interactive personals site. You have three free days and then there is a monthly charge of $20 which reduces if you buy in for a longer period of time.

Finally Lesbotronic. This site had a completely different feel to it from the others; it was darker and more jazzy in its design. The page to create your profile was huge and very detailed and thats because the site matches you with your perfect partner for you. There is also a detailed help and information page to check out if you’re not sure that this is the place for you.

With any dating or personals site it’s best to be honest, to fill out as much information about yourself as possible and, if uploading pictures, put recent ones. There’s no point in finding your perfect date only to discover that you are not actually hers now is there?