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Being stranded on an island of gay bashers and thugs just does not sound appealing to me.  It really has never sounded appealing to go to some of these exotic destinations that I have heard of gay people being killed or beaten.  Plus you also hear of people being robbed at some of these locations.

Rosie O’Donnell’s vacation company recently canceled a summer cruise to Bermuda.  Although, the chairman of Bermuda’s Tourist Board isn’t happy about anti-gay sentiment in the country.  My advice would be to stay away until this clears up.  There are better places to enjoy.

An AIDS activist was slain in Jamaica not long ago.  Jamaica, is another place to steer your gay cruise away from.  It seems every time I hear of someone going to Jamaica you hear how scared they were of the natives and this new mob running around.  PlanetOut recently ran a story about of mob attacks where hundreds of Jamaicans gang up on gay looking or acting people and threaten to beat them to death and have hospitilized some.  Who knows what bodies may have dissapeared and not even spoken of.  The homophobic climate has gotten so bad in Jamaica that they even have musicians singing anti-gay tunes called “murder music”.  You can read more on where the title of the article cannot warn people enough:  To be gay in Jamaica “to be dead”.