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Now then, I am not necessarily here to sell you some tablets or creams or whatever but just to have a quick look at some of the things out there that claim to help you get, and keep, a better erection. I know we’ve all see the spam e-mails that come in trying to flog us Cialis tablets and the like but forget about them, I am going to try and search out some of the more serious products available on the web today so you now that you can shop in relative safety.

But first of all, why get a ‘better’, harder and longer lasting erection? Well, o.k. so it makes sex more enjoyable; some people clearly don’t need these products while others use them for a confidence boost. When you take a Viagra you know you are going to get a stiffy no matter what. But if you actually need to look for these kinds of product for a medical reason, if you truly can not get an erection, then you should be visiting your doctor not reading this. This is for fun rather than therapy.

I mentioned Viagra and that is probably the most famous of the remedies available. Originally it was only prescribed by doctors for cases of impotency as taking it without consulting your doctor first can be dangerous – particularly if you are taking certain other medicines. Later though the tablets sneaked onto the market and you seem to be able to pick it up just about anywhere these days. But it may not always be the real thing so watch out. (See for the definitive Viagra site.)

On the back of Viagra came other meds with similar names. I for one have tried Kamagra which looks similar and does the same thing but which you can buy on-line. I’m not saying that you should do this of course, I only bought some after a recommendation from a trusted friend and after trying some. I knew I wasn’t on any other medication and I wasn’t using poppers (amyl nitrate) which is another thing you should avoid when taking erection meds. Why? Because basically all these things do is open up blood vessels and allow more blood to go to, and stay in, the penis. If you take other meds and things – like poppers – that do a similar thing, you will be laying yourself open to medical problems.

But on to a more cheery thing: a side step, you don’t have to take drugs to get a better erection; buy a cock ring, strap it around your cock and balls and when you get a stiffy it will stay stiffer for longer. This is a simple alternative then there is just turning on some hot twink porn to get aroused.

Back to the drugs: you can find plenty of herbal remedies on line at the moment and you might rather try these first. After a quick search I found: a blend of 15 safe to use herbs (but I’m not sure which ones!) ‘the UK’s foremost male potency pills’ and which had a list of Uprima, Viagra and Soft-Tabs among other things.

I guess my problem with searching for erection enhancers is twofold: firstly there are so many things, including drugs and toys, to choose from I don’t know where to start and secondly I don’t know who to trust. I see so many spam e-mails that I tend to distrust anyone selling sex enhancing drugs. But maybe I am just being cynical – that last site, the Hormone Shop, had pages about all kinds of sexual health, medical conditions and advice so I tend to trust it more. The one that I do trust though is and this site is definitely worth a look if you are thinking about searching our some erection enhancers for yourself.

What do the male porn stars take? There are many erection products out there and even injections that go right in the penile area.. ouch! We did find one really hot product online we have seen talked about in forums called VigRx which has clinical results to prove its effectiveness.