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You will not believe some of the stuff posted to Facebook and Instagram these days. In this case it was one of the most demeaning and Scarlet Letter stigma thing I have ever seen posted. Here is the post:
Here are some of the comments:
” I Work In The Medical n We Do A Lot Of Rapid Test, U Know How Many People Walk Out That Office Knowing Their Positive or Have Full Blown Aids n We Can’t Say a Word, But Yet Here Comments Like, Imma Give This Ish 2 Everybody n U Here Young Men n Teens Boys n Girls After Crying n Breaking Down How They’re Gonna Sleep With Everybody Men & Woman……I Am Bound By HIPAA n Not Allowed 2 Disclose The Information 2 Anyone but The CDC, They Are The Only Ones That Knows The Status of Everyone Tested”

“No. It’s just like the Jews of the Holocaust when they branded them. N what if like Magic Johnson ur magically cured then what? Ur branded for life. The solution is stop being promiscuous, and if u have a substance abuse problem use clean needles given out at he free clinic or take ur a#% to rehab”

“No way in the world that’s a real news story. That would violate sooooo many HIPPA privacy act laws. Ain’t happening and NO…I would not be in favor of that for everyone.

But I would DEF be in favor of sex offenders, rapists and child molesters/pedophiles being labeled!

Also anyone who is HIV+ or has Full blown AIDS and infects someone but NEVER disclosed upfront that they were already carrying the disease, SHOULD def be labeled also. Why??? When you infect someone with a disease that COULD be life-threatening (if left untreated) and YOU don’t give THEM the right to choose if that’s something they want to do, YOU should then lose YOURSELF right to be labeled or not.”

“I’m on the fence as well. Little more towards the disagree side but I do belive it’s a good idea if they can figure out a different way then basically branding people like cattle. Other then that we just have to rely on human beings being honest and having morals. Safe sex is key. Bottom line.”

“I’m alarmed at the number of people that say yes.

If you want to run around and not protect yourself that’s your fault for getting infected, not to mention PrEP.

If you trust someone to have BB sex with them, that’s YOUR risk, not their problem.”