Tom Daley Has Gas

Ok, so we are going to have some fun with this post. Tom Daley our famed gay diver who has achieved so much during the 2012 Olympics for the Brits with his bronze metal. The American gays are going wild over him and he is sexy and he knows it. It seems he has landed a sponsorship with British Gas but the product placement seems to be in between his butt cheeks. I am sure lots of people would line up to be on that nice curved real estate but this is sort of awkward as some could imagine. We thought we would come up with some other product placements if he does not let out too much gas from this one. What about if he moved to the front of his Speedo and it had the logo for BallPark Franks? or Planters Nuts? Trojan Condoms or even Magnum. Maybe a bean company to sponsor the backside… We love British “humour”.

Ann Coulter claims it is “disown your son” day

Ann Coulter is at it again and this time she will burn bridges with any of what LGBT following she has left. The queen of pundit media was quoted on Twitter as saying “Last Thursday was national “coming out” day. This Monday is national “disown your son” day.” Do not buy this woman’s books or do anything to support her. I am shocked that Joy Behar had this filth talking lady on her show the other day it ruins credibility to any show.

Walgreens To Launch Taylor Swift Store inside drugstores

Walgreens launched the “Taylor Swift Store at Walgreens,” offering a wide array of products from six time Grammy winner Taylor Swift’s branded merchandise line today. Walgreens and select Duane Reade locations will provide a comprehensive, in-store selection of Taylor Swift music and merchandise. The items will be available for purchase chain wide beginning the week of Oct. 8 at nation’s largest drugstore chain. The Taylor Swift branded merchandise will incorporate artwork from her soon to be released album, “Red.” Additionally, fans can be among the first to purchase the highly-anticipated new CD at any 24-hour Walgreens or select Duane Reade locations beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 22.
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Gay Country Artist Drake Jensen

You would be surprised how many country radio fans out there are gay or lesbian. I really do not find it all that surprising especially if you grew up in the country. There are many closeted artists out there that sing in the country music world but this singer is out and proud to be gay and country at the same time. His name is Drake Jensen not to be confused with that hip hop artist Drake. He has even recorded a duet with a RuPaul’s Drag Race star.
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Barbra Streisand debuts video for “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today”

Capture the magic of Barbra Streisand’s stunning performance of “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” from her new album Release Me in this new video recreating the poetry of Randy Newman’s lyrics and the studio recording experience. The track was originally recorded in 1971 during the Stoney End sessions. Release Me will be available October 9 digitally and on CD. Watch the video debut from Barbra Streisand: Read more »

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