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It has been a long time since Lady Gaga has been in the U.S. but we know that it has not been THIS long. We have seen this photo all over Facebook this week and wonder if it is real. We highly doubt it could be real because there is no way Lady Gaga could gain this much weight on tour. If she has then we recommend maybe doing her gay club performances afterwards or something for that extra workout? haha no really we know this could not be a real photo. Someone has to have photo shopped this or am I just in denial. Oh we love you Mother Monster no matter how much more you look like Adele now… This supposedly was her photo from her performing in Amsterdam wearing a marijuana shirt but we feel someone must have used an APP to make her bigger than real life. Perhaps should I recommend the Hard Candy Fitness centers?
“Britney is gonna be pissed that gaga stole her 2007 look” – person on Facebook posted this. A UK Newspaper confirms this really was Lady Gaga performing in Amsterdam. What do you think?