Playing It Straight – Offensive?

If you’re in the UK, there’s a chance that there are some really annoying TV shows that you just can’t get away from – in fact that’s probably true wherever you are! I swear, if I have to see an advert for Desperate Scousewives one more time my TV is going to suffer a fatal incident involving a cup of hot coffee dribbled down the back and a quick flight out of an open window!

But although I find a whole lot of those reality TV shows to be pretty repugnant, the upcoming Playing It Straight has to be one of those that really makes my blood boil.

Now, I have absolutely no doubt that there will be hoards of gay guys watching the show, mainly because it contains a whole lot of camp double entendre’s and a lot of barely clothed young men who are mostly gay but don’t act it. I have no problem with those little aspects of it, it’s the game show style of it that really annoys me.

For those who don’t get it, the set up is that there’s a relatively empty-headed young woman with far too much makeup and a love of all things expensive, trying to work out which of the guys she’s shacked up with is straight. As I understand it, there are eleven guys and Cara, some of the guys are gay, and some are straight (although you have to wonder just how many of those straight guys either lied to get on the show, or are actually bi)

Cara has to work out who is straight and who isn’t, through the use of some very humorous and humiliating games. She votes guys out, and if she picks a straight guy at the end they both win 25k. If she picks a gay guy who managed to “Play it Straight” convincingly enough, he walks away with the whole 50k.

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Does all that sound like fun to you?

To me, it reeks of stereotyping, and is actually pretty offensive. The message seems to be that it is better for gay men to conform to masculine stereotypes. If you think I’m overreacting, imagine it in reverse. What if it were called “Playing it Gay” and the straight guys had to convince someone (and the audience) they they are actually gay. Cue camp walks and limp wrists, hours debating Kylie and moments of hasty simulated man sex in random places. Would we accept that as being okay?

I’m gonna climb up on my soapbox here and suggest that this kind of BS is not what people protested for. We’re doing a disservice to people who had absolutely no rights and fought for some semblance of equality by turning our lifestyles into a commodity that can be sold for the sake of some cheap laughs. These guys might have noble thoughts about what they’re taking part in, but in reality they’re selling out. Instead of making sexuality a non-issue (which is how things should be) they’re voluntarily allowing themselves to be bought as entertainment for a largely straight audience to mock and laugh at.

Now, I already have some pretty strong views on the likes of the X-Factor and all the other talent shows that are really nothing more than the public humiliating people who should probably be under the care of some psychology professionals, so it’s possibly not surprising that I find this to be not my cup of tea. But it does surprise me that there is an audience for such rubbish.

Instead of gaining equality for ourselves and getting the respect we deserve in society, some of us are happy to remain the subjects of ridicule, reminding everyone just how “different” gay people are from the rest.

I’ll step down from my soapbox now, and wish you a very Happy New Year! ;)

Should I get a restraining order for an ex-bf

As Paris Hilton would say that it is time to TTYN well that does not mean come back and text 5 min later because there is a major difference in TTYN and TTYL. Coming from a Facebook discussion earlier one of the former boyfriends said “This is getting really bad, and I’m actually kinda getting scared. My ex bf is becoming threatening , and threatening other people. He’s already yelled at other guys just for talking to me. and now he’s threatening me. I’m getting scared about him, what do I do?”
A few replies:
1. Or you can be Southernly Sweet with him like, “Honey pot, look here now, you needa quit ackin like you crazy b4 people startin to think you’s crazy and quit threatenenin all my friends now ya here or you gon make me does somethin that ain’t right pretty here in the Eyes of God now. So go on, child. Move on b4 yo ass get a dent in the back of yo head the size of this hear cast iron skillet.”
2. It’s Like Reading A Good Book’ But Doesn’t Look Like It Going To Be A Happy ending’ Eather way ‘ But I Like A good Story line’ Oh Well any how keep a eye on him’ he sound’s like a stalker to me’
Basically he told him he needs to stop, or I he get a restraining order
The best advice was to be calm about things and do not talk down to him. You may also want to keep copies of everything he’s ever sent you or your friends. You can use it as evidence in court. If you ever feel scared like he’s really going to do something just call the police.

Meryl Streep’s The Iron Lady comes out December 30th

Of course all of us gays are big fans of Meryl Streep. She is set to debut in a new movie named THE IRON LADY which will open in limited release on December 30th from The Weinstein Company.

THE IRON LADY is a surprising and intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep), the first and only female Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. One of the 20th century’s most famous and influential women, Thatcher came from nowhere to smash through barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male dominated world.

An Entirely Adult Christmas

Adult Gifts for Christmas

I love Christmas, and loathe it in equal measure simultaneously. I’m one of those guys from a large family, and every year we have those get-togethers where all the expected happens; someone has a blazing row with their partner about their teenager being given a thimble of wine, uncle George has a lengthy discussion with aunt Doris about the destruction of their local pub during the Blitz and whether it happened on a Tuesday or Saturday, and everyone has a very uncomfortable moment when a secret is revealed and you find out that back in 1942 a long passed-on relative was caught in a compromising position with a sailor… all the while I’m thinking up an excuse to get out to have a drink with a friend.

But, there are things I really love about Christmas too, like seeing some of the friends I’ve missed all year through my lack of FaceBook dedication, the look of joy on a persons face when they open that present and find that first edition book you found for them and they’ve wanted since they were a spotty teenager with greasy hair nodding along to Nirvana in your bedroom, and the rowdy parties where there is bound to be a really hot guy just desperate for someone to date for just a couple of weeks so he won’t have to rely on a previous shag buddy on New Year.

I know you might think I must be really good a buying presents for others now I’ve mentioned that first edition book, right? Well, that’s a rare occurrence, and I maybe get that reaction once over the holiday. Normally I end up buying my friends something pretty predictable and boring.

It’s not my fault I cant stand the shopping trips and increasingly buy everything on the internet. I have a phobia of adults dressed as Santa’s helpers, and all that cheesy Christmas music playing in all the shops really could lead to a strangling spree with tinsel being the weapon of choice!

So, this year, I think I have decided that all of my friends are getting adult gifts, toys, from one place. That way I can guarantee to shock everyone, and please them all at the same time. I know that although they might go red and make assertions that they would “never use such a thing”, they’ll be at home that night getting it on with their inanimate object (or, in the case of battery powered devices, very animated!)

I can’t really loose with some adult toys, can I?

For Sally, the almost virginal religious and conservative ex-colleague – a Rampant Rabbit.

For Geoff, the straight gym jock who we all have doubts about – an Aneros with some lube.

For Carl, the party animal who gets far too much sex already (and we’re all secretly jealous of) – some “Delay” cream.

And for Steven, the handsome college boy just exploring his gay side – a years supply of assorted flavored condoms.

Bring on Christmas, and may it be extremely merry for all! ;)

Abercrombie Jocks vs. Hollister lifeguards

Well this has to be the hardest decision ever. We have Abercrombie jocks on one team and Hollister boys in red lifeguard shorts on the other. Is it a denim party or a lifeguard party? Either way both teams are shirtless and in flip flops to reveal every level of hotness. This is AnF and Club Cali’s way of saying Happy Thanksgiving teasing us with a Christmas present we may not get delivered to our bedrooms.
Honestly I was not too sure what category to put this under whether it be Fashion or Love. Because I absolutely Love this! You can expect to see these boys live starting at Midnight at your local AnF and their sister surfer stores.

Ashton Kutcher is back on the meat market

As if he already was not on the meat market. It seems the marriage between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher has been on the rocks for months since she found out she had cheated on her. He may be regretting it now and wishing it was just a MTV Punk’d episode but then again he came out quite ahead in this. He is afterall one of the most popular people on Twitter and has landed Charlie Sheen’s old job of being a male chauvinistic pig. So is the divorce about the affair or the tweet that he messed up on the other day regarding the child molestation case at Penn State? Anyway here is some Ashton Kutcher semi-nude eye candy.

My Week With Marilyn premiers next week

Are you ready for one of the most exciting movies coming to theaters this year at least for us gays? An icon indeed Marilyn Monroe. Thanksgiving week Michelle Williams stars as Marilyn Monroe from MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, which will be released in theaters on November 23rd by The Weinstein Company. Enjoy some stunning photos of Michelle as Marilyn shot by photographer Brigette Lacombe, which ran in NEWSWEEK this week.

The Military Brotherhood And The Occupy Movement

Scott Olsen

I saw something truly fascinating yesterday, and although it is an emotive discussion, it actually raised questions for me that it seems a lot of others hadn’t really considered. I’ll warn you now, this post might not be easy to read!

So a few weeks ago I brought up the Occupy movement and how it seems that a new wave of civil protest is braking out. This of course started on September 17th (my birthday, coincidentally!) and since then we’ve seen some remarkable events.

Primarily, we’ve seen enormous protests in solidarity all over the world. There have been messages of support back and forth between England, Australia, USA, Spain, Egypt, France, Ireland, Japan and hundreds of capital cities in countries all over the planet. Occupations have arisen in all corners, with hundreds of thousands of people calling for everything from gay rights to the end of banker bonuses. Students are demanding a fair education, mothers are demanding¬† adequate health care, unions are calling for fair workers rights…

But along with the amazing outpouring of a demand for justice, there have also been some impressive shows of force by those in positions of power. Notably, in the USA, the right to freedom of assembly has been under attack, with some cities allocating time slots for citizens to express themselves, some forcibly evicting protesters and – in the case of Oakland California – brutally crushing the right to protest with the use of weaponry.

That brings me to the crux of this post.

We saw a couple of Marines join the Wall Street protests after the girls were attacked by the NYPD, and they vowed to defend their fellow Americans against the violence. This was, without a doubt, a very noble and moral thing to do.

But, on Tuesday 25th October, we saw things go wonky in Oakland. The Oakland PD (in conjunction with other law enforcement departments from neighboring areas) arrived to enforce an eviction demand enacted by Mayor Jean Quan. Ironically, she came to fame for being an active member of the rights movements previously and was seen as an advocate of Liberal policies. Unfortunately, it seems that the old line of power being a corrupting force has been proven in her case.

When protesters arrived in the evening to reclaim their rightful place in the heart of the city, they were met with brute force. Officers fired tear gas, rubber bullets and “flash bang” grenades at protesters (Oakland Police have denied this, despite these weapons being filmed in use). There are reports that an LRAD weapon (sound cannon) was on scene and ready to be deployed. This is a military grade weapon, illegal for use against American citizens.

In the proceeding violence a young man fell to the ground. His name is Scott Olsen. Other occupiers quickly arrived to assist him – then a grenade was thrown by an officer directly into the crowd, exploding inches from Scott’s head. Police ignored calls for medical assistance from the crowd, and his fellow protesters carried him to safety. Scott was found to have a skull fracture and ended up in a medically induced coma.

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While he is now stable and awake, his memory is reportedly impeded and his speech is slurred. There are fears that he may have suffered permanent brain damage.

The following day it became apparent that Scott Olsen is a veteran. He served two tours in Iraq for his country. Yes, the 24 year old served for his country twice in a war zone, came home safely, and was almost killed by the Police of California.

When this came to light, US marine Jay C Gentile posted the following pic –

Marine Jay Gentile Shows Support For Scott Olsen

Almost immediately hundreds of other veterans and serving military joined in with their condemnation, demanding several things including comment from President Obama, the resignations of Mayor Quan and her senior police officers, and calling for larger protests against those restricting the freedom of assembly in every city in America.

But – and this is the hard part – what if Scott hadn’t been a veteran?

I’m all for the sudden outpouring of support and solidarity with the brotherhood, but would we be seeing the same thing if the person who is now in a hospital bed recovering from a critical injury were gay, or black, or a student, or unemployed… Would the military actually care if it was “just another regular American”?

I know, it’s a hard thought to have. These people are noble for standing up now, but where were they all when they were watching those girls being maced by the NYPD? Why did that event only illicit a response from a handful of military men when this has gained hundreds of serving and veteran marines? Where were all these heroes during other violent crackdowns on protest in America? Scott is not the first, and he certainly won’t be the last.

Ultimately, it’s a great thing that they have stepped up and vowed to defend their fellow citizens against the brutality of numerous out of control Police establishments and local authorities in America. We all know that things are getting dangerous, and as the violence is stepped up by those in blue, the people will need the boys in camo to defend them. In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen groups being announced including OccupyTeachers, OccupyPolice and OccupyTheBoardRoom – but most importantly, OccupyMarines.

Hundreds of serving and veteran Marines are now signing up to Occupy alongside their fellow Americans. It’s just a shame that it took the attempted murder of a fellow Marine to get them moving to defend their people on home soil.

Arizona Wildcat Streaker in cute underwear causes brawl with UCLA Bruin’s players

This video is something else. A streaker wearing a referee outfit happens to get on the field and get in the middle of the game action then runs out in-between players and other refs. The cute college student then takes off his snap pants that match ref pants then take off his shirt to show his abs. Supposedly these are his sisters pink and red panties he is wearing which kind of resemble Valentines day panties. Cute. I could almost get into watching College Football to see this kind of magic. The funny thing is that the channel that aired the game would not show the streaker at all or even when he was being handcuffed and ran off the football field but did show the quick riot caused afterwards.

A-List’s Levi Crocker Shirtless

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Levi Crocker is hands down the hottest guy on Dallas A-List and may be the most hung but what does he have going on underneath all those clothes? Here (click more) are some pics of the gay rodeo boy shirtless!
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