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This is a message to my fellow gay teens and college students.

The teen and college years are hard in many ways because we want to fit in so bad.  Try not to care so much about what everyone else thinks.  There is only one person who is in charge of things and that is you.  Do not ever let anyone bring you down.  It is easy to say and takes a lot of strength sometimes but you have to get away from letting the bullies put negative thoughts in your head about you.  Bullies are unhappy people even though they seem like they are better than you they are NOT.  You must believe in yourself and know you can achieve more than them.

If you are bullied things to do-

1. Tell everyone what happened. If they don’t believe you seek unlocal advice.
2. Call 1-866-488-7386 @TrevorProject
How to Respond to Bullying in Schools

Keep strong, Be Hugged
1. Find friends ask them for a hug now and then. People need to give more love and show more support.
2. Don’t ever let yourself get too weak. You do not want anyone to think you are vulnerable. Show your strength.

Even in the gay community we have bullies and like when I signed onto Grindr the other day some guy said some damaging things to me but it shows hes a bitter mean spirited and hate filled person. My success shows much more strength than the weapons he is using to hurt me. You just have to accept that NOT everyone is going to like you. This was a guy that has hated me for 3 years or so. Poor thing with his hate. No one has everyone like them there will always be critics and people who are jealous. Lady Gaga, Madonna, and newer stars such as Adam Lambert you can see just in the media what kind of hate they go through but you may not see their more closer friends and communities that show hate for them that hurts them more than anything. If you look at the Youtube comments that people leave on anyone’s video you will see how mean people are to anyone.. especially gays but we can build strength in that.

Don’t Listen to the Hate, They are not Happy People
People like Sally Kern (R) in Oklahoma who preach hate help the bullies in their journey to beat us down but if you looked inside her life more closely you will most likely see a very saddened woman who has no love for anything. She says she has a love for God but I really don’t think she knows what Jesus stands for or realize that God made everyone. I mean when you think of people like Sally or Rush Limbaugh you think man these bullies need to get laid don’t they? Which is what the bullies in school are probably dealing with they have had girls turn them down then they take things out on YOU to make themselves feel better.

Life is like that people focus their hate on someone to make their lives easier just like the media focused on Britney Spears for so long it made them money, made all the couch potato sports obsessed hypocritical families feel better about themselves when they looked in the mirror at night, and turned us all into hypocrites. Britney came out ‘Stronger’ even after all that hate geared towards her. I am sure she thought of suicide but then thought hell no I want to show these people. People were taking bets on her suicide. That is how cruel people are but that is how the world turns and you have to fight back with your own success or happiness.

Stay Proud, Stay Fabulous. Give Hugs. And remember LOVE is a greater power than hate and fear.