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The front page of AOL news today linked off to some blog that asked if America would vote for a gay American Idol.  They even featured a poll asking if people would vote for a gay American Idol and a poll asking if Adam Lambert is gay.  Seriously?  They act as if their has never been a gay idol before.  And I do not mean from the TV show American Idol.  We all know Clay Aiken and others almost made it to the Idol.  I doubt Ruben Studdard won because Clay was gay acting it was more likely the psychology of people thinking others were calling in for Clay so they did not bother… but who knows.

And as for gay idols there have been many in America.  Come to think of it when you think of music and acting almost the higher percentage is gay.  So why are the talking heads like Bill O’Reilly blubbering that its shocking that Adam Lambert could be gay.  Big deal he had some pics online of him making out with other guys on Myspace or some social network.  Who cares? I never knew there was a law against making out.

The media is so set on shocking people and trying out out people.  We should be focused on the quality of the talent and not the reputation from the media.  Of course what else will people like Bill O’Reilly do for his ratings if he can’t diss on gays or MSNBC.

Adam Lambert’s Myspace is private so you can’t peek inside unless he adds you as a friend and it seems he has not even signed in since February.  His being gay is no ones business but some of us gays want to know because it does mention single on his profile :).

Adam is the best thing that has happened to American Idol in a long time.  I Tivo the show each night and would be highly disappointed if he got voted off somehow.  He brings talent to the show of someone with creativity we do not see often and he is 27 years old.  Not only would it be nice for a gay person to win assuming hes gay but it would be nice for someone in their higher age group to win.

His favorite artists include Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Pink.  Three divas that are the best things to happen to music.  When he came on stage to do the Mad World song it was like Elvis had walked on stage.  He is such a great performer and I look forward to next week.

Is Adam Lambert Gay?  Judge for yourself.  Life has mystery for a reason.  It’s shocking to me that people search more about peoples personal lives than their actual talent such as their videos perfoming.