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Yes, we all know it’s a Hallmark holiday, but nonetheless you can reasonably assume you will be in trouble if you do not show up on Valentine’s Day with a meaningful and thoughtful gift. It might also be smart to remember that, by and large, thoughtful gifts are not bought at the grocery store on your way home or off to see your significant other. The right present for your partner is one that they will love, and one that will show your love for them. This might be as lavish as a vacation together or expensive watch or jewelry or as meaningful yet inexpensive as a love letter or poem. Know your budget and your girlfriend or boyfriend’s preferences to choose a gift that your lover will cherish, whether it is expensive or not.

Sometimes nothing other than an expensive gift will do. A meaningful piece of jewelry or an inscribed watch may be the right present for the special person in your life. If you were pondering popping the big question, perhaps you are engagement ring shopping this year. There is something to be said for a gift that your partner can wear each day as a tangible reminder of your love.

Time together is another option when you are planning your romantic holiday together. In today’s busy world, spending time together can be one of the best gifts you can give your partner. Whether you plan a vacation together or simply a night out, taking time out of your lives to devote to one another is both a great option for romance and relationship building. Planning a day together doing something your partner loves, whether it’s a ball game or an outing to the art museum is sure to be a much treasured memory of Valentine’s Day 2012.

Some of the best romantic gifts are the ones that cost next to nothing. Write your partner a love letter, make a mix CD or play list with songs that matter to the two of you, or if you are creatively inclined, write a song or poem for your partner. While gifts from the heart may seem a bit cliche, they can be the most meaningful in any relationship. Even if you plan a day out or give an expensive gift, adding something handmade and from the heart can make this the best Valentine’s Day of your relationship.

Traditionally, flowers and Valentine Roses(possibly organic) present a sweet gift but then again there is always more room for something more romantic or something more creative.

What do you want your partner to get you on Valentines Day? A Romantic, Candle-Lit Date?