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Ok, first of all National Coming Out Day is not until October 11th.  Why is it that we have Clay Aiken, Lindsey Lohan, and a McCain staffer all being outed this week.  One week of so many outings that we could fill up an entire gay pride parade with all the celebrities coming out.

The most exciting with the mainstream media of course is Clay Aiken.  Maybe because of that fight on the View? or because of the fact he just looked so gay on American Idol that no one could believe that hes straight no matter what the poor kid tried to do.  Nothing wrong with that Clay we all know your a bottom.

What about Lindsey Lohan coming out?  Well this seems to be timed with her new album coming out soon with a song about being ‘bossy’ or something.  So she is the butch one?  Samantha Ronson might be the bossier one she is the DJ and might like to be more in charge.  Kudos to them for coming out and looking so juicy together.

But what about this latest buzz of a coming out parade going on with the gay blogs and OutQ Sirius radio announcers.  The Yahoo Buzz will be clicking soon like a tap dancer like lesbians on parade when the world finds out that McCain has worked with a gay man for over 17 years.  If Mark Buse is gay it will show hipocracy once again with the McCain Palin ticket.  Everything going on in their campaign is coverups and lies and this is just one of them.

I do not think that people should be outed though.  I feel it is vindictive and no ones business who someone has sex with even if they are in a high office.  This of course unless they are being a hipocrite.  No ones personal lives should be in front of the media or to anyone unless you tell them yourself.

But boy do we have a big story on our hands just in time for national coming out day 2008!