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It is sad that when I was searching for gay resources online I would find a hate site in the top 6 results. Top 4 results if you do not count and as being two sites (since they are double listed). The site listed is but the title of the site clearly says “God Hates Fags! Love Gods Way!”. The same bozos that brought us

I would expect to find more gay news related resources such as,,, etc. The strange thing is that neither MSN nor Yahoo search has the hate group listed in the top 10. So I suppose maybe some googlebombing is taking place? Similar to the tactics websites used to get George Bush to rank high on the term “idiot.”

With the rise of hate crimes lately including the killing of a teenager in gay California and neo-conservative religious radicals going up against gays we need as much love and support as we can get and not expect to be bashed just by searching online. We should all at least try to get google to remove this or lower it down for the term “gay”. I am not trying to tell google how to run their search engine but it is unfair that they are using the same techniques of google bombing to rank high on this highly popular term.