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I wanted to know more about this guy because I’ve seen his name in various different places on the web; so I did a search and here are some of my findings.  This will also be the start of a gay celebrity profile we will feature here on Daily Dose of Queer where we look at various gays and lesbians including high ranking businessmen, athletes, and even porn stars.

Well it was an easy start: is his own site and there you’ll find a page telling you just about everything you could ever want to know. For a start he is British, that’s not so remarkable, but here are a few other things that you may not find so straightforward. He studied agricultural based business management in what the Brits call ‘The West Country’, he has worked as a farmer, he used to own a house outside of Miami, his dad works for the Ministry of Defence and his parents don’t approve of his website.

Why? I guess because Chris now spends his time working freelance for various gay sites and publications, he supplies models shoots and reviews as well as writing for QX Magazine (UK) and running a go-go boy agency supplying dancers to nightclubs and events throughout the UK and across Europe.

Quite a mixed bag but a successful one and Chris now lives in a penthouse near London’s famous Tower Bridge. If you take a look at one of his photos you’ll see a big beefy guy who works out and has a body to be proud of. But it was not always like this; Chris has a medical condition known as Pectus Carinatum, more commonly known as a ‘pigeon chest’ where the sternum, the chest bone, protrudes forward. He admits to being very self conscious about this when he was younger, never going topless, but he also says that his gym workouts and large muscles now disguise this condition and it doesn’t bother him at all.

If you go and view his site you will find it a great mixture of personal information and images. For example there is a link over to his boyfriend’s site which is also a neat mix of the personal and the erotic. On Chris’ site you can view his collection of favorite images and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what he likes to view. There are wrestling galleries, horny twinks and ‘model boy’ galleries, videos, spy cams and international news and reviews. Some of the areas of the site are free, so bookmark them and pop back later for updates and news; others are links to premium sites (pay to join) that Chris recommends, but they do have preview areas and are well worth a look.

This is very much a Brit site which makes a refreshing change from all the US sites out there so if you’re interested to see what goes on in Gay Britain you can check out the news from London, Manchester and Birmingham (among other places) and down near the bottom of the home page you’ll see all the latest news and additions from the site. Chris Geary regularly updates the site with gay scene news and the site is a good mix of on-line entertainment and real-life events and happenings. If you want to get really involved you can make use of the message board; here you’ll find forums for guys in the UK and Australia (see Aussie Boys here), the US and China and for guys into wrestling, story writing and modeling.

So, from farmer to top gay internet celebrity in a few years, it just goes to prove that anything is possible when you put your mind and body to it. Take a look at and you’ll find it a friendly, informative site with plenty of interactive elements and a great community feel. He’s someone to aspire to and is pretty damn hot too!