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Welcome to the first edition of the Carnival of Shoes and Bags! If you missed my previous posts about the Carnival of Shoes and Bags you may want to try our site search…
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To the shoes and bags we go…

  • Favorites first, and I absolutely love these shoes by Christian Lacroix. Their price — not so in love with it.
  • Don’t have $1100 either? Bari J. makeup bags are super cute and only $14 each.
  • Another favorite: Submissions from regular readers!Nina Smith from Queercents submitted “Dyking up” and commented: is a great concept and frugal too. However, I was disappointed when I checked it out for myself. Why? I’m never going to want to carry a purse like Paris Hilton, wear shoes like Mischa Barton and some might find this unbelievable, but I don’t even know what show or movie made Jessica Biel famous and therefore why would I want to copy any of her accessories. In my opinion, needs to dyke up the site a bit…Jami of Not THAT Different submitted a link to the Jax Sandal by Valentina.Marti Abernathey blogged her favorites from John Fluevog.Jen (who just added a shoe page to her Amazon store) created a photo set titled Boots and Pills for upcoming posts at A Life Less Convenient and The Nervous Breakdown.
  • Pursed Lips’ countdown to the New Year today included their Top 5 Ugliest Bags list:
    Ugly Bag #1: Louis Vuitton Monogram Mink “Bum” Bag
    Ugly Bag #2: Dooney & Bourke Bumble Bee Bag
    Ugly Bag #3: Anthropologie “Romper” Hobo
    Ugly Bag #4: Kathy Van Zeeland Catwalk Satchel
    Ugly Bag #5: Coach Soho Signature Stitched Flap
  • Love it (I’m a little shocked at how much I really do want one) or think it should be Ugly Bag #6, there was no way the Anya Hindmarch Squirrel Change Purse wasn’t making it into this carnival.
  • Continuing on with the cuteness, from an old post at ShoeSense:[Everybody say Awwwwww.]
  • Head over to FABSUGAR for some handbag and shoe matches, and check out their Stella McCartney Ribbed Fabric Platform Pumps post and their Hollywould Red Ava Peeptoe Pumps post too.
  • Luxist posted about the Rakku Shoe Wheel, which holds up to 30 pairs of shoes, here.
  • MissMalaprop got a pair of handcrafted, wooden shoes from Mohop and blogs about them here. There’s a lot of love in shoes that come from Mohop: Annie makes each pair of shoes by hand in her Chicago studio, crafting a shoe base from Finnish birch wood and rubber soles made from recycled tires. Each shoe has a beautiful image on the footbed, all original designs by Annie that she screenprints herself and then seals off with a veneer finish. Not to mention the fact that she is always really careful to use the most environmentally friendly materials possible when creating these masterpieces.
  • The shoes in this Lusty Lady post remind me of my Alice Shoes from Trashy.
  • Also at Lusty Lady: A link to Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s interview with Meghan Cleary, author of The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You, and an excerpt from Rachel’s anthology Sexiest Soles: Erotic Stories About Feet and Shoes.The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You Sexiest Soles: Erotic Stories About Feet and Shoes (The Fetish Chest)
  • What’s better than cuddling up with a shoe book? Cuddling up with a shoe book and some chocolate! CHOCO CHOCO HOUSE is known for their little chocolate handbags:And check out the chocolate shoes in their Femme Collection:

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Thanks for reading! The next edition of the Carnival of Shoes and Bags will be hosted at on January 15th. Submit your posts here. Please contact me if you would like to host a future edition.