Carnival of Bent Attractions #3

There’s been a change in location for the third edition of the Carnival of Bent Attractions – it’s here now. I’ll blabber some after this month’s selections. Enjoy!

Jay Sennett Jaywalks: The Top Ten Dumbest Things Said to Trans Folks

What is *the* dumbest thing said to trans folks? Well, it’s a tie between “you’re the best of both worlds” and “damn, you’re hot, and don’t worry, i go both ways” – both land at the number one spot. Read the rest of Jay’s The Top Ten Dumbest Things Said to Trans Folks list here.

SistersTalk: Felice Newman Interview, Author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book

Genia Stevens of SistersTalk recently interviewed sex educator Felice Newman. What’s Felice got to say about the classic “if I wanted to be with a man, I would just do that” comment referring to lesbian strap-on sex? Find out here. (This isn’t the first time I’m posting about Felice Newman and Genia’s blog.)

Desperate Kingdoms: Queer Childhood

Over at Desperate Kingdoms, Winter Woods responds to a piece in The Daily Mail about the LGBT History Month currently being introduced in UK schools. Here’s a snippet: The Daily Mail’s bad journalism represents all those “I don’t care if they’re gay as long as they never speak about it” people. It represents everyone who supports the status quo and contributes to the confusion, loneliness, alienation and outright danger still suffered by queer children in our society. It confirms the thinking of all those who think it is better that queer children suffer and perhaps even die than that they should acknowledge the legitimate existence of queer people.

Busy Nothings: Revenge of the TeacherCrush

Many of use are more than familiar with the “teacher crush.” Andygrrl at Busy Nothings had one on her Anglo-Saxon Lit teacher during her senior year of college. Now she’s feeling what it’s like to be on the other side of things – to be the teacher crushed.

Coaching4Lesbians: What is Success?

Head over to Coaching4Lesbians for a post that will get you thinking about what success looks like for you and what you can do to achieve success on your own terms.

PeaceBang: Gay Propaganda??

A few days after seeing Brokeback Mountain, one of PeaceBang’s friends shared that she agreed with those who called the film gay propaganda. PeaceBang responds “…I think that the majority of films produced in Hollywood are white heterosexual male propaganda.”

Air Pollution: Death and Love

Click over to Air Pollution for a discussion on the comparison between Brokeback Mountain and Maurice. Snippet: Forster thought it necessary to have a happy ending, one that points to a happy future. Lee thought it necessary to envision contemporary despair. Which is more effective?

Aman Yala: Sometimes multi-tasking just doesn’t work.

Did the grassroots campaign to mobilize against the fight for same-sex marriage cost The Black Ministerial Alliance and the Boston Ten Point Coalition the success of the “Boston Miracle?” In response to the move towards a more traditional morality (including sexual morality) as an answer to the “voice of God,” Sandouri Dean Bey writes “it was also the ‘voice of God’ that told ante-bellum Southern slaveowners that slavery was right.”

Multiple Mentality: The Good Ship Lifestyle

Josh Cohen at Multiple Mentality thinks “the lesbian lifestyle is more socially-acceptable than the gay-male lifestyle” and tells us about the recent Whole Foods experience that supports his hypothesis.

Reader, I Married Him: Catholic Fictions

David of Reader, I Married Him posts about a link to a new novel about a gay seminarian in the 1980s, “The Banished Sons of Eve,” that he recently came across at the National Catholic Reporter website.

Feministe: “Nobody is begrudging him his dick.”

Visit Feministe for piny’s post that starts the discussion about a letter to the editor in response to the article “Leather community debates trans exclusion at upcoming contest.”

Official Blog: The Sexism of Transphobia

Andrea Rubenstein posts her response to piny’s post at the Official Blog. She writes about the link between transphobia and sexism in two parts: “What’s the connection?” and “Sexism: I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

That’s all, folks. A huge thank you to everyone who submitted to this edition of the Carnival of Bent Attractions, and to everyone who helped spread the word about this carnival! If you’re looking for some more carnivals, visit ÃœberCarnival.

For those of you who may not have heard about the carnival before visiting this site today, the Carnival of Bent Attractions is published monthly and made up of submitted blog posts on articles of interest to the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans and queer communities. Read all about the carnival, and find links to past editions. Also, I’m always looking for people who want to host an edition; If you’re interested, please contact me.

The next Carnival of Bent Attractions takes place at Transcending Gender on March 10, 2006. I know you won’t miss it because you read every post Jen writes, right?

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