Cock in a Sock Selfies for Cancer Awareness

boyswithcockssocksThis has to be one of the hottest charity ideas ever.  Even better than shirtless firefighter hunks doing calenders.  We are loving every minute of this social media craze and it is going for a great cause.  You basically send in a Cock in a Sock Selfie to raise money for Cancer Research in the UK.   It has taken off internationally and that is a great thing because cancer is not limited to just one area.   They have had some problems on Facebook for people posting what may be against their terms and while it may be a bit revealing we want more and more! Read more »

Fox News Affiliate airs dick pic

naughty pic aired on fox news9 44The crew at Denver’s Fox affiliate KDVR tried to show some photos from a helicopter crash in Seattle. This is where things went wrong and they accidentally aired a picture of a limp penis. Keep in mind this is not late night TV but the morning show. You would have thought they would have turned the camera away from the iPad after images of Edward Scissorhands which then led to a cock pic. Hey it was a limp so who cares. That is the best thing they have shown on a Fox News channel.

Thanks to the folks over at for this one!

Olympic sailors sail naked

spanishsailorsnudepreThese Spanish sailors Onán Barreiros and Juan Curbel who are aiming to compete at the Rio Olympics in 2016 promised they would get naked if they reached 1,500 likes om their Facebook page by the end of February. Wow only 1,500 likes to bare those buns for us? No telling what they will do for 10,000 likes! Be sure and like this page! Read more »

French Firefighters In Trouble Over Their Sexy Shirtless Lip Sync

frenchfirefighterslipsyncThese hunky French Firefighters may be in some trouble over their sexy shirtless lip sync to “Call Me Maybe”. This may be yet one of our favorite takes of this song so far. These young lads have a job with us anytime they want to come across the pond. See the video below!

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HBO’s new “Looking” series should be called Scruff as Folk

lookingstar shirtless The new HBO series “Looking” premiered last Sunday night and we are just into two episodes of the new gay drama airing on the network.  The episodes are only 30 minutes long which is about as long as The Colbert Report but Colbert can get more reaction out of people in that amount of time.

We have yet to realize who the characters are since most of them are sort of look-a-like hipsters you know with the beards and lots and lots of facial hair.  They are not trying to look young they are trying to look “gay hip” which I assume is hipster.  We do not expect to bond with all the characters  but it is hard to get to know them besides the main guy who is single and looking.

The scenes in the show are so dark and nothing as comparable to the amazing camerawork they had in Queer as Folk which was a show before its time.  Probably so ahead of its time that THIS “Looking” show should have been on air back then and QAF should have been this series.
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Gay Bro Code Revealed (Part I)

I grew up closeted as a cool, straight masculine guys-guy. I played team sports in high school, I joined a frat at a big party college. I’ve spent time with my dad and his close guy friends. At any given time, I could jump back into my past tribes with my fratty, sporty guy groups- not as a closeted, self-denial, person, but as my fully fledged gay persona self. The reason I will always be part of those circles is simple. I understand and adhere to the sacred bro code. It sounds silly, and is absurd and it is offensive, no doubt. Yet there is an unspoken, understood committed list of rules that straight ‘bros’ adhere to.

I rarely see my old frat boys anymore (now it seems I only encounter the newly closeted finds on grindr). All of my close friends are gay.  I witness things get turning ugly when my gay friends are on the same pursuit. I’ve had my closest gay friends try to seduce my own dates out from under me- while on the date- and then adding my dates on facebook and texting them. The craziest thing of all is that they are totally unaware of what they are  doing, and totally oblivious that they have crossed any lines of decency. Instead of getting angry, I realized The Bro Code of honor and respect is missing from gay friends. They are completely clueless. For whatever reasons (ask your therapist or read The Velvet Rage gay boys haven’t learned the standards of male bromanship. Or to be more politically correct, male friendship social courtesy and respect. Read more »

The Gay Bro Code: Duties of Being a Wingman

The Gay Bro Code:
1) Loyalty to your bro at all times above all. If you promise something you must keep the promise.
2) Anytime it is requested that you wingman, you are obligated and required. However, you can only be
asked to do this once a week, unless you owe favors.
3) When playing the role of a wingman you cannot fail. The wingman job is very important. (more on the
all important wingman duties and obligations HERE)
4) It is your duty to prevent ugly or embarrassing tricks. The exception being a totally sober bro
explaining why he is doing it. Then you are off the hook for any responsibility.
5) Keep the family out of it- no hook ups with a bro’s relatives (close straight friends included unless
cleared well in advance). Read more »

Google Search Suggests “Gay Should Die”

We were searching up queries in Google and noticed that they have one that needs to be removed. When you do a search for “gay should” it will come up with different pre-fetched results but one of them is “Gay should die”. suggestions. You would think that “gay should be allowed to marry” or something similar would come up first but you see the “die” and a “gay should not be allowed to marry” along with “gay should not be allowed to adopt children”.

One reader said that “Gay Should Die” came up first in his Google box. This is upsetting and we need to contact Big G to have this removed. Do you think that Google is promoting intolerance here? When you do a Bing Search for the same thing you do not get the “die” result.

New Mexico County Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

While New Mexico’s gay marriage laws remain up in the air, one county official is not waiting.  Meet Dona Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins who issued a statement Wednesday affirming that his office is issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  News reports have noted earlier this month that New Mexico is the only state without laws on the books for either gay marriage or civil unions.

This decision comes days after New Mexico’s state Supreme Court declined to decide on the gay marriage issue, sending requests for legality back to the lower courts. He cited concerns of a delay that “could be many months or years” before being resolved.

“I am an attorney, and I have read the AG’s opinion, and I find it to be sound,” Ellins said in a statement. “After careful review of New Mexico’s laws it is clear that the state’s marriage statutes are gender neutral and do not expressly prohibit Doña Ana County from issuing marriage licenses to same-gender couples. Any further denial of marriage licenses to these couples violates the United States and New Mexico Constitution and the New Mexico Human Rights Act. Doña Ana County is upholding New Mexico law by issuing these marriage licenses, and I see no reason to make committed couples in Doña Ana County wait another minute to marry.”

According to Freedom To Marry, New Mexico’s state’s laws have been stagnant since 2004, when a clerk made a similar move as Ellins to issue licenses. But the state’s attorney general at the time stopped that process, and movement has stalled since.  So maybe we will see New Mexico as the next beautiful state to marry.  Santa Fe here we come!

Beyonce vs. Miley Cyrus with Shorter Hair

Beyoncé just debuted this shorter hairstyle on Instagram what do you think? Is Beyonce going after the trend that Miley Cyrus started or did she just take her wig off after a show and this is what her hair looks like naturally? Did the fan really attack her that bad?

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