Justin Bieber Look-alike Toby Sheldon Found Dead

Justin_Bieber_Toby_Sheldon_Found_Dead_You may have heard of the guy that paid over $100k to look like Justin Bieber. His name is Toby Sheldon and he has been found dead according to TMZ. They were told that Toby’s body was found in a Motel 6 in the San Fernando Valley on August 21. He has been reported missing since August 18.
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RuPaul Drag Winner Tyra Sanchez Has “No Sympathy For People That Commit Suicide”

tyrasanchez bitchRuPaul Drag Winner Tyra Sanchez recently sent a tweet out saying “I Have No Sympathy For People That Commit Suicide. They’re Cowards”. She then went on to post on Facebook a longer explanation:

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Dear everyone that has me fifty shades of fucked up,
I will not apologize for my opinion. It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. I have no sympathy for people who take their own lives. I believe they are cowards that just gave in and gave up. They don’t have a problem with me saying it, if they did they would address it. Oh no wait… The selfish cowards are no longer here. If anyone is gonna receive an ounce of my sympathy it’s going to be the families they left behind. The ones that are still here suffering. That’s who I sympathize with. There are tons of organizations in the world that are designed to help anyone that is depressed in life. They didn’t seek to find help, instead they chose to give up! Read more »

App That Blocks Any Mention of the Kardashians

kardashian app blockerWe realize that many are sensitive to Bruce Jenner coming out with a gender transformation and probably cried along with me during the interview. Whether it be Bruce Jenner as the role model for trans people or someone such as Laverne Cox that’s on you. It’s great that we have that discussion out there but enough of the rest of the Jenners and Kardashians. This wealthy family is taking my newsfeed over and for what purpose? Most of it is Kim Kardashian walking down another red carpet or one of the Jenner’s getting huge lips and teens trying to make their lips and butts huge to match their styles. There’s no telling the horrible things that people are doing to their bodies because of this family and to sit and have to watch their show on TV is punishment enough.

This app or plugin blocks any mention of the KARDASHIANS from the Internet for you. It’s called KardBlock, and its makers claim “If there’s anything on your newsfeed, the website you’re on, whatever . . . we simply make it disappear.
“You won’t ever know the stories about the Kardashians are there, because you won’t ever see them.”

Do we really need to see what new heels the Kardashians are wearing on a daily basis? I am not picking on Kim and Kanye I want all of them gone from my newsfeed. That includes Rob, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian. It also includes Brody, Kendall, and Kris Jenner.

The sad thing is that sometimes the Kardashians make more sense than the crazy people over at Fox News and these conservatives in the clown car running for president.
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Creator of ‘Queer As Folk’ Finally brings us Happy Gay TV Again!

Cucumber_and_BananaWe all could see the writing on the wall after the premier of HBO’s Looking. It was nothing like ‘Queer As Folk’ and while they were not exactly trying to be it really didn’t represent the gay lifestyle in most cities. Hipsters in San Francisco could be fun possibly for one episode but not many could get attached to the characters. I mean where was the Brian Kinney and the Justin and the two lesbians having Brian’s baby and all the normal gay friends that hang out? It came with us crying, enjoying club scenes which were my favorite parts, the back room scenes, sex scenes, love between friends, and the comedy of it all. Looking maybe had a tenth of that.

The British are coming to save us from bad gay TV. To kick off the premiere of the new series “Cucumber” and “Banana” on April 13, Logo TV will air a marathon of UK version of “Queer as Folk” on April 4 and April 11. I just said a lot right there and I think I am in heaven. This is so exciting. Let me repeat…

Cucumber_and_BananahotblackguysLogo will air the full series of the UK “Queer as Folk,” which ran for 10 episodes in the United Kingdom in 1999. “Queer as Folk” starred “Sons of Anarchy” hunk Charlie Hunnam as 15-year-old Nathan, a gay teen who found love, sex and discovered what it meant to be gay in Manchester, UK. The series was nominated for a BAFTA Award in 2000. This is the first time that the original “Queer as Folk” will air in full on U.S. cable.

“Queer as Folk” was created by television pioneer Russell T Davies, who also created the revamped “Doctor Who.” The first half of “Queer as Folk” will air on Saturday, April 4 at 10pm ET and the second half will air on Saturday, April 11 at 10pm ET. Logo’s “Queer as Folk” marathon will ready viewers for Russell T Davies’ new and hotly anticipated LGBT dramas “Cucumber” and “Banana,” premiering Monday, April 13 at 10pm ET after an all-new episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“Cucumber” and “Banana” are interwoven drama series that will explore 21st century gay life in all its powerful, witty, dark and uplifting guises through the lens of two disparate generations. The hour-long “Cucumber” will explore the lives and misadventures of Henry Best and his long-suffering boyfriend of nine years, Lance Sullivan. The half-hour “Banana” will follow the individual lives of younger LGBT characters orbiting around Henry's world, telling stories of modern love – the romantic, the obsessed, the hopeful, the lonely, the lost, and the lucky.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star Jamie Dornan (NSFW)

Jamie DornanFifty Shades of Grey will be unleashed into cinemas this Friday (February 13). Just the perfect pre-Valentines day holiday of that unlucky Friday to get a little kink on. Here are Jamie Dornan’s hottest moments:

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This year more than ever, kink, bondage and BDSM are in the news right along with love, sex and romance, thanks to the release of 50 Shades of Grey. But despite the recent fashionableness of BDSM, the reality is that not everyone feels compelled to push the limits of their pain threshold or explore the darker aspects of their sexual psyche.

Click over here to get a free sample of Astroglide specially made for the popular 50 Shades film.
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OMG Madonna used the word “Gay”

madonnarollseyesYou know the uptight gays and lesbians who are sitting at their computers watching Buzzfeed are so offended they will never buy another Madonna concert ticket again. She has went too far this time Madonna has crossed the line saying the outrageous word of gay. Does anyone not remember that Madonna is basically bi herself. She is basically a part of the gay community and she can freely say the word as she wants. If anyone has a problem with that then you obviously do not know what she has done for our community and I guarantee you would not have half the freedoms you do now if it weren’t for Madonna helping bring about the gay culture across the WORLD. Her tours have helped open minds and free gays and lesbians worldwide and saved many lives.
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Zac Efron shows his stuff off to the Workaholics boys

zacefronworkaholicdickpicAdam, Blake and Ders come up with an unconventional and intimate method of interviewing applicants for a free spot in their cubicle. This is the Comedy Central Uncensored version showing The Workaholics Guys with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. Zac Efron does a dance and shows his peen to the working boys.
zac efron dick workaholics
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Fox News Affiliate airs dick pic

naughty pic aired on fox news9 44The crew at Denver’s Fox affiliate KDVR tried to show some photos from a helicopter crash in Seattle. This is where things went wrong and they accidentally aired a picture of a limp penis. Keep in mind this is not late night TV but the morning show. You would have thought they would have turned the camera away from the iPad after images of Edward Scissorhands which then led to a cock pic. Hey it was a limp so who cares. That is the best thing they have shown on a Fox News channel.

Thanks to the folks over at HannityisaMoron.com for this one!

HBO’s new “Looking” series should be called Scruff as Folk

lookingstar shirtless The new HBO series “Looking” premiered last Sunday night and we are just into two episodes of the new gay drama airing on the network.  The episodes are only 30 minutes long which is about as long as The Colbert Report but Colbert can get more reaction out of people in that amount of time.

We have yet to realize who the characters are since most of them are sort of look-a-like hipsters you know with the beards and lots and lots of facial hair.  They are not trying to look young they are trying to look “gay hip” which I assume is hipster.  We do not expect to bond with all the characters  but it is hard to get to know them besides the main guy who is single and looking.

The scenes in the show are so dark and nothing as comparable to the amazing camerawork they had in Queer as Folk which was a show before its time.  Probably so ahead of its time that THIS “Looking” show should have been on air back then and QAF should have been this series.
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Beyonce vs. Miley Cyrus with Shorter Hair

Beyoncé just debuted this shorter hairstyle on Instagram what do you think? Is Beyonce going after the trend that Miley Cyrus started or did she just take her wig off after a show and this is what her hair looks like naturally? Did the fan really attack her that bad?

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