‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star Jamie Dornan (NSFW)

Jamie DornanFifty Shades of Grey will be unleashed into cinemas this Friday (February 13). Just the perfect pre-Valentines day holiday of that unlucky Friday to get a little kink on. Here are Jamie Dornan’s hottest moments:

This year more than ever, kink, bondage and BDSM are in the news right along with love, sex and romance, thanks to the release of 50 Shades of Grey. But despite the recent fashionableness of BDSM, the reality is that not everyone feels compelled to push the limits of their pain threshold or explore the darker aspects of their sexual psyche.

Click over here to get a free sample of Astroglide specially made for the popular 50 Shades film.
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OMG Madonna used the word “Gay”

madonnarollseyesYou know the uptight gays and lesbians who are sitting at their computers watching Buzzfeed are so offended they will never buy another Madonna concert ticket again. She has went too far this time Madonna has crossed the line saying the outrageous word of gay. Does anyone not remember that Madonna is basically bi herself. She is basically a part of the gay community and she can freely say the word as she wants. If anyone has a problem with that then you obviously do not know what she has done for our community and I guarantee you would not have half the freedoms you do now if it weren’t for Madonna helping bring about the gay culture across the WORLD. Her tours have helped open minds and free gays and lesbians worldwide and saved many lives.
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Zac Efron shows his stuff off to the Workaholics boys

zacefronworkaholicdickpicAdam, Blake and Ders come up with an unconventional and intimate method of interviewing applicants for a free spot in their cubicle. This is the Comedy Central Uncensored version showing The Workaholics Guys with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. Zac Efron does a dance and shows his peen to the working boys.
zac efron dick workaholics
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Guy Version of Selfie #dickpic #selfie

cocksockboyBut first…let me take a #dickpic is the new version of the popular selfie song that is unstoppable like a gangnam style call me maybe virus. We like this one better than the protein selfie at the gym that was posted not long ago. Speaking of selfies check out the Cancer benefit photos here.
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Fox News Affiliate airs dick pic

naughty pic aired on fox news9 44The crew at Denver’s Fox affiliate KDVR tried to show some photos from a helicopter crash in Seattle. This is where things went wrong and they accidentally aired a picture of a limp penis. Keep in mind this is not late night TV but the morning show. You would have thought they would have turned the camera away from the iPad after images of Edward Scissorhands which then led to a cock pic. Hey it was a limp so who cares. That is the best thing they have shown on a Fox News channel.

Thanks to the folks over at HannityisaMoron.com for this one!

HBO’s new “Looking” series should be called Scruff as Folk

lookingstar shirtless The new HBO series “Looking” premiered last Sunday night and we are just into two episodes of the new gay drama airing on the network.  The episodes are only 30 minutes long which is about as long as The Colbert Report but Colbert can get more reaction out of people in that amount of time.

We have yet to realize who the characters are since most of them are sort of look-a-like hipsters you know with the beards and lots and lots of facial hair.  They are not trying to look young they are trying to look “gay hip” which I assume is hipster.  We do not expect to bond with all the characters  but it is hard to get to know them besides the main guy who is single and looking.

The scenes in the show are so dark and nothing as comparable to the amazing camerawork they had in Queer as Folk which was a show before its time.  Probably so ahead of its time that THIS “Looking” show should have been on air back then and QAF should have been this series.
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Beyonce vs. Miley Cyrus with Shorter Hair

Beyoncé just debuted this shorter hairstyle on Instagram what do you think? Is Beyonce going after the trend that Miley Cyrus started or did she just take her wig off after a show and this is what her hair looks like naturally? Did the fan really attack her that bad?

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Adam Lambert to be a regular on Glee

Just at a time we thought Adam Lambert’s career was over. No wait we never thought that. His talent is like no other EVER to grace the American Idol stage and we are so proud that he is now a Glee castmember.

ADAM LAMBERT to be a regular on Glee! Via Creator @MrRPMurphy: I am thrilled to announce that the super talented Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee this fall. Photo of Adam Lambert & GLEE actors Chris Colfer, Darren Criss at Elton John’s Oscar Party on 2-26-12 looks like they have been planning this for awhile now! Tweet by Adam Lambert: I’m so excited!! “@MrRPMurphy: I am thrilled to announce that the super talented Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee this fall.”
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The Great Gatsby NYC premiere photos from the Red Carpet

Who is not Uber excited for THe Great Gatsby to open in 3D and 2D on May 2nd? Below are photos from the New York City premiere of The Great Gatsby, which took place Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center. In attendance were stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, director Baz Luhrmann, executive producer and soundtrack producer Jay-Z, and other distinguished guests. There are around 2,000 costumes and even though the movie took place during prohibition they sure did have lots of booze in the film. So exciting! Read more »

Justin Bieber’s New Haircut

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s new haircut? It is a big longer bangs than he had it a few weeks ago. Wow that sure grows fast. The hair is shorter on the sides it seems than when he made his debut here in US performing. It still stands a bit closer to his trademark bang cut but with a trim and slim look. Do you think this is swag for the young musician? Does he look more like a lesbian than ever and will lesbians around the world start changing their Justin Do’s to reflect this?

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