Olympic sailors sail naked

spanishsailorsnudepreThese Spanish sailors Onán Barreiros and Juan Curbel who are aiming to compete at the Rio Olympics in 2016 promised they would get naked if they reached 1,500 likes om their Facebook page by the end of February. Wow only 1,500 likes to bare those buns for us? No telling what they will do for 10,000 likes! Be sure and like this page! Read more »

NFL Erections on National TV?

Will we be seeing NFL Players with erections on National TV in coming months or have we already seen them and just not thought it was our imagination? Today Yahoo! Sports News reported that NFL Players may be taking Viagra on the field. The Chicago Bears’ Brandon Marshall says some NFL players use Viagra to give them “stamina” on the field when asked if they are taking pills such as adderall.

Perhaps he was joking but when you think about it… Athletes may find that it assists in blood flow, which helps in getting oxygen around the body faster and aids in endurance. Viagra has been used in cycling as riders try to gain every possible edge. Judging from Lance Armstrong’s accusations and other cyclists findings they may have tried it as well.

Box Mods

Now we all know during the Summer Olympics of one of the most viral photos was a bronze medalist that was looking rather happy in his pants after the win. Henrik Rummel denies having an erection during the Olympic medal ceremony but now that we know Viagra may be involved in endurance maybe he really was.

Speaking of the NFL if you are a fan make sure you pick up this card for a $100 bonus. A hard piece of plastic that you can even put your Rx purchases of Viagra on…

Please continue with the Viagra we are loving the erections. This may turn me into a full time sports fan! Who needs porn when we have stuff like this to watch. College Wrestling anyone?

Tom Daley Has Gas

Ok, so we are going to have some fun with this post. Tom Daley our famed gay diver who has achieved so much during the 2012 Olympics for the Brits with his bronze metal. The American gays are going wild over him and he is sexy and he knows it. It seems he has landed a sponsorship with British Gas but the product placement seems to be in between his butt cheeks. I am sure lots of people would line up to be on that nice curved real estate but this is sort of awkward as some could imagine. We thought we would come up with some other product placements if he does not let out too much gas from this one. What about if he moved to the front of his Speedo and it had the logo for BallPark Franks? or Planters Nuts? Trojan Condoms or even Magnum. Maybe a bean company to sponsor the backside… We love British “humour”.

Phelps in hot water over Louis Vuitton photos?

Whether he is in hot water or not we are loving these images we are seeing of him in a more intimate body of water. Michael Phelps could be in hot water and no not bathtub water over these leaked images from his recent photo shoot with French luxury fashion designer Louis Vuitton. See below for bathtub photo of Michael Phelps:
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Accountant to Football Player build then signed by the Dolphins

Talk about a transformation or a re-invention. The man in the photo was an accountant at a private equity investment firm in West Palm Beach, Florida. He just signed a contract to play tight end for the Miami Dolphins. His name? Les Brown. We can say he can play for our team with our without the huge biceps he looks hot either way. How did he transform himself like this? And how did he get picked to play for the Dolphins?
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UK Football Homophobia Exposed – BBC Wows The Nation!

Something incredibly unusual happened in the UK on Monday night. The seldom watched BBC 3 channel broke the mold and drew a transfixed audience. And the reason for it was a truly remarkable one too!

No, it wasn’t some new lame reality show. There were no celebrities on a panel humiliating passing victims. It wasn’t some new game show with ridiculously fake people trying to “outsmart” each other for a prize.

It was actually a documentary.

Before you start snoring at the mere reading of the word documentary, this was an important moment for the UK. In recent years there has bee a fair bit of discussion about football (soccer) here, and how corrupt it might be, how racist it might be, how violent it often is, and so on. But something that rarely sees a word of discussion is how homophobic our national sport is.

There is no doubt that racism is not acceptable in football. Great steps have been made in recent years to stamp it out, with racist chants resulting in fines for the clubs responsible, players banned and publicly humiliated when found guilty of racist slurs on the pitch, and new rules being drawn up to weed out those kinds of poisonous attitudes from the fans and players.

But something that has not been confronted is homophobia.

In the last year we’ve seen Sepp Blatter – the head of FIFA – laughing openly about the issue of gay rights and the safety of gay football fans when visiting violently homophobic nations. It wasn’t just him either, the entire room joined in laughing, a room full of sports media from around the world. It seemed that they were incredulous that there could be any gay football fans. And even if there were, their Human rights and safety were not the concern of FIFA.

So, what happened on BBC 3 on Monday? They screened Britain’s Gay Footballers, a documentary created and presented by the (beautiful) Amal Fashanu – daughter of John Fashanu – asking why there were no openly gay footballers in the national game.

For those who might not be aware, Amal Fashanu is the niece of the tragic Justin Fashanu, the only openly gay footballer to ever come out in the UK, and who subsequently took his own life in 1998 after the decline of his career and repeated revelations and accusations about his private life.

His brother, John Fashanu – also a footballer but far less skilled – had abandoned him. His entire family had seemingly disowned the young man, and so when he found himself in a position that he couldn’t tolerate any longer, he found that the only way out was to end his life.

It was a remarkable documentary, and it increased the viewing figures for the seldom-watched channel by 50%. Twitter was abuzz with discussion about the show, with the vast majority of all comments seeming to be supportive and positive toward the issue, and highly critical of the sporting bodies responsible for maintaining the status quo, and critical of John Fashanu himself.

Although the marked absence of openly gay football players is in itself quite worrying, there were two things specifically about the documentary which unsettled me.

Firstly, young Amal Fashanu faced a wall of almost complete silence from clubs, managers and players across the UK. It seemed that no professional player was willing to come forward and discuss homophobia or gay players. Even when in a room full of professional footballers she was met with silence, childish giggles or complete arrogance. It really seemed as though a message had gone out from some sort of mafia Don that no one should speak to her. Or else they may find a horses head in their locker!

The second thing that struck me was the interview with her father, John Fashanu, about his dead gay brother. You know what he said? He called his brother selfish, for “embarrassing” and “shaming” his family. Even after his brothers suicide (with a note stating how totally alone he felt) John Fashanu has no shame in sticking to his tried and trusted line of labeling his brother an embarrassment.

After a gut-wrenching and tear inducing film, there were a couple of shining moments that offered some hope. Joey Barton – professional UK footballer – was confident enough to come forward for an interview and was a shining example of common sense and tolerance. He even went as far as suggesting that there would be an openly gay professional football player in the UK within the next ten years.

Gareth Thomas, openly gay Welsh Rugby player, also spoke on camera – with a number of his straight teammates alongside him. Making the contrast between the two sports quite remarkable. As Gareth says, the Rugby union released a statement after Gareth came out expressing complete support for him. His teammates made statements to the same effect at every opportunity too. People who know him and work with him were lining up to say how much they love the guy and that they support him in his brave decision.

Hold that up against giggling immaturity and ignorance of Sepp Blatter, a silent majority of homophobes in the management of the sport, the ignorance and astounding bigotry of the many players in football who couldn’t find the balls to speak on camera, and the fact that the only openly gay footballer in the British history is dead while his brother still thinks he was an embarrassment… it all becomes quite clear doesn’t it?

I wish I believed that we’d see another openly gay footballer in the UK in the next ten years. But I very much doubt it.

Arizona Wildcat Streaker in cute underwear causes brawl with UCLA Bruin’s players

This video is something else. A streaker wearing a referee outfit happens to get on the field and get in the middle of the game action then runs out in-between players and other refs. The cute college student then takes off his snap pants that match ref pants then take off his shirt to show his abs. Supposedly these are his sisters pink and red panties he is wearing which kind of resemble Valentines day panties. Cute. I could almost get into watching College Football to see this kind of magic. The funny thing is that the channel that aired the game would not show the streaker at all or even when he was being handcuffed and ran off the football field but did show the quick riot caused afterwards.

Gay Soccer Players

I bet we can all think of a soccer player or two who we would like to be gay. But how many ‘out’ gay soccer players are there and who are they? The important word there is ‘out.’ If you take the generally agreed statistic of ‘one in ten’ people being gay, then there should be at least one gay payer per team, and at least two gay players in any one match at any time. And then when you count the number of teams in even one country, say Great Britain, you should be looking at enough gay players to fuel every locker room fantasy you’ve ever had.

But, we come back to that word again; who many are actually ‘out’ and how many are just being given the gossip treatment? The first ‘non-out but possibly gay ‘cos we’d like him to be at the moment’ soccer player must be Cristiano Ronaldo. I tracked down some info on him which may or may not be true when asking the question ‘is Cristiano Ronaldo gay?’ on a few Q & A sites. The answer? Well, the closest I got to what might be true was someone saying that when they lived next door to him, when he was younger, it was known in the village that he was bi-sexual but preferred women to men, whatever that means.

All the other sites I saw on this subject were, more or less, simply trying to fulfill our fantasy, that CR is gay and would one day appear on our doorstep and want to leap into bed with us. Some were funny, there were edited interviews, snap-shots of him just happening to look at another guy and so on, but the answer, sadly, probably is that no, he is not.

So enough of who we’d like to be but who isn’t a gay soccer player? Who is actually out? As far as I can tell, none of them!

Box Mods

According to Zimbio.com, Xisco is ‘England’s first gay soccer player.’ Which is actually not true. Justin Fashanu came out while playing professional football, found life tough in the sport as a gay man, finding that ‘footballers are very narrow-minded people’ as he put it in an interview, and killed himself in May 1998. This act did a little raise the awareness of homosexuality in football, but it’s still not the done thing to be out. So maybe Xisco is one of the first to come out in recent years, he’s certainly not the only gay player. “Francisco Jiménez Tejada Xisco has become the first openly gay soccer player in England’s Premier League. Xisco isn’t completely out, but his secret has now been revealed. The 22-year-old Spanish striker currently plays for Newcastle United.” zimbio.com

Ah, but there is a catch here. Apparently Xisco is only out because photos of him kissing other guys have appeared on the net. One online commentator said, ‘Francisco Jiménez Tejada, the Spanish soccer player known to fans as Xisco, has become the first openly gay soccer player in England’s Premier League. Whether he likes it or not.’ (querty.com)

So, that’s two soccer players who may or may not be gay. Why is it so hard to discover these facts? Well, as Fashanu implied, it’s a pretty narrow-minded game. And, when you look at soccer fans (and players) you can see where he was coming from. Those thousands of men who line the terraces every Saturday, acting all macho and threatening, yelling and cheering on their teams, they don’t mind if guys hug and kiss on the pitch, but if they suspected they did that in a bedroom, well, that’s the end of that player’s career.

All a bit hypocritical if you ask me, especially if we take the one in ten rule again and divide 30,000 fans on the terraces by ten. That’s 3,000 gay fans every Saturday in one stadium alone. Watching at least two gay players, while condemning gay men…

Bottom line; there are, there must be, gay soccer players out there, but it is not a sport and environment where it is safe or advisable to come out.

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