Lesbian Kissing

There is not a lot of good information on an intense topic that needs to be uncovered. That topic is Lesbians or girls kissing. Having been writing for and about adult sites for a few years I was aware that lesbianism falls into two camps: real sites for real lesbian girls and sites that provide girl on girl sex for men. I didn’t want to write about the latter and so approached my internet search engine with caution. Having entered ‘Lesbians kissing’ into the search box I then started one of my link by link explorations of the top ten sites to appear.First up was something I’d never heard of called Bullz-Eye and the page bullz-eye.com/opposite_sex/lesbians.htm Fearing something ‘straight’ I was actually interested to see that this was more or less a ‘sensible’ page, although it’s definitely a site written for and probably by men. Ignore the text though and check the images, there are some very sensual ones (which is what we are looking for) and some sexy girls from Penthouse locking tongues.

Listed sites two and three were what I’d expected – straight sex sites for frustrated guys but number four threw up a news article. I was starting to enjoy this task! The article (at if you want to read it) concerned a court case between a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden that was fined 50,000 Krona for throwing a woman out simply because she kissed her girlfriend. Great news for equality and a pie in the face for homophobic Swedish restaurateurs.

Listed link number five also concerned itself with two women being ejected from a restaurant because they were kissing. This article was at gay.netscape.com which looks like a good community based magazine site. From link six I found a great photo of two Chinese lesbians kissing in Tiananmen Square, right under a portrait of Chairman Mao and in front of two guards. This was a post on a blog site, boingboing.net.

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Next up was Jennifer Aniston’s nose. What? Well that’s what the article was mainly about but there was a discussion about her kiss with Courteney Cox in Dirt. I have to admit it was a pretty short article but a great photo of Jennifer. Next came a link to a similarly themed page; Heather Graham and Bridget Moynahan in the new movie Gray Matters. I haven’t seen this movie and don’t know much about Heather Graham but here’s an insight into what she thought of kissing another woman: “She was a pretty good kisser. The lips are very soft and sweet.” (Thanks to egostatic.com)

The next site to come up was definitely a lesbian themed porn site; lesbianlog.com with loads of what appeared to be free galleries featuring two or more sexy girls indulging in Lesbian sex. There were a few men there too but I got the impression that if you were looking for lesbian titillation as either a boy or girl you’d enjoy these pages. There were also links to lesbian e-zines and paysites and of course, lots of lesbian kissing action. Definitely an adult site worth checking out.

Finally on my top ten list was http://www.timekiller.com/index~search~Kiss.htm a long URL but one which led to various articles and video clips of famous women kissing other famous women, (and a lot of other naughty things too.)

So what can I conclude from this brief whiz around the web? I was pleased to see that the sites that came up weren’t all dirty old men sites where two girls kissing is treated as titillation only. They were mainly news stories which led me to believe that it’s still news for two women to kiss in public, famous or otherwise. Even these days it seems that such an act raises eyebrows, well I never!

What is your favorite lesbian kiss?

Bisexual Sites

I have many bisexual friends and sometimes feel a little curious for the bisexual side myself.  So I thought we should put together an overview of the hottest bisexual sites online.  As far as bisexual porn online, Three Pillows (threepillows.com) has got to be one of the best. It’s more than a sex site, more than a place to come and check out your bi-curious fantasies and gives you more than most other sites offer. They say that they have the largest collection of bi-sex material on the web and, with around 500 videos and 2,000 galleries they could well be right.

The content contains lots of varied three-way and coupled sex, MMF, FFM, FF, MF and MM, if you get my drift. They also claim to have some rare bisexual footage too. I found some sample content on the tour and was very impressed with the models in the thumbnails and at how often the site appears to be updated; there’s something new every week as far as I can see. The guys were hot, the girls were hot in fact the whole thing looked sizzling.

But this site is more than just a good collection of videos that, by the way, you can download or stream on line. There is also a message board so you can contact other members with a bi-sex bent, there are streaming feeds, small movie theatres provided by other sites and there is live chat on offer too. Taking a quick tour around I also saw there were personal ads with over 3,000 already posted so you can think of Three Pillows as your portal to dating too. ($24.95 for thirty days.)

I did some research and checked out what people had been saying about this site and all the reviews I saw were glowing. Then I compared it to some other bi-sex sites and it comes out pretty close to the top of the list.

While I was searching around I came across a few others too. Bi Archive also scored well in the ranking and by going to biarchive.com you will get a pretty clear idea of what you are going to get. There are over 250 DVD quality downloads here with all kinds of sexy boys and girls in trio sex sessions. You can view shots from some of the scenes on the tour and if they don’t tempt you inside then the two day trial for $4.95 might, even the thirty day access is reasonable for the amount of content you get inside.

And the third highest scoring site I found was bilatinmen.com (Bi Latin Men) which has the three way sex but with the added attraction of also featuring Latino boys and girls.  Read the complete Bilatinmen.com review.  This site also has e-zine elements to it with stories, erotic art, a message board and live chat links. Another community kind of site that’s good to be a part of if you are bisexual or just bi-curious. I’ve seen around inside Bi Latin Men and I was very impressed with not only the quality, the cute and hung boys but with all the extras too; even the 400 + stories are well written. It’s one of those sites that grabs you because it keeps to its niche and knows what it is talking about and it’s only $12.95 a month so great value for money.

That’s just a quick word about three of the better bisexual themed sites out there, there are of course many more. I single these ones out because I have seen enough of each of them to know that they are good, they have hot, quality content and they are run by webmasters who care about their members. You shouldn’t have any problems or complaints when you decide to sign up to one of these sites and remember, these one don’t just offer pics and vids, they have other bisexual related content, contacts, news and message boards too.

After Ellen

Afterellen.com is a swish and swanky site that brings you ‘news, reviews and commentary on lesbian and bisexual women in entertainment and the media’. Although the site is not affiliated with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres it does refer to the milestone for lesbians when DeGeneres publicly came out. This site and its partner site afterelton.com were bought by Logo (Viacom/MTV Networks) in 2006.  The site was originally started by Sarah Warn who is the editor-in-chief.

So that’s the background, what is the site like and what does it offer you? Well, taking a quick tour around it you’ll find that it’s neatly laid out and easy to navigate. You have ten major areas to investigate, from a blog to articles and every page contains something interesting or useful for lesbians and bisexual women.

On the day that I was looking at the site the blog had several interesting entries; there was a comment about the South Park episode D-Yikes, a video of Jodi Foster singing a French love song and news about ER and the Grey’s Anatomy spin off ‘Private Practice’ among other interesting things. The news stories and blog stay in the genre of the site in that the news is about TV and movies but everything has a lesbian or bisexual slant. The movies page has reviews of the latest releases as well as behind the scenes and associated articles and I found all of them well written, easy to read and informative. Sometimes it’s hard to stay reading on line for any length of time but not here, the texts kept me interested and were easy on the eye.

Everything is arranged neatly too and you will find some things on more than one page. For example, the interviews with celebrities and stars can be found on the People page as well as on the Movies page so, if an article or interview is relevant to more than one place, it will appear in both places; this ensures you don’t miss anything. The same goes for the books and music page, news about authors, publications and music are all here but you may also find the same article on the people or blog pages. This doesn’t mean the site is short on content and trying to fill out the pages though, it just means everything is well linked and easily available.

You will notice on the right of the pages that there is a log-in facility. You don’t have to, but you can, create a username and password and become and active member of afterellen.com. When you have registered, for free, you can create a small profile so other users will know something about you. Then you can post replies and comments on articles and interviews and really get involved. There is also a forum on the community page with topics covering all manners of interesting things; from creative writing to sex. Taking a quick look at the forum it appears well used with thousands of replies and posts and, if you want to know more about the other folk in there you can click their name and read their profile. It’s something you can really get involved in and, when you register, you will feel like you are part of an on-line community.

Which is basically what afterellen.com is, it’s a place where anyone who is lesbian, bisexual, straight or just interested can go and find out all the latest news from cinema to soaps but particularly news that concerns lesbian stars or characters. What’s more you can then join in and leave your own mark by making comments, posting in the forums and generally making yourself heard. There’s so much to see and do hear it’s hard to cover it all in a short space but go and take a look and you’ll see how fun and fab this site is.

Cynthia Nixon Makes Her Lesbian Relationship Public

LESBIANS everywhere swooned when Cynthia Nixon, famous for playing sassy lawyer Miranda on “Sex and the City,” revealed she’d left her longtime boyfriend for a woman late last year.

But jaws are now hitting the floor as Nixon’s mystery miss, Christine Marinoni, finally emerges reluctantly into the spotlight.

Far from choosing a supermodel or movie star, the stylish Nixon is in love with a left-wing education activist who never touches a tube of lipstick – let alone a pair of Jimmy Choos.

What was I just saying about it being completely acceptable in this society to tell women who they should be with? You’ve got to read this article. It’s Why would she be with her? She’s just a regular lesbian. tone would have you think you should choose your girlfriend like you choose your shoes. As if someone being “hot” would guarantee my happiness with them.

And while we are on the topic of how to choose who you date, it seems that I have been trying to make a statement. I had no idea.

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“Wow. I would have expected Cynthia to go for a very glamorous lipstick lesbian or maybe a really butch, glossy leather dyke to make a bold statement, but she’s gone for your average, cozy Park Sloper,” said Dr. Matt Pius, 30, who was drinking in neighborhood lesbian-owned bar Ginger’s on Tuesday night with his boyfriend.

My favorite part is where Christine’s (Nixon’s girlfriend) colleague feels the need to share her good qualities (that make up for her looks!). They cut this out of the online version, but lucky for you I’ve got the paper. See how great I am?

“Christine is really smart, well-connected and really fun to be around because she has such a great sense of humor,” says a colleague.

“Plus she’s a great dancer. She’s the type of person people want to hang out with and I’m not surprised at all that someone like Cynthia Nixon would be attracted to her. The photos don’t do her justice.”

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