Revenge Porn And The Attack Of Hunter Moore

I don’t care if it shows my age, I am willing to admit that I have been on the internet since way back when images took forever to load on the screen and the only way to find porn was to check out all the link lists and directories. Anyone else remember the world B.G (before Google)?

I really don’t need to tell you that the internet has come a long way since then, but with the good always comes the bad. This is one of those posts all about what happens when the bad get their hands on technology and use it for evil.

No, I’m not talking about some kind of mysterious Bond villain in a hollow mountain threatening to end the world unless he’s given “one million dollars” (how many of you just did the pinkie to lip gesture then? Sad people! lol), nor am I talking about pirates who stamp their feet about getting things for free and then complain that their favorite bands aren’t touring anymore or their fave porn site shut down (useless idiots living in their moms basement).

I’m talking about lowlifes like Hunter Moore – the people who abuse the freedom the internet brings and use it to cash in on other peoples misery.

Yes, the lovely Hunter Moore will be the subject of this bile-infused post.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, he’s the guy who created the site, a disgusting place where people sent in images and videos of their ex boyfriends and girlfriends (or presumably just people they wanted to attack and had the ammunition to do so) and which then linked the media to their various profiles out on the internet. It was stalking, quite blatantly.

Victims had their intimate moments broadcast for all to see, with the information about them easily accessible. Many of those who were victims of this disgusting waste of skin then had abuse from others for daring to have their content stolen and distributed by someone else without their permission.

Now, I know some of the more liberal minded amongst you would be thinking “they should have expected something, who makes a pic or video and gives it out to others?” And I would agree with you to a point. But why is this any different to someone posting an email or personal letter on the internet for all to read? Would that be acceptable to you?

So, back to the story…

The disgusting Hunter Moore eventually gave up his little hellhole of a site and sold it to an anti-bullying charity, and some might have thought that would be the end of it.

Personally, I would have enjoyed seeing him sued, repeatedly, over and over again until he was having to sell organs in exchange for clothing. And it would have been nice to have all of his personal humiliation recorded and shared around the internet for all his little freaky fans to enjoy and wallow in too. But alas, that didn’t happen.

Instead, he got away with it, and he made some money through the sale of the site and the estimated $20,000 a month through advertising – yeah, being a sick little pervert obviously is profitable for some.

But now, with the revelation that he’s not happy with the money he’s made humiliating others (presumably he wasted it all on pot, lube and tissues) and intends to start a new project where he plans to “introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people”.

Yeah, that sounds like wholesome family fun, right?

No one knows how this might play out just yet. There are suggestions and discussions out there mentioning that he plans to add cell phone numbers, email addresses, employment details, home address and family details to his content in the future. Basically, it seems like he plans to do it all over again, but with even more information to allow others to attack and assault and generally humiliate people all around the world.

It’s hard to know for sure how real that is, but Anonymous is taking it seriously, and has issued their own threat.

Yes, that lovely hacktivist collective famous for publicly trolling the cult of $cientology, taking down a paedophile ring that Interpol couldn’t touch, exposing abusive NYPD officers macing girls in the street and – their lesser known – bitching about the Pirate Bay being taken down, have issued a direct threat to Hunter Moore.

Not happy with cyber-battling dictatorial regimes and supporting the freedom of the internet all around the world (I don’t think any Anon’s have full time jobs) they have picked up on the suggestion that Hunter Moore is about to be back in business and threatened war.

In a recent statement by the masked superheroes of the internet, the Anon collective made their intentions clear:

“We will protect anyone who is victimized by abuse of our internet, we will prevent the stalking, rape, and possible murders as by-product of his [Hunter Moore] sites.

It added: “Operation anti-bully. Operation hunt Hunter engaged. We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, Hunter Moore, expect us.”

To prove that the group is not one to make false threats, the Anonymous collective then published Hunter’s address, and detailed numerous family members also.

So you wanna bully and attack innocent people Hunter? Looks like you’re about to get a massive dose of your own medicine.

The G in GLBTQ

While objections to labels abound, and with good reason, many people do opt to claim labels for themselves or simply may find it helpful to understand the labels that others are claiming for themselves. The G in GLBTQ clearly stands for gay. While this identifier is claimed by many men who are romantically and sexually attracted to men, some may even eschew this label. Bisexual and queer men may claim other labels within the gay community, even if they personally do not identify as gay. Moreover, within the gay community, there are many more labels that may be used in a number of ways, ranging from personal ads to social groups. Some labels imply social roles, while others are specifically sexual.

Social identifiers in the gay community are about both attitude and appearance. Some of these terms may be used in a derogatory context both in the gay community or outside of it, or may be claimed and embraced. Either way, knowing what these mean can help you navigate your local bar or local Craigslist ads at least on a surface level. Twinks are known for good clothes, perfect hair, and an impeccable tan. Stereotypically, they are young, thin, and pretty. Bears are their polar opposite, being older, hairier and bigger bodied. Within bear culture, you will find cubs, otters, and polar bears. These distinctions can refer to physical size, body hair and build. Many bears date within their own social group. Queens may simply have a bit of a diva attitude or may be active in the drag scene.

Box Mods

While some people may opt to claim the social identifiers discussed, you may find it even more helpful to understand sexual identifiers and labels. The words top, pitcher and power top all imply someone who is dominant in the bedroom, most often in relation to penetrative sex. A power top does not bottom, at all. Bottom, catcher, and power bottom refer to an individual who prefers to be penetrated during sex, and may also imply a more submissive role depending upon the context. Individuals who are more sexually flexible in terms of roles will often identify as versatile or a switch. Knowing where you fit on this continuum can help you avoid sexual incompatibility or embarrassing first date conversations.

Labels on the Gender Spectrum

Integrating transgender individuals into the queer community has historically posed a number of challenges, both from within the gay community and within the transgender community. More gay and lesbian resources are working to be trans-inclusive, but many people remain uninformed about labels and identities within the gender continuum. For many people, gender is simply a non-issue, a given based upon anatomy and birth. Other people may feel that they have been born the wrong gender or that gender labels, as they exist today, are overly limiting and inaccurate.

Common labels within the transgender community include cross dresser, transsexual, transgendered, and gender queer. Transman and transwoman are also used within the transgender community as neutral, descriptive terms. Pre-op and post-op describe a state of medical transition, rather than personal identification. Gender queer, gender fuck, and androgynous may all be used by those who prefer to avoid identifying as male or female.

Cross dressers are men who enjoy dressing as women. They may find it emotionally or sexually satisfying. Cross dressers are content and comfortable being male and have no desire to live as women on a full time basis. Cross dressers typically identify as heterosexual males.

Transgender individuals can be born male or female, but identify as the opposite gender. Some people may opt to continue living as their birth gender, even if they are uncomfortable with it. Others transition and live as the gender with which they identify. Medical and surgical steps, including gender reassignment surgery, may be taken to make the body match the gender identification. Pre-op and post-op are terms used to identify the degree of physical alteration to the body. These labels and descriptions commonly apply to both transwomen and transmen.

More and more young people are identifying as gender queer. Other labels embraced by questioning or gender queer individuals include gender fuck, androgynous, and boi. Some gender queer people may feel comfortable with transgender support groups and may identify as transgender, while others simply prefer the umbrella term of queer. Avoid using gendered language if someone identifies outside the standard binary gender system. Some who identify as gender queer prefer alternative pronouns, including ze and hir.

Olivia Becoming Popular for Social Networking

While started out as a travel website marketing the popular lesbian cruise line, today is much more than just another travel site. The social network at Olivia allows women to make connections, network and share information. Whether you join Olivia to meet that special someone, find an old friend, or simply make new friends, the site offers all the features of modern social networking, directed toward a lesbian audience.

Start your social networking experience at Olivia by making a profile. In today’s world, you’re surely familiar with this process. An profile is not particularly different than one on Facebook or MySpace; however, it does offer opportunities for openness you may not find on other social networking sites. Your Olivia profile includes photos, an “about me” section, and a chance for friends to leave testimonials. You can join groups, make friends, and manage your social life via Olivia.

Box Mods

Groups include those devoted to travel on Olivia cruises; however, you will also find groups for pet owners, families, singles, various interests, and regional areas. You may find the support you need in groups devoted to coming out, managing faith issues, or planning your wedding. You can even revisit favorite episodes of the L-Word with other fans. If you are planning to take an Olivia cruise, take the opportunity to make friends, find a travel companion or learn more about your cruise. also offers a professional resource listing. Include your information to help potential customers or clients find you and use the resources to find lesbian professionals in your area. Even if you do not routinely use your profile, this feature can be accessed by any member on the site, active or not.

Your profile is publicly visible; however, it can only be seen by other members. If you use your Facebook account for your professional life, you might find an Olivia account the ideal social option for your personal life.

Networking in the LGBT Community

Networking within the gay community is a great way to make professional connections, friends, and socialize. For many of us, socializing within the LGBT community is more comfortable, relaxed and appealing. Unfortunately, especially in smaller cities, networking and socializing in the gay community often revolves around the local bars. Whether you simply prefer to avoid the bars, find that bar hopping conflicts with your other priorities, or just aren’t interested, there are ways to network and meet and greet within the gay community that do not, in fact, involve drag shows, test tube shots, and loud dance music.

First, if there is a local gay and lesbian center or organization in your area, this can be one of the best places to start looking for gay networking options. Okay, you may not be the support group type, nor in a place where you need help coming out, but quite often these centers can also offer resources, like local gay professional networking groups. If you have a local professional networking organization, this can be one of the best ways to meet other gay individuals in a relaxed setting, and might even help you make valuable professional connections. Some large corporations also maintain their own gay and lesbian professional groups within the company. If yours does, make time to participate.

Another great networking resource is local volunteer groups. You will find many LGBT folk volunteering at AIDS and HIV related organizations, but also working with queer youth, doing outreach education and volunteering in matters of sexual health. Spending some time helping out with LGBT related issues can allow you to meet others and share your skills in a meaningful way.

While it may sound simple, being out will help you to meet others. If you are open about your sexuality and relationships, you will find that others come out to you. No one is suggesting you go to work wrapped in your rainbow flag, but openness does send a message to those around you that you are comfortable in your own skin, and may allow you to meet others around you.

One website that really sticks out is they feature a search where you can find other gay and lesbian professionals to show off your resume or befriend. There is also facebook but linkedin is more on the professional level for those looking to get ahead in a particular industry.

Reichen Lehmkuhl Has It All

Born Richard Allen Lehmkuhl, Reichen is best know for winning season four of the US game show ‘Amazing Race’ with his then partner Chip Arndt. He is, basically, what you would call an all American hunk. He’s been in the Air Force where he rose to the rank of Captain before leaving and has since been an advocate of gay rights in the military. After leaving the Air Force and before becoming famous for Amazing Race he worked as a physics teacher and flight instructor, so this gorgeous bodied god also has a brain. And who says you can’t have everything? Reichen has.But it’s as a model that we’re interested in him and, in 2005 and 2006 he brought out nude and semi-nude calendars. Now he has his own website “” and it is this that I am going to look at next.

On the home page here you can find links to all areas of the site plus external links to his MySpace page and his fans’ forum, so you can get fully personal with him on several levels. The site shifts nicely from page to page, the forum opens in a new window and you will have to register for free to join in with it.

Also on his personal site there is some background information about him in his biography which also carries a great portrait of his gorgeous face and then there is a photo gallery. The ten or so pics here are not the sexy kind; they are snaps from his personal life so you can see him with his friends. You will also find a link to where you can buy his book ‘Here’s what we’ll say’ in which he chronicles his life and times as a gay man in the US Air Force Academy. You come away from the site getting the impression that here is a guy who became famous through TV but used that fame to the advantage of others. Which can only be a good thing and I am sure that it is for this work that he would like to be known, rather than for his relationship with pop singer Lance Bass (‘N Sync), though that is a big part of his life too.

Having had a quick look around his site I wanted to see if I could find you anything more erotic and so did another search on the net. There are some nice topless shots and a couple of him in underwear to be found on where the page on which he is featured also links to nine images and a gossip blog with pics of him and other famous and beautiful stars.

Narrowing my search to images only I came across where I found a nude shot, profile though so a bit of a tease and techstickle where there were some other erotic (but not completely revealing) shots of him and he certainly is a hunk. He’s got a great body, a great smile and the more I see of him the more I like him. And apparently you can see even more of him on Dante’s Cove, which is not TV show I’ve seen before so I hope this isn’t old news. Also, check for some more information about this topic.

So is he a male pin up? A celebrity? A campaigner for equal rights in the forces? What exactly is Reichen Lehmkuhl? You will have to work that one out for yourself. I think he is something of a mix of all of those things and then some more on top. He’s got that rare combination of good looks and a good heart and that’s enough to convert me from a researcher into a fan.

Jake Cruise

If you read the latest Out Magazine you will learn that cruises are becoming more and more popular but in this gay people profile we will feature the more personable version. No, not Tom Cruise but Jake Cruise known for his gay erotic work. Jake Cruise is a 40 something year old guy who has steadily built a name for himself in the porn industry after turning from website design to webmaster and producer. He does have his own site and we’ll come to that in a moment but he has also launched another site which is something new and, I have to say, exciting.

Jake Cruise shirtless studStraight Guys For Gay Eyes’ is the name of the site that was started by Jake’s company, Jake Cruise Media and it can be found at You won’t find straight guys in gay porn here, nor straight guys being ‘gay for pay’ but what you will find is horny straight men having sex with women but… and it’s a big but… the emphasis is on the guys.

How? Well, instead of the photos and vids being centred around the heterosexual sex content they stay with the guys; their bodies are the most important thing on the site, not the women’s. Now I know that a lot of us have a thing for straight guys and there are loads of ‘straight-gay’ sites out there where the models are supposed to be straight but are doing gay sex, so how do you know you’re getting off on watching a straight man? Well normally you don’t, but at Straight Guys For Gay Eyes you’ll find yourself getting off on real straight guys – and you know they are because they’re having sex with women. If you didn’t follow all of that just take a look at the site and you’ll see what I mean.

And when you do look at the tour you’ll see plenty of hunks in solo pictures and plenty with a babe nearby, underneath or on his cock. But the guys are all stunning and, having looked inside the site once, I can tell you that what you see on the tour is what you get in the members’ area, only you get more of it as a member. I don’t know how Jake does it but he manages to make straight porn gay!

But back to Jake himself. I can tell you right off that he’s a really nice man, I know that from some e-mail contact I had with him a while back about his site. He replied quickly and in such a friendly tone that I thought we’d known each other for years. There are photos of Jake himself on his site but the emphasis is on the porn he produces. He’s made something like 25 movies (at least!) either as an actor, director or producer and you can find these in on-line video and DVD stores, just enter a search for Jake Cruise and you’ll get the list. On his own site, though, there are over 220 movies that he’s produced for the web, sometimes he appears in them and sometimes not. You can take a video preview of the site, simply chose your connection speed and media player to watch the streaming trailer. I found a couple of very fit East European boys in a high definition, short, clip when I was there.

The really good thing about Jake’s work, in my opinion, is that it’s not restricted to just one age-group, he works with models of all ages. If you go to the casting area of his site you’ll see that he is always looking for guys aged 18 – 60 and there is a very comprehensive application form. You know that he’s serious about his work and serious about bringing you good quality gay porn so if you’re thinking of a career in the gay porn industry you would do worse than contact Jake.

A Look Inside Chris Geary

I wanted to know more about this guy because I’ve seen his name in various different places on the web; so I did a search and here are some of my findings.  This will also be the start of a gay celebrity profile we will feature here on Daily Dose of Queer where we look at various gays and lesbians including high ranking businessmen, athletes, and even porn stars.

Well it was an easy start: is his own site and there you’ll find a page telling you just about everything you could ever want to know. For a start he is British, that’s not so remarkable, but here are a few other things that you may not find so straightforward. He studied agricultural based business management in what the Brits call ‘The West Country’, he has worked as a farmer, he used to own a house outside of Miami, his dad works for the Ministry of Defence and his parents don’t approve of his website.

Why? I guess because Chris now spends his time working freelance for various gay sites and publications, he supplies models shoots and reviews as well as writing for QX Magazine (UK) and running a go-go boy agency supplying dancers to nightclubs and events throughout the UK and across Europe.

Quite a mixed bag but a successful one and Chris now lives in a penthouse near London’s famous Tower Bridge. If you take a look at one of his photos you’ll see a big beefy guy who works out and has a body to be proud of. But it was not always like this; Chris has a medical condition known as Pectus Carinatum, more commonly known as a ‘pigeon chest’ where the sternum, the chest bone, protrudes forward. He admits to being very self conscious about this when he was younger, never going topless, but he also says that his gym workouts and large muscles now disguise this condition and it doesn’t bother him at all.

If you go and view his site you will find it a great mixture of personal information and images. For example there is a link over to his boyfriend’s site which is also a neat mix of the personal and the erotic. On Chris’ site you can view his collection of favorite images and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what he likes to view. There are wrestling galleries, horny twinks and ‘model boy’ galleries, videos, spy cams and international news and reviews. Some of the areas of the site are free, so bookmark them and pop back later for updates and news; others are links to premium sites (pay to join) that Chris recommends, but they do have preview areas and are well worth a look.

This is very much a Brit site which makes a refreshing change from all the US sites out there so if you’re interested to see what goes on in Gay Britain you can check out the news from London, Manchester and Birmingham (among other places) and down near the bottom of the home page you’ll see all the latest news and additions from the site. Chris Geary regularly updates the site with gay scene news and the site is a good mix of on-line entertainment and real-life events and happenings. If you want to get really involved you can make use of the message board; here you’ll find forums for guys in the UK and Australia (see Aussie Boys here), the US and China and for guys into wrestling, story writing and modeling.

So, from farmer to top gay internet celebrity in a few years, it just goes to prove that anything is possible when you put your mind and body to it. Take a look at and you’ll find it a friendly, informative site with plenty of interactive elements and a great community feel. He’s someone to aspire to and is pretty damn hot too!

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