6 trendiest hairstyles for guys right now

undercut hairstyle mensHair is normally always the first thing that people notice whether it be in a Grindr photo, at work, or at the bars.
You have to keep up with the latest trends in hair or walk around in another decade with an outdated hair style.
Six trendy trendiest hairstyles for guys right now include the Undercut, Fade haircut, Man bun and the Top Knot. So this may apply to both men and women of the gay community. If you wish to go for a more classic look the trends are the Pompadour with a large volume on top and slicked back sides or a men’s classic side part for a more professional look.
Top knot undercut bun mens hair
The hipsters in the house may want the long-haired man bun or some may want the crops cropped style of the fade. There are several hairstyles to choose from that fit your personality. Just make sure the style fits the shape of your face and is easy for you to fix at 8am or when your running late for a date.

Box Mods

When it comes to product if you want to achieve a dry looking matte style then wax is essential. To achieve a wet looking slick style pomade is the best bet. Now of course you lesbians may be far ahead of the trend outdoing us gays like you did when it came to looking like Justin Bieber.

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These Pizza Condoms Come with Their Own Little Cardboard Pizza Boxes

pizza-condomsWell allegedly you cannot get an STD from Pizza but it can lead to other health problems. Pizza lovers who want to practice safe sex should keep a few of these pizza condoms on their nightstand. I am not sure if this will look like a person has herpes or is seeking safe sex. The bottom or top shall decide.
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New Justin Bieber Edgy Look

We just had to post this pic of Justin Bieber on the carpet with a new hairdo and a blue motorcycle jacket. The Biebs arrived at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France, on Saturday night walking down the red carpet. What do you think of the side sweep hairdo and the blue shoes. I like it and want some of the shoes.

Abercrombie Jocks vs. Hollister lifeguards

Well this has to be the hardest decision ever. We have Abercrombie jocks on one team and Hollister boys in red lifeguard shorts on the other. Is it a denim party or a lifeguard party? Either way both teams are shirtless and in flip flops to reveal every level of hotness. This is AnF and Club Cali’s way of saying Happy Thanksgiving teasing us with a Christmas present we may not get delivered to our bedrooms.
Honestly I was not too sure what category to put this under whether it be Fashion or Love. Because I absolutely Love this! You can expect to see these boys live starting at Midnight at your local AnF and their sister surfer stores.

Jared Leto sporting an Animal Hoodie

Jared Leto bringing out his inner-Animal with this hoodie by SpiritHoods. This trend keeps getting hotter for the Fall Fashion season and we think it is cute as hell! Many of the hoods you can buy are Grey Wolf-Navajo, Grizzly Bear, Black Wolf-Navajo, Night Owl, Husky (Denim), Red Wolf, Grey Wolf, Leopard, Lion, Panda, and even a sexy Brown Bear. The club scene has already had some partiers showing up in animal gear and with the Halloween season coming up there may be a lot of bears “coming out” of the woods if you know what I mean!

Can Advertising be Sexy and Cute?

The new Hollister canvas outside in the malls is definitely something that makes you take a better look.  It is not only the cutest pic of a hot surfer boy and his dog but it shows him shirtless giving us a tease of maybe those jeans hes wearing.  Or maybe just those hollister boxer briefs and flip flops.  I can tell you that sex sells but in this case it is the cuteness of the surfer and his dog that is catching our eyes.  What does fashion hold for the Spring of 2011 for gay teens and younger lesbians?  PacSun, Hollister, Hurley hats?  barefoot, boots with shorts, rolled up jeans, flip-flops?  Bring on the Spring Fashion for 2011!

Navy Officer Launches Spicy Underwear Brand

Disco Valante designer jock underwearSummer is just a month away and the temperature is heating up but have no fear you will have plenty of underwear to choose from to look sexy. Things are really getting hot in the underwear space as we already have hot brands such as Aussie Bum, Andrew Christian, and extremely hot Diesel briefs. We can add another to the list with Disco Valante which launched its online store of trendy briefs for men. The model for Disco Valante underwear is breathtaking and kind of takes my eyes off the underwear and onto him. He is half Greek, half Puerto Rican, NYC heartthrob Greg Partsinevelos.

We can see how this new line of underwear looks on the dark-skinned Puerto Rican hottie but what about on a skinny white boy? Well you can send in your photos to the website at discovalante.com wearing their products and be featured in the sightings section where you could be rated.

The company was founded by a Active duty naval officer. Nicholas Cassadine, a US Naval Academy graduate, also runs a Jock muscle protein supplement business marketed towards gays.

Guys Spring Fashion

Ruehl spring fashionMen’s Fashion could make a drastic change in 2009 on some but most will not see anything too big just yet. The Fall fashion may change more than the fashion we see in the next few months. Gucci is already bringing on some hotty models with more of the same leprechaun pants for men. The rock star pants but with a gold tint and some with a lavender look.

For those of you guys who like the AnF look keep in mind that it is Ed Hardy that is selling off the shelves and other clothes that really look a lot like the line that Target is carrying right now. Seriously, Target is carrying a pretty nice line of clothes that looks a lot like what you can buy at Pac Sun. Not that I am going to be seen wearing it.

The winner for the last few months is Ed Hardy. You go out and it is almost overkill in some cities like Hollister was a few years ago. This may be why the Buckle revenue (BKE) is doing so well compared to slowing revenue at Abercrombie and Fitch. Aeropostale is also seeing revenue growth which is a knock off, cheaper AnF. The Buckle sells lots of shirts and jeans that resemble the Ed Hardy line.

Here are some ads from the Abercrombie chain of stores featuring Hollister surfer style, AnF, and Ruehl. The Ruehl photo was my favorite because it actually shows the Spring shirt that will be presented at the retail chain but the store itself kind of bores me.

abercrombie fitch spring hollister beach boy fashion

Guys Clothes Now Easier to Find

Sooner would have been better for this since Christmas is just around the corner but this can still be a useful took for finding the exact clothes you have seen someone else wearing or just want to find a new shirt to wear out.

We are excited to bring you something you can really use in this day of too much information and never being able to find anything online.  There are many, many websites that make things too hard to find coupons, discounts, sales and most anything for the male consumer.  It was even hard to find the Men’s Express clothing store in some malls and online.

I have compiled a search engine that makes it so you can search out specific things such as mens hoodies, belts, and hard to find cuffs and bracelets.  You will be able to find Puma shoes, converse, and cute tighty undies from sites such as Andrew Christian in the search.  I have included gay retailers, the biggest trend setting retailers such as MetroPark, The Buckle, Ed Hardy, Guess, A/X, and Hollister.  Department stores such as Macy’s large database can also be found in here.

Box Mods

Feel free to comment to add a store that you feel is not included in the search.  I will check out as many magazines like Instinct and Details to find the hottest fashions for guys and make sure those links are included for this search engine to seek out.

This is a really cool project and will be fun to get all of these clothing stores and smaller shops together into one search without having to weed through all the junk on the internet.  These will be the more fashionable retailers for college, teen, and young adults.

We expect to have one of these available for the girls next year so stay tuned and send us suggestions for both.

Models Doin’ The Butt

You know… Doin’ The Butt song by E.U. just thought of that when I saw this new ad emailed to me from Abercrombie and Fitch today for Back to School.  AnF is known for their controversially sexy books they used to sell in their stores but this year they want to show some bootie.

As if people do not know how to pull their pants down and look thuggish in the back.  Now we need to buy jeans that sag in the rear for us?  It is a hot look but its about time for something else I would think.  I am ready for Jnco’s to come back again because they were so fun to dance in but not the full bell bottoms but more width at the bottom of jeans.  I wished they would quit making jeans so skinny near the ankles.

At first I thought they had accidentally sent me three of the same emails but I guess their marketing department is kind of lazy that they sell the same fashion in the abercrombie kids, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister.  I am not sure why they sent me the smaller a email and I am glad they did not bother to send out a Ruehl today as well I think I got that last week.

But get ready because the new line of back to school starts up this week in all the malls and you will be bombarded with desperate retailers trying to earn your money in a weak economy.   Summer is quickly coming to an end with possible tax free days to shop even if you are not in school.  If I recall AnF was one of the one retailers who did well during the last dot com bust.  They were too HOT to turn down.

Well here we have the different guys in jeans.  The classic Abercrombie is the most seductive with some bare buns showing and the nice V shaped bod showing off the smooth way down to the belt.  The abercrombie denims look more like Jesse McCartney just turned around doing his foot fetish thing again – of course most of their models geared at kids are really like 18.

The Hollister Co. models are strutting some chiseled abs but they are too cool to be in real color because you know they are surfer dudes.  It almost looks more like some wild west shootout than an ad for jeans.  You notice how the boxers go up above the hump on one side and the pants somehow always stay on completely.  We need to work on getting them off a little more.

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