Rockstar Drink Donates over $100,000 to LGBT Groups But…

The CEO of the popular Rockstar energy drink announced he would donate $100,000 to LGBT Organizations.  This donation comes to three LGBT organizations among other support for their LGBT employees.  This all comes after they threatened to sue the Bilerico project and but changed their mind to a better PR tactic.  This we welcome!

It turns out that Rockstar Energy Drink CEO Russell Weiner announced that the beverage company will expand its LGBTsupport but it seems to have all happened after this.  It took blogs calling him out that his dad was Michael Savage.  I guess he changed his name to distance himself from his dads far right-wing nut job views? Who knows but we do know that “the Weiner” did donate to Gavin Newsoms campaign in San Francisco so hey thats a good thing.  But anything remotely connected to Michael Savage scares the tards out of me.  It all comes down to the fact they are both running a business and have to do what they can to keep the business running but Michael Savage could do some good in the world and spread love instead of hate.

The problem is that the CFO of Rockstar is Michael Savage who preaches hate on his radio shows against almost anyone that is not him.  Will the sale of a Rockstar benefit his pocket book and keep his mouth open or can we shut it by stuffing more money down his throat.  It would be like buying eggs and finding out that Sally Kerns is benefiting somehow from it.  I would immediately quit buying eggs or even looking at them thinking I might catch her right wing nut job disease.

More and more gays and lesbians are falling addicted to the Rockstar energy drink just as we did with Redbull and others since the first energy drink Jolt Cola was introduced.  While these drinks are not exactly healty or the best things to mix with alcohol the gay community has been one of the biggest customers.  Energy drinks the hottest seller inside nightclubs taking over sales of water in some cases.  They are the drug we need to dance and stay alert when driving back home but most of all these drinks are the drug to keep us focused during the day that has replaced coffee and tea in some cases.  Of course, coffee and tea are much healthier.

Some alternatives to Rockstar are Redbull and other energy drinks that are displayed at gay pride parades.  It is always best to buy the drink you think is the healthiest first of all with less sugar and cancer causing ingredients.  Be careful because the sugar free drinks they claim normally contain a sugar that is not really sugar-free but a replacement such as Splenda or aspartame.  The aspartame is found in sugar-free redbull.  Why on earth they have to sweeten everything is beyond me.. or at least make it Agave nectar which is better for our health.

If you insist on consuming energy drinks, there are options. Coca-Cola (who repeatedly scores 100% on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index), for instance, makes Full Throttle and Tab Energy. But check the ingredients!

Bottom line is to buy a drink that is healthy or support a drink that sponsors our events.  Red bull at least sponsors events and circuit parties across the nation.  If a drink does not have health benefits or support GLBT causes in any way then run from it.

Whole Foods Now Selling Organic Air

Maybe the organic air is from their new Antartacia store opening but they are now selling bottles for only $6.99.  I just got my friend worked up over this before he figured out it was an April Fools Joke.  I told someone earlier that I was on my way to buy this new organic air from Whole foods.  He said it was not practical and asked me if I would be wearing a mask attached to a tank saying there was no way to fill a room with air bought from a store.  Very true and the fact that a few squirts of clean air in the nose would do nothing compared to what we breathe the rest of the day.

Box Mods

OK, but what about the new store opening in a place where it would be almost impossible to live (with the cute penguins pictured).  Or the spiders they are giving away at the Tulsa store with each banana purchase.  Hey this was a good one since there was a spider finding the Tulsa Whole foods that looked like an exotic deadly spider.

This all came to me in an email earlier today and for some reason I actually read the deals in the email when I normally do not.  They caught me on a good day.  April 1st.. the most creative april fools joke i have seen yet today.  Whole foods is my favorite place to shop–One of the first things I look for if I move is to have a Whole Foods near me!

Eat Healthy: Feel Better, Look Better

I keep reading that the cure to most diseases and illnesses is to eat better foods and obtain a better diet (and of course exercise).  Suzanne Sommers came on Fox the other day talking about her interviews with Doctors saying that a big problem today is that people down poisons such as Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi.  The chemicals in these diet soft drinks have proven to do damage to our bodies and we should stay away from them.  Drink Teas instead of Diet colas and eat more whole foods.

Fall and Winter bring the cold and flu season and you should build up your immune system in advance.  Replace all your sodas with Tea and all your sugary foods with foods that support your system.  Even eating Salmon with Omega 3’s helps out much more then eating Tilapia which has Omega 6’s which are not as beneficial as the 3’s.

Dr. Weil, you know the bearded man that looks damn wise, has came out with an amazing food pyramid.  He wants us to eat 4-5 veggies a day minimum and 4-5 fruits a day.  Veggies I can do since I love salads and tomatoes but not so sure about the fruits but I will try.

I see he is putting the dark chocolate at the top of the food pyramid… reaching for it now.  No really ill set it back down it says sparingly.  Red wine… I hope that Vodka counts some but I am sure it does not.  How about a cup of wine and 4 shots of Vodka and a call to Dr. Weil in the morning?

The Doc mentions Whole Soy foods.  But he points out that you cannot use imitation meats or the isolated soy protein in place of these whole soy foods.  Time to make a trip to Whole foods and figure out what the heck these Whole Soy foods are that are not those.  They are basically Soy Milk or Soy Nuts.

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He speaks of Tea and how it reduces inflammation.  The article also notes that people should buy quality tea.  One thing with eating right is buying quality everything.  Maybe purchase it all at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to make sure you are getting good foods.  I drink Sweet Leaf Green Tea made in Austin, TX from someones grandmother and sometimes drink Honest Tea White which comes in a quart or something.  You also must correctly brew it if you buy the tea bags to get the health benefits.

My hippie friends will love this.  Dr. Weil says you can eat unlimited shrooms.  This being cooked mushrooms in the variety of wild or Asian.  Hmm I wonder why he stresses not to eat them raw?  I really like portobello mushrooms and he wants us to minimize consumption of these.

The top doctor also recommends brown and wild rice, pasta Al Dente, black beans, and spreads such as hummus.  He also sells his own supplements on the chart consisting of Vitamin C and other nutrients to help you get your numbers higher that day in goodies.

Eating less in inflammatory foods can make you look better with less acne and inflamed skin problems such as eczema or dermatitis.   With that and so many health conditions that can be lessened by eating anti-inflammatory foods then why not?, inc.

Red Bull Vodka Anyone?

I figured since it was a time for new years resolutions and being somewhat healthier we could dive into energy drinks. The media has long hated energy drinks when mixed with alcohol and some laws have even been passed.

So what is all the media hype about Red Bull and Vodka? Well there are rumors out that it goes in your bloodstream faster than other drinks because it’s carbonated or the ingredients in the drink make you drunk faster. But what about the other carbonated drinks such as rum and coke, seven and soda, and the list goes on.

Energy drinks and alcohol. Some recent entries in the energy drink market contain alcohol. But whether purchased as an all-in-one product or with alcohol added separately, it’s important to note that there are particular dangers to imbibing spiked energy drinks since they contain both stimulants and a depressant (the alcohol). The stimulants mask the fatigue that normally serves to signal that you’ve had too much to drink and it’s time to quit. They may also reduce perceived impairment, and lead inexperienced kids (adults too, for that matter) to believe that they are more sober than they actually are. That can lead to poor judgment… and sometimes serious accidents. The fact that these substances are combined can also affect how they are metabolized, leading to the potential for serious medical problems when done in excess, and/or by people who are vulnerable, including those on prescription or OTC medications. -from BottomLine Secrets Health Newsletter

Is Sugar Free Red Bull healthier than regular Red Bull?
No. The regular Red Bull has real sugar as opposed to the sugar substitute (chemicals) you get in “sugar free.”

Where did Red Bull come from?
Red Bull was the first energy drink of its kind especially in the club scene which was derived from an exotic drink in Thailand. Krating Daeng, the foundation of Red Bull, has been one of the top-selling drinks in Thailand since the ‘70s. Two entrepreneurs took this local favorite with a barely pronounceable name, changed it to Red Bull, tweaked the recipe for European tastes, and now have branded it as the world’s original energy drink. This drink has become so popular that you see companies such as Pepsi and Coke creating Monster and RockStar.

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