Coconut Oil Lube Better for Sex?

naturalcoconutoillubewineIf you have not tried Coconut oil for sexy time you may just want to pass up on the regular lube and give it a try. A new lube on the market claims that “changing Lubricant will make you enjoy pleasurable moments like never before” from A premium all natural coconut oil sexual lubricant.

coconut oil lubeWhile Nua Di Cocco does not list the ingredients besides coconut oil on their site they make lots of health claims including one that researchers find that the same chemicals that cause “slipperiness” in most water based personal lubricants, can also put your health in danger. Lab research has shown that specific chemicals found in some water based lubricants can damage the delicate tissue lining the vagina and rectum, with the potential increasing the risk of sexually-transmitted infectious diseases (STIs) ranging from HIV to Chlamydia.

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Imagine a lube that helps prevent STD’s and pleasures your body at the same time. There are also other related uses for Coconut oil as it’s extremely effective treating vaginal dryness. It allows for moisture to stay where you need it to, for as long as you need it to as well. Another great thing is that there’s no negative side effects to using it, as it’s a completely natural substance. Nobody should let their vaginal dryness slow down their sex life, or stop it completely.

The lube product goes on to say that an “Experience Changing Lubricant that will make you enjoy pleasurable moments like never before. A premium all natural coconut oil sexual lubricant.” Although we are not sure what the differences are between this product is and the rest. Although it said on their site you could get a free sample we only saw one that was 99 cents listed.

Personally, I use regular Coconut oil from Amazon which seems to be cheaper than Sprouts or Whole Foods. There are other lubricants on the market that claim to be processed different but it appears to all be coconut oil you can buy on your own. It also works great for massages and oral play. Now you will never think of coconut oil the same.

References: Wolf LK. Studies Raise Questions About Safety Of Personal Lubricants. C&EN 90(50):46-47. 10 December 2012.

Rate your Hook Ups and Friends like they’re Restaurants

mean girls bitchesJust when you thought that the Secret and Mean Girl apps were dying away here comes the next app to rate people you know or have meet.

In a world where you see a new million dollar backed startup launching on a daily basis comes another one that can ruin you or make you look good to others. A ‘Yelp’-style app for rating people similar to rating a restaurant where you can give a review and a star from one to five is a Mean Girl’s dream. The new app called “Peeple” which has already raised $7.6 million in venture capital lets anyone with a Facebook account and cell phone rate another person.

The app has three categories: personal, professional and romantic. Peeple calls itself “a positivity app for positive people,” the idea of the app is already being slammed on social media. Most people are NOT happy about such a thing. Read more »

New Connection for Gay Asylum Seekers

gayimmigrantsDue to oppressive anti-LGBT laws and social cultures in almost 80 countries, the U.S. is a frequent destination for LGBT individuals fleeing persecution. Are you an asylum seekers arriving in the U.S. or abroad?

The problems facing asylum seekers into the U.S. and How we can help:
You may be without any permanent legal status and are not entitled to a free attorney, leaving you to navigate a foreign legal system without a lawyer. Once an asylum application has been submitted, asylum seekers are prohibited from working in the U.S. for 180 days – a process that often takes much longer. As you can imagine, the challenges associated with moving to a new country without the ability to earn an income makes it hard to meet even the basic human necessities of food and shelter. To help LGBT asylum seekers in the we have made this post to see if we can make connections for you so you do not have to fend for yourself.

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Just this year the Supreme Court ensured that all same-sex couples, including binational couples, will have the same rights as everyone else. A big turning point here in the United States and we hope we can match you with the right connection to be apart of this great future.

Fill out the form below and let us know if you are already in the United States or anywhere from Russia to Syria to Iran.

If you are approached by someone seeking asylum because they have been persecuted for their sexual orientation let us talk to them and try to connect them with someone who can help. We are starting a network of people including possible personal connections now that gay marriage is legal here in the U.S. Let us know where they are, who you are or what you think you need for help to get out of living in violence and harassment in your home country.

Why gays can’t fall in love and find our prince charming

lonelygayI know that I am sick of this sadness, loneliness, and the disconnection from others. Aren’t you? What can we do to look at the man in the mirror like Michael Jackson said and make a change? First, we must recognize the problem at hand.

We would rather be socially-accepted than loved.
We spend too much time trying to be in the cool crowd. We are so obsessed with fitting in and being liked that we tend to ignore being loved by another. We’d rather sit at the cool table than hanging out with a man we really like by ourselves. We worry way too much about status doing things like Facebook posts and hoping for likes on our selfies to make us feel better. Also worry way too much about what others say about us.

Social media has killed intimacy
It’s impossible to show our true identities when we’re constantly hiding behind a Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Grindr page. While this medium allows us to connect it has rid us the ability to really get to know each another. Love is chemistry felt in reality not something that can be substituted.

We spend too much time waiting for Prince Charming
The perfect man who will rescue us but forgetting our Prince Charming is also waiting for someone to rescue him. Everyone wants to be rescued with a Disney fairy tale endings. Give some bait and hopefully someone will bite by throwing yourself out there instead of remaining silent. Life is too short.
We think love is supposed to come easy. It is a challenge for most of us.
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Gay Bro Code Revealed (Part I)

I grew up closeted as a cool, straight masculine guys-guy. I played team sports in high school, I joined a frat at a big party college. I’ve spent time with my dad and his close guy friends. At any given time, I could jump back into my past tribes with my fratty, sporty guy groups- not as a closeted, self-denial, person, but as my fully fledged gay persona self. The reason I will always be part of those circles is simple. I understand and adhere to the sacred bro code. It sounds silly, and is absurd and it is offensive, no doubt. Yet there is an unspoken, understood committed list of rules that straight ‘bros’ adhere to.

I rarely see my old frat boys anymore (now it seems I only encounter the newly closeted finds on grindr). All of my close friends are gay.  I witness things get turning ugly when my gay friends are on the same pursuit. I’ve had my closest gay friends try to seduce my own dates out from under me- while on the date- and then adding my dates on facebook and texting them. The craziest thing of all is that they are totally unaware of what they are  doing, and totally oblivious that they have crossed any lines of decency. Instead of getting angry, I realized The Bro Code of honor and respect is missing from gay friends. They are completely clueless. For whatever reasons (ask your therapist or read The Velvet Rage gay boys haven’t learned the standards of male bromanship. Or to be more politically correct, male friendship social courtesy and respect. Read more »

The Gay Bro Code: Duties of Being a Wingman

The Gay Bro Code:
1) Loyalty to your bro at all times above all. If you promise something you must keep the promise.
2) Anytime it is requested that you wingman, you are obligated and required. However, you can only be
asked to do this once a week, unless you owe favors.
3) When playing the role of a wingman you cannot fail. The wingman job is very important. (more on the
all important wingman duties and obligations HERE)
4) It is your duty to prevent ugly or embarrassing tricks. The exception being a totally sober bro
explaining why he is doing it. Then you are off the hook for any responsibility.
5) Keep the family out of it- no hook ups with a bro’s relatives (close straight friends included unless
cleared well in advance). Read more »

It’s Never Too Late To Find Your Own Lesbian Valentine

You may have looked around and watched many loving couples celebrating Valentines Day this year. Were you disgusted that you had to spend this special Holiday by yourself? Do you dread spending another Valentines by yourself? You really ought to considering actually doing something about it! Lesbian online dating is easier and faster than ever, so the odds are if you start looking for someone right now, you’ll have an exciting date with a new potential soulmate in time for your own holiday celebration.

Valentines Day isn’t just about chocolates, flowers and gifts – it has a deeper more intimate meaning for romantic couples who want to express their true love for each other. Having someone special in your life, worthy of that excitement and passionate about giving it back to you as good as they get it from you is what dating should be all about. That’s where experts like Girlfriends Meet editor Julie Kanako can be very helpful with simple tips to turn next Valentines day into a successful holiday.

“What we want everyone to know is that being single isn’t some kind of curse on Valentines Day” said Ms. Kanako “There are millions of single ladies online right now going through exactly the same kinds of apprehension that you might be feeling, and that shared emotional angst may actually be exactly the kind of common ground that a lasting lesbian romance is built upon. The mistake is to let yourself falsely believe you are the last single lesbian lady on Earth tonight, when in fact there are more people looking for love than there are who have found the committed relationship or casual encounter they seek. Keep your chin up, get online and don’t block yourself from having a great time!’

As with any other aspect of internet activity, your online romantic prospects are exactly what YOU make of them. Taking a few minutes to create a completely free lesbian online dating site account and filling in the basic profile information is an excellent investment in your future (for example Valentines day 2014). We all know it doesn’t guarantee you’ll find the love of your life that same day. The possibility does exist at the very least you’ll be positioning yourself for a much more gratifying Holiday schedule in the months or years to come, alongside someone you can date with pride!

Where Do I Go From Here?

There comes a point to our lives where we look around us and think why am I here. I have been to college and earned a degree, been to high school and earned a diploma, lived at both my mom and dads house and somehow lived through that. Meet the former President Bill Clinton and his wife. I have ran a business and been successful after working for large corporations.

The problem is that all that really matters to me right now is my personal life not my money or what people think of me. What I mean by this is where is that love that I always hoped for and dreamed of. What is life if you can’t share it with someone? Why fight for gay marriage if I can’t even find a boyfriend that stays around for more than an hour.
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Happy Gay Valentines Day!

Whether you have a partner, lover, pet, or really just love yourself dearly we hope you enjoy a wonderful Valentines Day but remember that it should be shared everyday not just one day a year. As Ru Paul says it best you have to love yourself before you can love somebody else. That is so true and we wished there were more love in the world. Gay Marriage has became legal now in Washington and we could not be more happier to see this and would like to see it in at least one Southern state before the end of the year. You know the states where you can retire such as Florida or California. Hint Hint. Remember do not take your date to Taco Bell tonight but upgrade to Chipotle. Click below for more fabulous Valentines day e-cards.
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Should I get a restraining order for an ex-bf

As Paris Hilton would say that it is time to TTYN well that does not mean come back and text 5 min later because there is a major difference in TTYN and TTYL. Coming from a Facebook discussion earlier one of the former boyfriends said “This is getting really bad, and I’m actually kinda getting scared. My ex bf is becoming threatening , and threatening other people. He’s already yelled at other guys just for talking to me. and now he’s threatening me. I’m getting scared about him, what do I do?”
A few replies:
1. Or you can be Southernly Sweet with him like, “Honey pot, look here now, you needa quit ackin like you crazy b4 people startin to think you’s crazy and quit threatenenin all my friends now ya here or you gon make me does somethin that ain’t right pretty here in the Eyes of God now. So go on, child. Move on b4 yo ass get a dent in the back of yo head the size of this hear cast iron skillet.”
2. It’s Like Reading A Good Book’ But Doesn’t Look Like It Going To Be A Happy ending’ Eather way ‘ But I Like A good Story line’ Oh Well any how keep a eye on him’ he sound’s like a stalker to me’
Basically he told him he needs to stop, or I he get a restraining order
The best advice was to be calm about things and do not talk down to him. You may also want to keep copies of everything he’s ever sent you or your friends. You can use it as evidence in court. If you ever feel scared like he’s really going to do something just call the police.

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