Amazing Video Of A Male To Female Transition Will Make You Cry

incredible sex tranformationMust watch this video below and yeah you might cry some but it is worth it! The risks of this transformation were social reputation, job security, future well being, health insurance, loss of friends, rejection from family, “people are going to laugh”, “Will I fit in”. It all happened and came out rather incredible. Let us know what you think! Read more »

Scissor Sisters Frontman Does Naked Photos for Book

Currently touring with Lady Gaga on the Monster Ball tour are the fabulous Scissor Sisters. If you notice there is one hot shirtless man on stage who strips down to his thong before he leaves stage and you find yourself asking for more of him later. This would be Jake Shears who is currently also promoting a book.

Pictured is an outtake from photographer Tim Hailand’s One Day in the Life of Jake Shears photo book of Jake naked in the shower! The book which is out now gives fans a glimpse into the private life of the Scissor Sisters frontman. Jake provides his own text for the book, which also includes a special intro by Elton John and afterword by Kylie Minogue. A portion of proceeds of this book will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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Other books in Tim Hailand’s series include One Day in the Life of Rufus Wainwright and One Day in the Life of Daniel Radcliffe. A press release with more info is attached. All can be purchased at

In addition, Jake and Tim will be doing local book signings of One Day in the Life of Jake Shears together in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Info on the signings can be found below and in the attached invites.

We were lucky enough to get a copy of the backside of Jake Shears nude but you will have to get your own copy of the book to see his front side of the frontman. We know you are dying to see his package!

Los Angeles
Sunday, March 27
Bookmarc L.A. – 8407 Melrose Place
4:30pm – 6:00pm

Friday, April 8
Outwrite Bookstore – 991 Piedmont Ave
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Top Lesbian picks for the Ipad

An IPad is a great way to keep up with everything current. It makes reading the news, checking your Facebook and reading the literary greats a breeze. It is also a great way to stay culturally aware. There is such a growing gay community that it is easy to get lost in the world of blogs, news stories and advice columns and while there are some really great writers out that that the gay community can relate to, such as Dan Savage and Dave Sedaris, there are several ‘classics’ that should definitely not be missed either. An IPad makes reading these greats easy and accessible. Below you will find a list of the 10 classic books that every lesbian should download on their IPad.
1. Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown
This 1973 novel really broke ground in the gay and lesbian world. It tells of a lesbian love story and incorporates humor and an “everydyke” quality. It was one of the first novels of its kind to blatantly address lesbianism.
2. Fingersmith by Sarah Walters
This 1980 novel has so many plot twist in this historical fiction you won’t be able to put it down. It has been compared to the writing styles of Charles Dickens only with erotic lesbian sex scenes and a sweat shop pumping out pornographic texts.
3. Patience and Sarah by Isabel Miller
This novel written in 1969 is a historical novel and explores issues like a young women’s first foray into lesbian sex, cross dressing and leaving home to find herself.
4. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café by Fannie Flagg
If you have ever seen the more you probably would have no idea about the lesbian relationship between the 2 main characters of the movie. Reading it, you have no choice but to notice with all the seduction, love making and food fights.
5. Crybaby Butch by Judith Frank
This is a newer novel written 2004 and tells the story of 2 parallel lives of butch women that have crossed each other’s path. The story is beautifully written and the characters are strong and compelling.
6. Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
This story is a little more traditional and is an autobiographical novel. It was the breakout book of its genre and revealed the secretes of the butch culture before it became socially acceptable.
7. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson
This 1981 novel depicts the Biblical analogies and accuses religion, convservative culture and has a way of leaving writers baffled from reading this semi-autobiographical novel.
8. The Color Purple by Alice Walker
This 1982 novel has been required reading for many high schools. It is not directly about lesbianism but rather suggested sexual sparks between Shug and Celie. Walker’s writing style is engaging and thought provoking and after reading this book it is easy to see why it has been so well loved by people of all sexualities and generations.
9. Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
Dorothy Allison is a lesbian writer who has created a memorable character in Bone. The book tells the good, bad and ugly of the deep South and the choices that are made in order to be who they are and also save themselves.
10. Crocodile Soup by Julia Darling
This is a modern novel set in England where Darling gives us a look into the life of Gert, who after mending a broken heart is ready for love again. It has a dark sense of humor and has a cast of oddballs that make it so enjoyable and intriguing.

What to Watch

While many of us will hit some of the major summer theatrical releases, like the new Indiana Jones and Iron Man, what’s coming out in terms of gay and lesbian independent films for summer viewing? Unfortunately, while we don’t often acknowledge it, a fair bit of the films out there that would appeal to the GLBTQ community are just not well written, acted or filmed. Fortunately, there are exceptions that are worth your time and money this summer. One big change expected in marketing gay and lesbian films is a move toward simultaneous release on DVD and theaters. For those of us without a gay friendly indie theater nearby, this means the chance to see movies months before we could have otherwise.

Shelter offers a refreshingly well done look at two surfers falling in love. This gay romance is a coming out movie, but without the gay bar drama, HIV scares and other issues that mark many such films. It’s simply a story of first love, acted and written well. The trailer, and more information on Shelter, can be found at

Faith Akin’s The Edge of Heaven is, at its core, an east-meets-west story; however, the couple at the core of it is a lesbian couple. This multi ethnic couple is not central to the story because of their sexuality, but simply their love story and their struggles over borders and politics.

If you enjoy foreign films, the 2008 release of The Bubble may appeal. This is also a love story marked by political divisiveness. In this Hebrew film directed by Eytan Fox, the bubble of life as one of the hip in Tel Aviv bursts when Noa meets the Palestinian Ashraf and they fall in love.

Zero Chou’s Spider Lilies is another viable option for those looking for a DVD to add to their on-line queues this summer. The Taiwanese Spider Lilies is a drama, with a lesbian love story intertwined into slightly surreal cinematography. While its official release was 2006, it played at this year’s London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

In fact, the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival can be a good source for movie possibilities. View the list of films shown at While many of these are not new releases, perhaps you’ll see a movie or two that you have previously overlooked and find new favorites. For newer releases, see as a possible source of what you might watch on DVD or even in your local indie theater. The LOGO owned and are a consistently good source for information about what’s going on of interest to LGBTQ individuals in the media, including books, television and movies.

Summer Reading List

Looking for a good book this summer? Many people take advantage of warm days and additional time off in the summer to do some reading, or spend some time reading by the pool or on the beach. Whether you’re looking to read one of the top new novels of the year or an old classic, summer is an ideal time to start a new book or even pick up a stack.

If you are looking for a good overall list of recommended gay and lesbian literature, take a look at for a fairly comprehensive list. You might also check out for reviews of books with lesbian themes, and for books with gay themes. You might also review past winners of the Stonewall Book Award. While not specifically gay and lesbian oriented, many avid readers have happily taken on the challenge presented in Peter Boxall’s 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. Either of these can be a good start, particularly if you prefer your summer reading on the heavier side of things.

Some of the best possibilities for summer reading are not specifically queer themed, but are great new novels on the market. You should be able to find these in your local bookshop without difficulty, and enjoy them whether you are at home or traveling this summer. These range from novels of serial killers to young adult fantasy, from vampire stories to travel writing.

Tom Rob Smith’s Child 44 is a story of a serial killer in Stalinist Russia, and is receiving broad accolades, both from the literary community and readers as a whole. If you are of a more romantic bent, Salman Rushdie’s new Enchantress of Florence brings to life the world of renaissance Italy. Since some of us admittedly enjoy our summer reading on the lighter side, Stephenie Meyer’s new novel in the Twilight series, The Host is receiving good reviews. Christopher Paolini’s new addition to the Eragon trilogy is also due out for an early summer release.

What am I reading this summer? I suspect I’ll reread the classic Rubyfruit Jungle, and read for the first time John Barrowman’s autobiography Anything Goes, Jennifer Harris’ Pink, and Sarah Schulman’s The Child. I’d like to squeeze in Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch and finally, with some guilt that I haven’t read them before, take on Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City. I have no doubt I’ll sneak a few other books in under the wire as well while I retreat to the comfort of air conditioning on hot summer days.

NYT Article on Marriage Rights with a Young Couple

This article was just fascinating. It features two young gay men aged 25, who recently were married in Boston. Joshua and Benjamin are husbands. That was fun to type… husbands not just hugsbands they would be if they were only allowed Civil Marriage.

The New York Times did an elaborate piece on the young couple. It also talked about how MTV did a show on a set of male and female couples from Massachusetts. Good Stuff. Read more about it here.

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When most of us just paid our high tax bills we looked around and wondered if we get anything out of our payments to the government. Gay Marriage is a start to getting the benefits in life we deserve and the love that the straights can cherish.

Gay Writers Needed

If you are over 18 and have excellent writing skills and enjoy to write or blog we would love to hear from you. We are looking for a GLBT perspective on current events, politics, health, fashion, dating, and money. We are looking for more than just a typical blogger but someone who can write great newsworthy articles with a little research involved (all writings will be at least 250 words).

If you have a passion for writing and getting your voice heard then send us an email via the contact form. Send us your contact information and if you have any online (or print) articles or blogs be sure to include those. Also, please send amount you are looking to be paid per post or article.

Note: You must be a legal resident of the US, UK, or Canada.

My Review of Best Lesbian Erotica 2007

It’s up at Pulp Magazine’s site.

I’m working on a submission for Best Lesbian Erotica 2008. I’m currently at 1600 words.

Beyond Masculinity

A call for submissions via

    Deadline extended until May 31st!
    Gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer men’s gender identities often exist somewhere outside the traditional categories of “masculine” and “feminine.” Sissies, drag queens, and leather daddies alike play with gender in a way that cannot be accounted for in traditional understandings of maleness. This collection — part blog, part anthology, part audiobook — aims to shatter traditional understandings of maleness and point towards a new understanding of how queerness and gender intersect.
    BEYOND MASCULINITY is looking for contributions in four key areas. Contributors should not feel bound by these categories – they should rather be seen as potential prompts:
  • Identity Intersections: How do race, ability, class, and other kinds of identities and experiences intersect with gender and queerness — and how do these intersections complicate our relationship to traditional understandings of “maleness?”
  • Feminism, Gender, and Politics: How can feminism inform our understanding of queer male gender? Can queer men be feminists? How can we use our queerness as a political tool? What does male privilege look like for queer men?
  • Bodies, Desire, and Pleasure: What kinds of male bodies are desired? Fetishized? Where does sexual desire intersect with queer gender and how are these politics mapped out on our bodies?
  • Queer Male Communities: How are our identities produced through our communities? How do the gender norms and politics of gay/bi/trans/queer male communities both liberate and constrain us?
    We’re looking for queer male writers to step up and contribute their thoughts to this online project. This is not your typical bookstore anthology. It will be only available online – and it will be completely free of charge to the public. With its unique implementation of media, this anthology aims to change the way queer non-fiction is done.

I love what this anthology is about. And I love the idea of making audio recordings of contributors reading their essays available even more. So much so that audio recordings of Femmethology contributors reading their pieces may appear in the future!

RKB Is Looking for “Straight” Women Who Have Slept With Women to Interview

So if you’re a “straight” woman who is reading this queer blog and sleeping with other women you can find out what Rachel wants to talk about here. And don’t worry, you can be anonymous; there’s no danger of losing your “straightness.”

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