Blog & Web Developers, Designers Needed

We need your help with our family of websites and blogs if you have experience in WordPress and the database backend.  Someone who can do designing and programming would be a plus.  We are basically just trying to find a gay-friendly person or company to work with as an independent contractor for design and development of our sites/blogs.

We are looking for someone with at least 3 years of experience web design with WordPress, PHP, CSS, MySQL, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Flash, Adobe/Macromedia products. Although, If you are just knowledgeable in WordPress and databases we still may be able to use you.

We are looking to clean up our database that has totally been trashed on WordPress, get rid of other messy WordPress and add-on glitches, and add some design work.  We also have an .asp site that has design problems that need to be worked on.

Send us an email to this contact us or email us with any sites you have worked on before and your speciality.

Gay Search Engine

I noticed recently that many of us are without a gay search engine that represents our niche. I searched online on the mainstream engine and found a few that just bring up link sites or redirects. You even have to look through several pages of content to even find a search box on most gay sites we visited.

We would like to point out some things a gay search should contain. First, it should include the authority gay sites such as and It should also feature news such as Planet Out, Instinct, and Genre provide.

Secondly, the gay search engine should give us the take on the blog world such as this blog and celebrity gossip sites such as Jason Curious and Perez Hilton. Video search should be a good thing to include in this because we all love to watch videos on YouTube and Comedy Central.

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Finally, a gay search site built that is the ultimate source of news, personals, opinion, and even porn searches. We noticed there are lots of gays searching for roommates, clubs/nightlife scene, and certainly for things like gay realtors and services that can make our life easier in the GLBT community. We are not always searching for celebrity news and gay sex but there are many things to be contained in such a customized search.

We will give this search engine a try and include some sites we feel contain lots of good information. There is no guarantee that it is the best and we promise to add sites daily. Let’s just say it is in Beta mode right now until we get to research all the gay related sites to include in this search module. Stay tuned for more on this.

Daily Dose of Queer will Continue

Hi, I would like to introduce myself as one of the new bloggers for this site.  I am excited to bring another voice to the gay and lesbian community.  I hope to blog about gay rights, pride events, and things that matter the most in our lives like gay marriage.  Maybe even a few sinful delights…  Keeping our gay families strong is definately one of my main goals.  Look for lots of fun new posts coming soon…

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