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We thought some of the drama may have died off in 2017, but apparently it lives on to haunt us in 2018.

It all started over the past weekend when a member of the private GG20 Facebook group shared an image. He felt was appropriate and more g-rated than the ones that were shared by members who were caucasian. The image was taken down after being reported apparently and the member then went on to accuse the admin of being racist for the way he responded. This was an admin who had been working hours upon hours of free labor to make sure the group would survive for many years on Facebook.

We’re not taking sides here and we want everyone to draw their own conclusion. We have several friends who are members of the group and have seen various ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds make posts the last few years.

The group actually started out as a promotional tool from someone who worked for Boiparty at the time. They were basically rounding up the twinks to make it out to the clubs in NYC. He must have spent countless hours adding twinks to the group because about every hot guy on my Facebook is in the group. A few years ago I would see it come on the feed where this person added them as a friend and that probably meant they were added to the group as well. He’s one hell of a marketer. This is his response to the situation:

A Message From The Creator:

First, I want to apologize on behalf of myself and all of your GG20 admins.

To anyone who has felt today, this week, or EVER like you do not belong in this group, or that your life experiences and challenges were grounds for mockery or triviality.

This is not the case. And I want to again apologize.

Next: Actions taken:

Mikey is no longer a GG20 admin. He has also been removed from this group permanently.

Also: this week we will be looking for 5 POC nominations to become admins of GG20.

Now: A deeper apology, and perhaps, some matter of explanation.

GG20 began almost a decade ago as an experiment. I created this group as a means to help me promote gay nightlife parties. It blew up almost immediately, and became something far different from a promotional tool.

At almost 13,000 members, GG20 has become a massive Facebook community.

And, I’ll be honest. Many of you may not even know who I am. That’s on me: my life took me out of gay nightlife, and, additionally, out of GG20. I’ve been absent.

I’ll also admit that, at many times, I’ve considered just hitting the “Delete Group” button, and sending you all back scattered to the wind.

Why? Because this group has often brought people pain. Whether you’re not hot enough to get hundreds of likes on Topless Tuesday. Or in a torrential comment thread of a controversial post about any matter of topics, that me and the admins were not able to get to in time to stop the bloodshed.

But I never did delete this group. Why? Because it’s seemed to do good, too. People have found friends here. Boyfriends. Husbands. They’ve found jobs. Apartments. Purpose.

People in the military get to see what’s happening back home. People alone and lonely in the sparsest corners of America or other countries get to make long-distance friends and not feel so alone.

But GG20 did begin as a group of a few hundred people I knew in nightlife. And those people were primarily white. And those people added their friends and on and on and on. And so here we are with a massive group of gay men, of which a smaller percentage is diverse, POC, and different-gendered.

The racial issues with GG20 are at its very roots. I’m not throwing up my hands and saying nothing can be done. Quite the contrary, I am proud to say that the admins entrusted with this group DO want to help. They are empathetic individuals. They care. They want to make GG20 better.

But we need your help, everyone.

Tell us how to make GG20 better. If you feel outsidered here, we want to hear about it. We are listening.

Again, on behalf of myself and the admin team, we are deeply sorry for what occurred today, and what has apparently occurred beneath the surface for some time.

I may not be around much these days, but I do trust the admins on the team that we have to run this group and help to improve it.

GG20 should be a place where everyone feels welcome to be themselves. A place that makes our days better, more fun, and more interesting. A place to learn and meet and play.

Thanks for helping us to make it so in the coming days, months, and years.


Some of the members of the group are agreeing that the admin should’ve been simply banned from the group. Some are showing signs of mob mentality where everyone bullies on one person. We also noticed ones that spoke out against him being deleted from the group were deleted themself.

A member named Kevin stated:

This post and the actions taken are disgusting, pandering, and extremely hypocritical. The echo chamber of lies that has become this group is both embarrassing and sad.

Firstly to everyone who reacted to this post and commented, shame on you the biggest. Here we all have the opportunity to get on our high horses and pontificate about how POC in the community are torn down and discriminated against, which is absolutely true, but if every post by POC were met with this much interest or fervor we wouldn’t have be having this discussion. As you sit behind your high walls and computer screens you say one thing but act the other. I am sure half of the almost 250 people who have liked this and most of the commenters have never even picked up a phone to their representatives to government, stood in protest, or have done anything even remotely useful for the POC community.

Secondly, you remove an admin who has put countless hours, years, and efforts to make this group what it has become. He helped out with everything, including keeping the community vibrant and engaged, even after the creator of this group ran away from it. But he can come back whenever he wants, get on his high horse, and justify shitty decisions on the backs of POC, despite having no intentions of helping with the actual issue. Mikey gave you the only answer anyone could: We can’t do anything about it. And they can’t. People are going to push “Like” on whatever they want or don’t want. No amount of pandering or ass kissing is going to change that. So unless, like in the previous paragraph, all of the 250 reactors here actually take the time to pander to things POC people post despite whether they actually like it or not, sorry…nothing is going to change.

We then oust an admin so we can “choose a POC admin”. We have POC admin already and I can guarantee that none of the admin that have ever been selected have been selected because of their skin color. So I have to say congratulations to whatever “Chosen POC” gets to be the new admin and I hope you feel like the token POC admin because get what, you are. You are literally only admin because of your skin color and if you are ok with that then you are just as awful as the people you say oppress you.

You’re all sad hypocrites and this community is just full of a bunch of fake pleasers. Disgusting.

The tea was pouring and it got ugly.

Somehow this guy is still in the group that posted this below. I guess it’s ok to call white twinks self righteous. As if all gays do not get bullied enough in life: 

Finally, one member of the GG20 group stood up and wanted to bring unity.

The issue doesn’t just stem in this group. As a minority community, homosexuals feel the need to further classify within their own social structure. You can’t just be gay, you have to be a twink, twunk, otter, chubby chaser, bear, jock, gym bunny, etc. Part of coming out is finding out which group you fall into.

Within those subgroups we exclude many people who don’t fit into that niche and also say we are only attracted to said sub group.

I come from a place where you love all. My mom taught me that. And although I make mistakes and I’m not perfect I see everyone as deserving of compassion, love and inclusion. As far as said admin, wish you the best of luck and that you find happiness.

Sometimes the vermin make their way into the group and try to pollute or minds with hate and bigotry. I’m glad there is one less person to create a tone of hate or division. We are all here together, let’s have some fun and love and be kind! We can use this to change the world by including everyone and being kind. Respect each other and talk to each other like you would and old friend. Cheers! – Michael.

Kind of ironic though because the subgroup is for Gorgeous gays under 30 being ageist and giving the thought that the group is for hot guys only. Maybe they should change the name of the group?

We also have the problem of the gays not including trans.

Not to take away from the poc but you should also get a trans or nonbinary admin because there’s been quite a bit of transphobic stuff to. Making me feel unwelcome as someone who identities as agender. But this is the positivity I love waking up to. – Connor

There were some thank you messages to Justin for posting the update such as this one:

I’m glad this point has been finally been brought up. This group has really become so preserved that only certain type of guys qualify for which makes it diverse but in the wrong ways due to “the oh you can’t sit with us” type of treatment for outsiders who have tried being more sociable and fitting. That’s the reason of why I backed away and stopped trying to associate. And I only speak for myself and what I see going on in this group – Kevin

We’re all aware there’s racism out there but we really need to pick our battles. Life is hard and short and we really need to start showing more love for one another. We also need to decide where we draw the line of accusing people of being racist to where it comes to bullying or shaming someone for being white. I voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election but also was heartbroken when she called people Deplorables making generalizations. It was taken out of context but so are so many other things these days. Telling people they are privileged over and over especially when they are involved in the gay community is a bit absurd. It’s time we starting thinking hard about the battles we pick and spend more time on the positive things and unifying especially with the midterms coming up.

What are the rules of GG20?

This is a private, invite-only VIP group for gay guys in their 20s and 30s from around the world to meet, date, network, chat, and have a good time.

GG20 was created by “The Creator” Justin Luke.

A good GG20 shares their awesome friends! We ask that you consider adding some of your hot friends to the group using the box on the top right.

GG20 is a LOT more fun when you’re interactive! Post questions, videos, photos, etc. It may seem nerve wracking, but EVERYONE in GG20 is friendly and looking to meet new people. Speak up, post a cute pic, and watch the friend requests come pouring in!

Anyone who is mean, judgmental, insulting, or spam-y will be permanently banned.

-Pictures cannot show genitals, excessive pubic hair, erections, exposed butt crack, or outlines of the penis. Please refrain from posting photos of arousal or sexual acts, or those without as much coverage as a full pair of underwear (I.e. No draped towels, solo emojis, etc). Use our group tumblr for those at xxxgg20.tumblr.

-The admins have the right to remove any photo or post we feel violates guidelines & ask for your cooperation as some cases will be more subjective than others.

-We don’t allow screenshots of hookup apps such as Grindr/Jackd/Scruff/etc

-Please don’t use derogatory slurs.

-We do not allow the solicitation of money or donations for personal gain. Any requests for fundraising of non-for-profit or to sell a product must seek admin approval first.

-All Facebook rules apply in this group, which include restrictions on posting illegal activities, including but not limited to under-aged drinking, drug use, and explicit photos of minors.

-If you have ANY questions about any of the rules, whether it is ok to post a picture/post, or any questions regarding violations, please contact an admin directly. Do not repost something or publicly complain about your post that was removed in violation.

Any violation of these rules will have the post removed & the member warned or possibly removed from the group. We do this to align ourselves with the rules of Facebook, so we ask for your cooperation!

Admins have the right to request verification of identity or age at any time in order avoid fake profiles/catfishing. Verification pictures will be used solely for identification purposes by admins and will not be shared with anyone outside the admin team.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy yourselves and the community!