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I do not understand how the meth addicts have to ruin a perfectly good word of “party”. They are also ruining another good word “Play”. It took me a long time to figure out what PNP meant in chat rooms and at the club but now I know it means Party and Play which means to have sex while under the influence of ice or crystal. I am not here to lecture about gays having sex or converting to Buddha but I am sick of everything meth.

Meth is ruining lives in the gay community and we need to focus our efforts on getting rid of it.The main thing we can do is reach out and try to help our friends that are on ice, crystal, or Tina. One problem is that the media sensationalizes most drugs treating Meth as an equal.

Tina and other methamphetamine type drugs could also be hurting the club scene. These people sit at home and never make it out to the clubs. They constantly smoke on the ice pipes and think they are doing something productive when in reality they have accomplished nothing but the start of a deep cycle to ruin their lives.

When I first moved to a major city I meet some of the coolest people in which I developed a close friendship with. A few of these people I watched fall hard by retrying some Tina. They thought they could just try it a few times to give them energy to enjoy late night afterparties that followed long hours of dancing. They soon used the drug to help them make it to work and even gave them more confidence than ever before. They did not want to lose that confidence so they kept buying more and more to help them with work and with the nightlife. One person told me it gave them the confidence to get promoted at work.

In a few days or weeks every one of these people who had ever tried this messy substance were up days and days without any sleep. This lead to hallucinations and their minds turning them into someone they are not. They stole from me and everyone they could, lied, cheated on their boyfriends, and even lost their jobs. They developed an extreme confidence and thought they could not do any wrong. The only thing that could help them was getting into trouble or rehab and most of the time that does not even stop this addiction.

I believe in the legalization of marijuana among the legalization of other drugs that do not show proven harm but meth is the worst and most evil thing I have ever witnessed. Yes, it is the most evil being out there to take the soul of someone and change it into something they cannot get away from.

The comedown is supposed to be days of depression and the worst come down of any hangover or day after ecstasy pill.I have heard it is 30 times worse than those combined.

How do we stop meth in our community? We can look for signs of meth use and reach out or maybe get more groups setup to counsel people struggling with this disease. I have never done this myself but have been around people on it and am just amazed how horrible it is and what it can do to so many lives. I would like to see the word party changed to its original meaning again!

As with any drug meth triggers the release of the pleasure chemical dopamine, resulting in an energized, euphoric feeling. The problem with meth is that it releases 12 times as much dopamine as you get from other pleasurable activities like eating or sex, which means the resulting rush is unlike anything the user has ever experienced. Although, Once the drug wears off the user experiences an equally intense comedown and depression. This leads people to buy more Tina and to feel great again thus beginning a very addictive cycle. As the cycle goes on the drug raises a person’s body temperature to dangerous levels and makes people extremely paranoid with their moods erratic and their behavior unpredictable to the point that they can become a danger to themselves and others. There are companies that are working to come out with treatments such as Meth Treatment and the legalization of medical marijuana is helping users get off meth with combined THC and CBD Oil.