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naturalcoconutoillubewineIf you have not tried Coconut oil for sexy time you may just want to pass up on the regular lube and give it a try. A new lube on the market claims that “changing Lubricant will make you enjoy pleasurable moments like never before” from A premium all natural coconut oil sexual lubricant.

coconut oil lubeWhile Nua Di Cocco does not list the ingredients besides coconut oil on their site they make lots of health claims including one that researchers find that the same chemicals that cause “slipperiness” in most water based personal lubricants, can also put your health in danger. Lab research has shown that specific chemicals found in some water based lubricants can damage the delicate tissue lining the vagina and rectum, with the potential increasing the risk of sexually-transmitted infectious diseases (STIs) ranging from HIV to Chlamydia.

Imagine a lube that helps prevent STD’s and pleasures your body at the same time. There are also other related uses for Coconut oil as it’s extremely effective treating vaginal dryness. It allows for moisture to stay where you need it to, for as long as you need it to as well. Another great thing is that there’s no negative side effects to using it, as it’s a completely natural substance. Nobody should let their vaginal dryness slow down their sex life, or stop it completely.

The lube product goes on to say that an “Experience Changing Lubricant that will make you enjoy pleasurable moments like never before. A premium all natural coconut oil sexual lubricant.” Although we are not sure what the differences are between this product is and the rest. Although it said on their site you could get a free sample we only saw one that was 99 cents listed.

Personally, I use regular Coconut oil from Amazon which seems to be cheaper than Sprouts or Whole Foods. There are other lubricants on the market that claim to be processed different but it appears to all be coconut oil you can buy on your own. It also works great for massages and oral play. Now you will never think of coconut oil the same.

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