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madonnarollseyesYou know the uptight gays and lesbians who are sitting at their computers watching Buzzfeed are so offended they will never buy another Madonna concert ticket again. She has went too far this time Madonna has crossed the line saying the outrageous word of gay. Does anyone not remember that Madonna is basically bi herself. She is basically a part of the gay community and she can freely say the word as she wants. If anyone has a problem with that then you obviously do not know what she has done for our community and I guarantee you would not have half the freedoms you do now if it weren’t for Madonna helping bring about the gay culture across the WORLD. Her tours have helped open minds and free gays and lesbians worldwide and saved many lives.

madonnaeyerollThe controversy started when she answered several questions with cards on Buzzfeed where she responded Gay when asked about her thoughts about Putin and Kale. The reference to Putin was hilarious because Jon Stewart and others such as Bill Maher have all said hes about as gay as Lindsey Graham even though they both seem to hate gays.

What would have been offensive is if she would have said the word “Fa-“. I even hate typing the “F” word. Its an abusive name that many of us were called by our parents. The word queer also offended me as a kid but then I have grown to like it as it seems more lesbians prefer queer over gay. We also use the word Queer in this blog. Mainly a lesbian ran blog.

It seems that everything Madonna says gets someone offended. It makes you wonder why anyone could be offended by her saying the word gay or writing it down and take it out of context. We know she has more love for our community than anyone. She has been there helping us through our childhoods through the hate and helping us grow and learn with her. She has her haters and we have ours. We know it is mostly the Huffington Post and the gay media trying to make a big stink out of nothing. We stand by Madonna and she can say the words Gay and Queer all she wants. All Hail the Queen!!