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incredible sex tranformationMust watch this video below and yeah you might cry some but it is worth it! The risks of this transformation were social reputation, job security, future well being, health insurance, loss of friends, rejection from family, “people are going to laugh”, “Will I fit in”. It all happened and came out rather incredible. Let us know what you think!

Transitioning stories always punch my heart a little. Maybe it’s seeing the emotional, physical, and social struggles that my own trans friends have dealt with. Maybe it’s a sense of empathy for anyone who goes through a time sad, marginalized, doubted, distanced, abused, ridiculed, and generally discredited as a human. Maybe I just get fucking pumped when I see people being brave enough to do shit that they know will be hard. I really do think it takes an extraordinary person to do that; I believe most people would choose being dissatisfied and unfulfilled when being otherwise required such great risk and vulnerability and strength. But mostly, I think it’s that painfully re-latable desire to self-actualize, to figure out who you are, and the awareness that there are few things more difficult to endure than living a life that is forced in some fundamental way, or having to exist in a way that feels unnatural and uncomfortable and disingenuous to who you really are. So videos like this one – where you can starkly see how a person can hide who they really are, what that means, how. TC Mark

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