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Exodus International, after 37 years of screwing with Gay and Lesbian people’s heads and trying to make them straight IS CLOSING and is going to work with churches to be more accepting. The group also apologized for all of the damage they have done and the lives they have ruined. I had to look over the post several times before I realized it was real and not some type of Onion story.

Don’t be too sure of this excitement though. We must still give money to Lambda Legal, GLAAD, and the HRC to help combat these religious rights that try and take away our rights. The Exodus website reads that they are shutting down but at the same time say “Local affiliated ministries, which have always been autonomous, will continue, but not under the name or umbrella of Exodus.”

There are still those deliverance ministries that Exodus developed like the Restored Network that are in OKC this week who have come for a Pentecostal revival to to cast demons out of as many OKC LGBT as they can. Exodus is like spiritual nazism and physical nazism there is no excuse. Floyd, when I was coming out while in Seminary I was told it would be better to commit suicide then to be Gay. I know of a group where the Evangelical Deliverance had as high as a 50% suicide rate after a year. Evergreen ministries in Utah left Exodus and uses electro shock therapy at BYU to help homosexual Mormons.

– I saw this posted on Facebook earlier and it is a scary thought but this is a great sign of the change that is happening to see this major hate group go under.

This could turn out to be one of the best pride months ever if things keep going our way. What we found out just now has shocked us and made us feel a sense of pride like no other. Especially since I was told to goto a “Chance to Change” place that my father sent me to although it ended up turning badly against him because he thought it was a place to change me.