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Will we be seeing NFL Players with erections on National TV in coming months or have we already seen them and just not thought it was our imagination? Today Yahoo! Sports News reported that NFL Players may be taking Viagra on the field. The Chicago Bears’ Brandon Marshall says some NFL players use Viagra to give them “stamina” on the field when asked if they are taking pills such as adderall.

Perhaps he was joking but when you think about it… Athletes may find that it assists in blood flow, which helps in getting oxygen around the body faster and aids in endurance. Viagra has been used in cycling as riders try to gain every possible edge. Judging from Lance Armstrong’s accusations and other cyclists findings they may have tried it as well.

Now we all know during the Summer Olympics of one of the most viral photos was a bronze medalist that was looking rather happy in his pants after the win. Henrik Rummel denies having an erection during the Olympic medal ceremony but now that we know Viagra may be involved in endurance maybe he really was.

Speaking of the NFL if you are a fan make sure you pick up this card for a $100 bonus. A hard piece of plastic that you can even put your Rx purchases of Viagra on…

Please continue with the Viagra we are loving the erections. This may turn me into a full time sports fan! Who needs porn when we have stuff like this to watch. College Wrestling anyone?