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Here are some more photos released of Justin Bieber shirtless. Do you think he will someday be the King of Pop such as a Michael Jackson? Some are putting his photo next to the Queen of Pop Madonna to compare. Yeah we just wanted to make a silly post about all of the wacky Justin Bieber photos out there and here it is..

And how about some more shirtless photos of Justin Bieber:
Care for a Justin Bieber blow up doll?

Does he look like Jane Fonda?

or is he a beaver or like beavs?

Is Justin Bieber Gay?

What about the Biebs Flaunt photo with the blue ball in his mouth like he is doing S&M as the submissive boy:

Gay Boy that looks like Justin Bieber:

But we will end it with a “real” photo of Justin Bieber shirtless-