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This may well be one of the reasons I felt gay or an attraction towards guys for the first time. I watched Blue Lagoon over and over again when I was younger because I could not keep from checking out Christopher Atkins or aka the hot guy in the movie. I would pause the TV when it played and that VHS tape got quite the workout. Lifetime is bringing back the steamy romance of two teens this coming Saturday, June 16. They have their own version of a remake of the movie ‘Blue Lagoon: The Awakening‘. The film stars the incredibly sexy Brenton Thwaites as the leading man, and Indiana Evans as the leading lady. Denise Richards will be playing her mother. Christopher Atkins the hottie who played the lead in the 1980 version of the film will also be making a cameo. What could be a better romance than being stranded on a deserted island needing each others love for survival. The twist on this story is they are on a wild boat party when the girl falls off for the romeo to save her. See the trailer to Blue Lagoon Below-