San Francisco Boy Missing

UPDATE: Good news. Evan has been found safe!
If you live in the San Francisco Bay area please be on the lookout for a boy named Evan. He was last seen going to meet a stranger according to his mom and has not returned since 6/19. His mother has posted a photo of Evan on Facebook saying that his phone is ringing today after it has been dead for a few days.

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Evan Flanary, 22, 6ft 1, 160 lbs, blonde/blue wearing blue jeans and gray hoody. Last seen on foot in the mission district in San Francisco on June 19 2012 meeting a stranger from a social phone app contact possibly GRINDR. His mother continues saying it is not like him to disappear. If you know where he could be or have spotted him please contact his mother Deborah Berlingeri or the San Francisco Police Department. They have also set up a website in hopes of finding the 22 yr-old
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Jake Gyllenhaal Gay Cowboy Before it was Cool Shirt

JUst yet another reason to love Jake Gyllenhaal. He was our hero when he made Brokeback Moutain with Heath Ledger and looked like he had some fun being the bottom boy in that movie. We just love this shirt. He was a gay cowboy before it was cool… yes indeed.

Justin Bieber Gone Wild Photo Gallery

Here are some more photos released of Justin Bieber shirtless. Do you think he will someday be the King of Pop such as a Michael Jackson? Some are putting his photo next to the Queen of Pop Madonna to compare. Yeah we just wanted to make a silly post about all of the wacky Justin Bieber photos out there and here it is.. Read more »

Rising star of the New Dallas Series: Josh Henderson

If anyone was fortunate enough to see the premier of the new TNT Dallas show you may have caught one of the hottest actors on TV these days. Josh Henderson is the stud of the year we would say. You can see his shirtless photos here. Read more »

Romantic Blue Lagoon returns with ‘The Awakening’

This may well be one of the reasons I felt gay or an attraction towards guys for the first time. I watched Blue Lagoon over and over again when I was younger because I could not keep from checking out Christopher Atkins or aka the hot guy in the movie. I would pause the TV when it played and that VHS tape got quite the workout. Lifetime is bringing back the steamy romance of two teens this coming Saturday, June 16. They have their own version of a remake of the movie ‘Blue Lagoon: The Awakening‘. The film stars the incredibly sexy Brenton Thwaites as the leading man, and Indiana Evans as the leading lady. Denise Richards will be playing her mother. Christopher Atkins the hottie who played the lead in the 1980 version of the film will also be making a cameo. What could be a better romance than being stranded on a deserted island needing each others love for survival. The twist on this story is they are on a wild boat party when the girl falls off for the romeo to save her. See the trailer to Blue Lagoon Below-
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How To Destroy An Extremist Christian Bigot

I would like to clarify for the record, before I even begin, that I know with the fullness of my heart that there are millions of very normal, moral, kind and loving Christian people in the world. It should always be remembered that there are different types of religious people. Most are nice, some are bat-shit crazy. The contents of this post is only intended to destroy the bat-shit crazy bigot who would love to destroy you.

As with all sources of immense destructive power, the below statements should be used carefully, with considerable thought and moderation. If you are sure that the religious person deserves it, fire away with all lasers until you have them whimpering on the floor.

Of course, feel free to bookmark this post and return to it for charging of said lasers when you see a comment, post or other anonymous internet rambling from someone trying to be Fred Phelps or Pastor Curtis Knapp of New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas – who recently proposed that the US government begin the genocide of all LGBT people. I kid you not, a so-called “Christian” said that.

So, lets begin…

First of all, I will clarify that the following ideals are taken from the same religious texts that the right-wing use to bash gay people. It’s very convenient that those people can selectively choose the demands and statements made in their holy texts. Basically, as long as it facilitates their inherent bigotry and hatred, they’ll use it, but if it’s inconvenient for them, it should be disregarded. They believe that the following should be disregarded while they continue to cling to their hatred of gay people.

Exodus 21:7 sanctions the slavery of women. This allows you to ask the right-wing crazy how much they would sell their daughter or wife for, or if they believe that they should be able to sell their wife or daughter to another man – you know, those gay pay-site memberships can mount up, they need to get the money for their porn fix from somewhere! Read more »

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