Prince Harry has a big bulge

Looks like Prince Harry has a bigger bulge than usual in this pic. Who would have known that Royalty had such a showing down under?

Magic Mike guys release their shirts

Entertainment Weekly has released an image of their new cover… the cast of MAGIC MIKE! In addition, The Advocate chatted with Matthew McConaughey about his revealing role in the film. Read the full Q&A on Warner Bros. Pictures will release MAGIC MIKE in theaters nationwide on June 29th, 2012. If you have a tumblr account what a fun thing to post. The moving gif image of Channing Tatut teasing us with his chest. See the trailer below… Read more »

Justin Bieber shows off his armpits in new photo shoot

Justin Bieber Shirtless photo shoot with Viddy is actually comparable to that Rolling Stones shoot where we got to see Justin Timberlake bare his twinkish body for a magazine cover. We are liking these pics of Justin Bieber showing off his armpits. Anyone with an armpit fetish will love this male celeb photo shoot. There are a lot of us out there that share that locker room fantasy or think its hot to see a guys armpits. We know you loved it when Jesse McCartney had his foot fetish video… Read more »

GAP wants it’s gays back

It looks like GAP is looking to recapture the gayness it once had by taking a note from JCPenney’s advertising playbook.  A GAP billboard with two guys was spotted in NY this week.  The new ad tells us to be one and be bright and shows the young and cute gay couple together.  It may be harder than ever for brands such as GAP and JCPenney to grow with H&M and so many niche brands expanding.  GAP has always been great to the LGBT community!

Mr. T Lookalike Taunts Gay Rights Opponents in Snarky New FCKH8 Video

The “It Doesn’t Get Better” campaign was described by Dan Savage as, “FCKIN’ GENIUS,” and highly successful. This campaign is making another come back with the gay activist T-shirt website The new Internet comedy video, called “Gay Marriage: What’s The Big FCKIN’ Deal?” is the latest where the short-tempered Mr. T lookalike hilariously blasts homophobes who continue to make a big deal out of the sanctity of marriage. This sort of reminds me of the Old Navy meets American Apparel meets gay activist. The new video going viral on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, and the group pledges 10¢ for each Facebook “Share” & tweet up to $10K as part of its fundraising effort with proceeds donated to This is a project giving thousands of free “OK4U2BGAY” T-shirts to teens to fight bullies in schools.

“What’s The Big FCKIN’ Deal?” gets straight to the point, asking homophobes and ballot box bullies the simple question, “Some dudes like the pole, some chicks like the hole… what’s the big FCKIN’ deal?!”

Gay Activist Dog

We just could not resist placing this gay activist dog in the post.

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The Pastor and members of the Berean Baptist Church for child abuse?

Pastor Sean Harris of the Berean Baptist Church advised parents in a sermon to punch their sons if they seem “girlish” and “crack” their son’s wrists if they seem “limp”. He also said the same of daughters that seemed too butch. He has issued a non-apology for the video of his sermon or a retraction. The church is trying it’s best to deal with the PR damage from this now that it will forever be known as a hateful bigot church. This is yet another reason why we need churches to pay taxes. According to the applause from the Berean Baptist Church congregation you can tell they are mostly for beating any children that may not be “normal” as they perceive it. If they see a little monster in their home they may beat it. Child services be aware of the members of the Berean Baptist Church. I guess we can put another Baptist church in the category as Westboro. I think the Baptist community needs to stand up and say something or they all look like child beaters and bigots. This is clearly child abuse.

Box Mods

One Facebook comment included “I realize this is going to be a lil hypocritical. But seriously, someone should crack his wrist. Jesus is just so proud of his followers.” Another Facebooker said “Disgusting! I don’t have/do a limp wrist you homophobic, stereotypical bigot.”
See the video and transcript below: Read more »

Christopher Eason speaks out about beating Christina Aguilera

Christopher Eason recently may be getting yet another 15 or hopefully more minutes of fame. He recently got confirmation from the producers of E! ENTERTAINMENT that they will be doing a story based upon him and his career leading up to beating Christina Aguilera. The name of the show will be called “The Voice That Beat The Voice” on E! Entertainment “True Hollywood Story”. He is also featured in a two-page spread inside the National Enquirer this week. Read more »

Chris Evans has a hot gay brother!

Chris Evans the hunk of an actor we all know from Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers is seen in this photo. This is the Chris Evans not to be confused with the British DJ with the same name. Although the other hunk in the photo next to his is his gay brother who was recently featured in Instinct magazine. Not only is his brother gay but he came out himself in support of Gay Marriage recently in Playboy magazine. Also, make sure you check out Adam Lambert in the May edition of Instinct magazine.

Mark Wahlberg on his new movie set wearing an apron freely

Do you think Mark Wahlberg is free ballin’ underneath this cooking apron? Shall we assume Marky Mark is not wearing his CK Briefs during the filming of his new movie? The 40-year-old actor was spotted with just a cooking apron and a pair of combat boots as he walked around the Pain and Gain set. Pain and Gain is a new movie the shirtless stud is working on directed by Michael Bay. Read more »

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