One Million Moms On The Attack – Again

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Don’t you just love a good rumble?

Although, I have to confess that I was really considering not adding this post about One Million Moms at all, it feels somehow wrong to even recognize their existence, as if I’m somehow validating their right to be… well… a group of hate-filled religious extremists, I guess!

Yes, the American Family Associations nastiest splinter group is back in the spotlight again, and from the people who brought you the attack on Home Depot for supporting Gay Pride, the scatter-brained attack against GLEE, and their “boycott” of almost every brand seen in any ad break for any program they think is “Trashy”, they’re now ‘going after’ Toys ‘R’ Us!

Aside from pointing out that they watch far too much TV (that’s those right-wing Christian stay-at-home moms for you. If they’re not out in the woods shooting Deer they’re sat on their ass eating cookies, getting fat and finding anything they can to scream at the world about) I thought it would be fun to show you how the most vociferous people who claim to be “freedom-loving” and “Christian” are often anything but.

Let me tell you about this latest battle in their imagined “culture war” (yes, that’s what they think they’re taking part in, bless them).

So we’ll start back when they decided to attack JC Penny for bringing Ellen Degeneres in to represent their brand.

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Of course, as shoppers – and right-wing Christian religious extremists – they love shopping, ironically that’s something they have in common with us! So when JC Penny asked the gorgeous, funny, smart and well adjusted Ellen Degeneres to become their spokeswoman (can you tell I’m a fan?) the One Million Moms crazies realized that they had nothing in common with this personality. I think that’s what it comes down to really. It seems that all the people they attack are actually intelligent, well-rounded, mentally stable modern people, and that’s totally the opposite of what OMM is about!

So, the OMM extremists demanded that JC Penny remove Ellen as their spokesperson, and they issued their demand with the threat that JC Penny would loose customers if they did not comply with their demands. Of course, OMM didn’t consider that they are actually running far short of being one million, they’re more like 20,000 (and even that is a very generous guess). In reality the OMM group is likely no larger than your average knitting club in Texas.

They often make claims that their “pressure” on companies has resulted in success, when in fact they neglect that advertising across all industries has become extremely limited due to the financial crisis. It’s actually quite funny to see companies complying with their demands on the face of it, just to placate them. But I do wish these companies would be honest and say “we couldn’t give a crap about your unreasonable demands, we cut the ads for budget reasons and not because you threatened us!”

What this fanatical group also underestimated, is that you need to have public support for a boycott of any large company, and the numbers supporting Ellen and JC Penny far outweighs the number of fanatics demanding this change. One look at their little social network shows that they barely have 2000 members – I have more people following me on another blog. Maybe that’s why thousands of FaceBook pages sprang up within hours of the demand being made public, all supporting Ellen and JC Penny, and all heaping insult on the OMM mentalists. Perhaps that’s also why the One Million Moms own FaceBook page is constantly under attack from others who would like to stop their hate for good?

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Lil’ Wayne Hip Hop Sunglasses at the Grammy’s

The Grammy’s are always a major fashion statement but we thought the creative sunglasses Weezy had on that night of Adele winnings stuck out. No he did not get them from Lady Gaga’s treasure chest but from Neff Eyewear when he wore them to the 2012 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. This is an all-new collection of eyewear scheduled to launch Spring/Summer 2012. See the fashion glasses below… Read more »

Dinah Shore Weekend Heads to Las Vegas for 2012

Not just a girls night out but an epic weekend of girls night out on the town in Sin City. What more could a girl want? Girl Bar, in association with Fuse Events, has created an unforgettable weekend of lesbian events in the city they never sleeps (really never sleeps) for Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend Las Vegas 2012 April 27-29.

Girl Bar and Fuse Events have worked with Caesars Entertainment to create the ultimate women’s weekend experience featuring all the best that Sin City has to offer. Official events and hotels for Dinah Shore Weekend include Planet Hollywood and Flamingo hotels and other nearby venues.

“Our sophisticated ladies wanted ‘bigger, better and more’ 24/7, in the city that never sleeps, with a package of perks, food, beverages and entertainment where there are no ‘last calls’ and our exclusive ‘GO Pool’ at the Flamingo is ‘Topless optional.’” This sounds like lesbians in paradise to me!

“The LGBT market makes up such an important part of Caesars worldwide customer base,” said Richard Brower, Director of LGBT Marketing at Caesars Entertainment Corporation. “Having this legendary weekend move to Vegas was an opportunity we could not afford to miss.”
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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale to Divorce?

The rumors may not be true in the tabloids saying that Gwen and Gavin Rossdale are divorcing. In an interview back in the early 2000’s with stars, Gwen refereed to Gavin as her strength, her love, her reason for all she had accomplished.

The rockstar couple has been married for ten years now. Their are rumors that two years into the marriage, Gwen found out that her hubby had a daughter, Daisy Lowe, now 22 from his ex. And in 2009, Gavin’s ex-lover, 80s cross-dresser Peter Robinson, revealed their affair. Then in 2010, Courtney Love claimed on the Howard Stern Show that she had an affair with Gavin while he was dating Gwen. One Facebook comment on the divorce: I’m a huge fan of Gwen stefani and Im not sure what reasons are behind their recent decision, but I hope like hell she starts making music again.

Happy Gay Valentines Day!

Whether you have a partner, lover, pet, or really just love yourself dearly we hope you enjoy a wonderful Valentines Day but remember that it should be shared everyday not just one day a year. As Ru Paul says it best you have to love yourself before you can love somebody else. That is so true and we wished there were more love in the world. Gay Marriage has became legal now in Washington and we could not be more happier to see this and would like to see it in at least one Southern state before the end of the year. You know the states where you can retire such as Florida or California. Hint Hint. Remember do not take your date to Taco Bell tonight but upgrade to Chipotle. Click below for more fabulous Valentines day e-cards.
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Nympho maybe… Woman, Yes. Man, Used to be.

The lady here has quite the British accent (or some may say Australian) which can surely turn some guys on. They may go south on this woman and not notice any differences but this is not your ordinary female. She claims she had a sex change and used to be a man but wants everyone to start understanding she should not be classified as another sex but as a female. Speaking with the Sun the former male says that one should not be considered gay if they sleep with him as a straight male because she is not gay and does not have any man parts. Although this is the Sun who is airing this video who is not exactly the “news” I would be speaking to if I wanted to be taken seriously. She did admit she had slept with over 1,000 straight males. I would say Condragulations to her but I guess she is not in drag she is a woman now.
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Kylie Minogue Aphrodite during Madonna Superbowl Half-time?

It seems that some Kylie Minogue fans are not too happy with The Madonna after the Superbowl saying that her Aphrodite concert was sort of copied. There are some differences but it is still not exactly the same colors or even the same crowns or headpieces used. While they both used gladiator looking man slaves to pull them around and deeply catered to the gay community it was not exactly too “reductive” as Madonna would say. Kylie Minogue did put on an amazing tour here in the US and worldwide where she used the Aphrodite greek goddess theme. It was a must-see show just like Madonna’s tour will be when it comes around this year. Kylie may also get a chance to see Madonna’s tour this time around because guess what it is stopping in Australia where it has not covered since the Girlie Show. In a completely different event this week Kylie was threatened on her twitter account from a stalker. We are hoping the creeper got arrested or some kind of protection for our goddess. Kylie Minogue will be in Australia next month to appear at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

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New Justin Bieber Edgy Look

We just had to post this pic of Justin Bieber on the carpet with a new hairdo and a blue motorcycle jacket. The Biebs arrived at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France, on Saturday night walking down the red carpet. What do you think of the side sweep hairdo and the blue shoes. I like it and want some of the shoes.

Madonna on Anderson Cooper to discuss Nicki Minaj kiss and more

Anderson Cooper had an exclusive interview with Madonna for a full-hour which airs Today, Thursday, February 2. Madonna talks about kissing Nicki Minaj, how much she works out, Kate Middleton, reading gossip and reviews about herself, the challenges of making the W.E. movie, and her nervousness performing this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Madonna’s new film, “W.E.,” opens Friday, February 3. Don’t Anderson Cooper and Madonna make a cute couple?

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