Darren Criss stars in Glee’s Shirtless Men Calender

Even the naughtiest of us boys will have a Merry Christmas this year thanks to a tweet or shall I say a tweet from Ryan Murphy. Darren Criss is teased here in this Shirtless photo For Glee’s “Men Of McKinley” Calendar. Who would you like to see shirtless in this calender filled with nerd, jock, and twink goodness?

Chris Colfer (Kurt), Cory Monteith (Finn), Matthew Morrison (Mr, Schuester, and Mark Salling (noah) will definitely have some hot shirtless photos. I would mostly pick Chord Overstreet to be one of the hottest jocks on the show and Kevin Michael who plays Artie is actually quite cute and might surprise you the most in such a calendar of males. Read more »

Revenge Porn And The Attack Of Hunter Moore

I don’t care if it shows my age, I am willing to admit that I have been on the internet since way back when images took forever to load on the screen and the only way to find porn was to check out all the link lists and directories. Anyone else remember the world B.G (before Google)?

I really don’t need to tell you that the internet has come a long way since then, but with the good always comes the bad. This is one of those posts all about what happens when the bad get their hands on technology and use it for evil.

No, I’m not talking about some kind of mysterious Bond villain in a hollow mountain threatening to end the world unless he’s given “one million dollars” (how many of you just did the pinkie to lip gesture then? Sad people! lol), nor am I talking about pirates who stamp their feet about getting things for free and then complain that their favorite bands aren’t touring anymore or their fave porn site shut down (useless idiots living in their moms basement).

I’m talking about lowlifes like Hunter Moore – the people who abuse the freedom the internet brings and use it to cash in on other peoples misery.

Yes, the lovely Hunter Moore will be the subject of this bile-infused post.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, he’s the guy who created the site IsAnyoneUp.com, a disgusting place where people sent in images and videos of their ex boyfriends and girlfriends (or presumably just people they wanted to attack and had the ammunition to do so) and which then linked the media to their various profiles out on the internet. It was stalking, quite blatantly.

Victims had their intimate moments broadcast for all to see, with the information about them easily accessible. Many of those who were victims of this disgusting waste of skin then had abuse from others for daring to have their content stolen and distributed by someone else without their permission.

Now, I know some of the more liberal minded amongst you would be thinking “they should have expected something, who makes a pic or video and gives it out to others?” And I would agree with you to a point. But why is this any different to someone posting an email or personal letter on the internet for all to read? Would that be acceptable to you?

So, back to the story…

The disgusting Hunter Moore eventually gave up his little hellhole of a site and sold it to an anti-bullying charity, and some might have thought that would be the end of it.

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Personally, I would have enjoyed seeing him sued, repeatedly, over and over again until he was having to sell organs in exchange for clothing. And it would have been nice to have all of his personal humiliation recorded and shared around the internet for all his little freaky fans to enjoy and wallow in too. But alas, that didn’t happen.

Instead, he got away with it, and he made some money through the sale of the site and the estimated $20,000 a month through advertising – yeah, being a sick little pervert obviously is profitable for some.

But now, with the revelation that he’s not happy with the money he’s made humiliating others (presumably he wasted it all on pot, lube and tissues) and intends to start a new project where he plans to “introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people”.

Yeah, that sounds like wholesome family fun, right?

No one knows how this might play out just yet. There are suggestions and discussions out there mentioning that he plans to add cell phone numbers, email addresses, employment details, home address and family details to his content in the future. Basically, it seems like he plans to do it all over again, but with even more information to allow others to attack and assault and generally humiliate people all around the world.

It’s hard to know for sure how real that is, but Anonymous is taking it seriously, and has issued their own threat.

Yes, that lovely hacktivist collective famous for publicly trolling the cult of $cientology, taking down a paedophile ring that Interpol couldn’t touch, exposing abusive NYPD officers macing girls in the street and – their lesser known – bitching about the Pirate Bay being taken down, have issued a direct threat to Hunter Moore.

Not happy with cyber-battling dictatorial regimes and supporting the freedom of the internet all around the world (I don’t think any Anon’s have full time jobs) they have picked up on the suggestion that Hunter Moore is about to be back in business and threatened war.

In a recent statement by the masked superheroes of the internet, the Anon collective made their intentions clear:

“We will protect anyone who is victimized by abuse of our internet, we will prevent the stalking, rape, and possible murders as by-product of his [Hunter Moore] sites.

It added: “Operation anti-bully. Operation hunt Hunter engaged. We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, Hunter Moore, expect us.”

To prove that the group is not one to make false threats, the Anonymous collective then published Hunter’s address, and detailed numerous family members also.

So you wanna bully and attack innocent people Hunter? Looks like you’re about to get a massive dose of your own medicine.

HIV Stigma could kill you if you do not get treated

This is from a Facebook post that is a lifesaver if you ask me. HIV Stigma is such a huge thing and most people blow off HIV and think they will not come down with complications from it or die from it. With so many ways to get tested now you do not have to worry about going into a clinic and seeing piers to do it. Just go into a Walgreens or CVS or pick up an oral test online. Getting tested though is not the concern it is getting treated and you MUST get treated if you know that you have the virus. Let’s come together and fight this stigma not only on World Aids Day, December 1st, but everyday.

Recently I had a friend (who shall remain nameless, of course) confide to me that he is HIV-positive. He had concealed this from most people, including me, for far longer than I would have guessed. In fact, when I asked him how long it had been since he found out, I expected an answer in terms of weeks or months at the most. In actuality he had been HIV-positive for at least two years, if not more, and by this time he was noticeably experiencing more and more symptoms of an immune system under duress. The reason he disclosed his status to me is because he wanted advice on how to go about seeking medical treatment due to his lack of insurance. Understandably, many uninsured individuals are wholly ignorant of the options available to them, especially when it concerns diagnoses as serious as HIV. The fact that he went two or more years without treatment, though disturbing since treatment should begin as soon as possible after discovery per emergent recommendations, is not what disturbed me most. What disturbed me most was the fact that he was not wholly ignorant of the options available to him but was afraid to utilize them because of perceived stigma. When I mentioned a facility in his city that provides linkage to services like prescription medications and further medical testing for the viral load and T-cell count, he told me he was aware it is there but he was afraid to make an appointment because he did not want to risk being seen by others he may know. This tells me that there truly is a disconnect between what is perceived by the general population and what the reality is.
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Glenn Beck Puts President Obama in a Jar of Urine

We know Glenn Beck is cray cray but he has really outdid him self this time. He was seen on a video dunking Obama in a jar of his own piss and then selling it on eBay earlier today. What kind of nut job would do this?

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It is rather creepy if you ask me. “Now some will say that all Glenn Beck did is put the president in a jar of pee-pee,” Beck went on. “While technically correct, yes, I prefer to call this work of art by its more appropriate and professional title. I like to call this, ‘Flobama.’ Sure we can dumb it down for the masses of little people so they can understand. Yes, we have Obama in pee-pee. Mmm? Oui? Yes? This can be yours for a bargain price of $25,000.”
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NFL Erections on National TV?

Will we be seeing NFL Players with erections on National TV in coming months or have we already seen them and just not thought it was our imagination? Today Yahoo! Sports News reported that NFL Players may be taking Viagra on the field. The Chicago Bears’ Brandon Marshall says some NFL players use Viagra to give them “stamina” on the field when asked if they are taking pills such as adderall.

Perhaps he was joking but when you think about it… Athletes may find that it assists in blood flow, which helps in getting oxygen around the body faster and aids in endurance. Viagra has been used in cycling as riders try to gain every possible edge. Judging from Lance Armstrong’s accusations and other cyclists findings they may have tried it as well.

Now we all know during the Summer Olympics of one of the most viral photos was a bronze medalist that was looking rather happy in his pants after the win. Henrik Rummel denies having an erection during the Olympic medal ceremony but now that we know Viagra may be involved in endurance maybe he really was.

Speaking of the NFL if you are a fan make sure you pick up this card for a $100 bonus. A hard piece of plastic that you can even put your Rx purchases of Viagra on…

Please continue with the Viagra we are loving the erections. This may turn me into a full time sports fan! Who needs porn when we have stuff like this to watch. College Wrestling anyone?

Justin Bieber goes shirtless for Selena

Justin Bieber took to the instagram app to display a photo of him bare chested. This breakup with Selena Gomez may be good for us now of course that he is legal in all states. We are loving his shirtless photos and who knows how wild and naughty he may get in coming months! By the way have you seen the Justin Bieber Blow-up Doll called the Justin Beaver?

Uganda to officially pass ‘Kill The Gays’ bill by End of December

Uganda is set to pass the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill at the end of this year despite international criticism from lawmakers and celebrities. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said the anti-gay bill will become law in December since most Ugandans seem to be demanding it. They are referring to the new law of killing gays as a Christmas gift to the people and the speaker spoke of a serious threat posted by homosexuals to their beliefs and morals. make sure you read our post on Uganda and reasons you should not be eating at Chick-fil-a because of this since they donated money to funds that supported this. Uganda is now as violent and filled with hate as Iran. Such a horrible thing to see and stays on our list as one of the worst places to take a vacation.

Oraquick Oral HIV Test Kit to use discreetly at home

There is now in home HIV test. The FDA has approved the test it is called the OraQuick In- Home HIV Test available at Walmart, RiteAid, Walgreens, and CVS. For only $40. This is great news for those who do not want to have to go in to a doctor and worry for a week to wait for blood results.

If you have slept with multiple sexual partners it doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means that you should be careful and get tested regularly. It’s understandable that submitting to an HIV test can be embarrassing, but it falls under the category of better safe than sorry. Today we now have the option of taking an HIV test and sending it in by mail to avoid the embarrassment of going in to the clinic or doctor’s office to be tested. The problem with this option is that it takes days to receive the test results. This is time that you spend at home scared and worried about what those results might be. What if you could take all the anxiety out of HIV testing, and do it from the privacy of your own home without the waiting? That question has finally been answered by the newly FDA approved OraQuick HIV home test kit.

OraQuick is based on the same HIV tests that doctors use. The test does not require a blood sample, just a simple swab of your gums which is completely painless. You only have to swab both your upper and lower gums one time each and place the swab in the test tube that comes with the kit. The test tube contains a special liquid that reacts with the oral fluid on the swab. When the oral fluid mixes with the liquid in the test tube it travels up the test stick and works much like a pregnancy test. The test stick shows a letter C and a letter T. If a dark line appears at the C, it simply means that the test is working. All you have to do is wait twenty minutes and the test is complete. If another line has appeared at the T that means that your test is positive. The test works by detecting any HIV-1 or HIV-2 antibodies that may be present in your oral fluid.
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Tom Daley Has Gas

Ok, so we are going to have some fun with this post. Tom Daley our famed gay diver who has achieved so much during the 2012 Olympics for the Brits with his bronze metal. The American gays are going wild over him and he is sexy and he knows it. It seems he has landed a sponsorship with British Gas but the product placement seems to be in between his butt cheeks. I am sure lots of people would line up to be on that nice curved real estate but this is sort of awkward as some could imagine. We thought we would come up with some other product placements if he does not let out too much gas from this one. What about if he moved to the front of his Speedo and it had the logo for BallPark Franks? or Planters Nuts? Trojan Condoms or even Magnum. Maybe a bean company to sponsor the backside… We love British “humour”.

Ann Coulter claims it is “disown your son” day

Ann Coulter is at it again and this time she will burn bridges with any of what LGBT following she has left. The queen of pundit media was quoted on Twitter as saying “Last Thursday was national “coming out” day. This Monday is national “disown your son” day.” Do not buy this woman’s books or do anything to support her. I am shocked that Joy Behar had this filth talking lady on her show the other day it ruins credibility to any show.

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