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There were thousands of books removed from the sales rankings at mostly due to a new computer program.  Most of the titles seem to be gay and lesbian books such as Heather Has Two Mommies, a book by Ellen Degeneres, The Dictionary of Homophobia, Brokeback Mountain, and many more.  Amazon claims they are not censoring out gay and lesbian books but some have their doubts because they continued to rank the heterosexually-themed books with explicit sexual content including Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds and the graphic novel Lost Girls by Alan Moore.

Has Amazon turned into the new Wal-Mart when it comes to censoring music and books?   Amazon claims this is a computer glitch and all of the books will be re-listed in the top sales rankings.  If we see anything happen like this again we need to investigate the situation more and evaluate if a major boycott of Amazon needs to take place.  Until we find out more on the situation you should get your books from gay friendly bookstores in your local cities.  It is a shame so many historic gay bookstores have went out of business such as the Crossroads in Dallas and the Oscar Wilde Bookshop closed down just last month.  We have got to support our gay neighborhoods and bookstores or they will close down and who will look out for our rights then?

You can still buy most of these books at but the high sales come from them being rated higher.   Publications can rarely survive if they have no rankings.