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The economy is going to tank with numbers like 7-7-7 and the divas are collapsing.  Cher recently had to cancel 4 shows in Vegas this past week and weekend.  I could not find any news clips that told me exactly what happened but we know she was so ill the doctor told her she could not perform last week.  We were supposed to attend her show Saturday night which was canceled at Caesars Palace Colosseum.  So far they have lost millions from the canceled show.  Cher is expected to be back Tuesday, September 30.  Hopefully she is well and will be back in business.

Janet Jackson has also been hospitalized after falling ill before a concert.  It looks like a bad start to October for Diva shows.  Let’s hope they both get well and can start putting smiles on our faces again…. Lord knows we need it after loosing money with the market collapsing.

Ok, this stuff normally happens in threes so Madonna you better take care of yourself too!