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A Collin County commissioner decided to put this guys job on the line when an article was published in the Dallas Voice which mentioned his sexuality.   This commissioner wanted to fire a rising political star and person with no criminal record for being gay.  They claimed that he should not be working with children and had even discussed whether it was safe for a gay person to be working with children.

The person who has been dragged through the slaughterhouse lately by these religious radicals is Justin Nichols who just so happens to be gay and running for Plano City Council.  He recently appeared on the front page of the Metro Section of the Dallas Morning News three times this week, the front page of the Plano Star Courier, and the front page of the Dallas Voice.  People are watching how this battle goes, and we must win!  The fight is not over!

We have got to stand up to this bigotry and say NO MORE!!  It is going to cost money to fight the radical fundamentalists, and I need your help.  If you have already donated to the campaign, thank you!  If not, please click here and make a contribution today.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO 10 FRIENDS OF YOURS SO THEY CAN HELP TOO!

To give you an idea of what you donation can do, please consider:

$20 allows us to buy breakfast for volunteer who will knock on hundreds of voters’ doors.

$50 pays for 10 yard signs, or makes it possible to reach 100 voters by mail, or 500 voters by phone.

$100 pays for 4 large signs, makes it possible to reach 200 voters by mail, or 1,000 voters by phone.

Whatever the amount, your contribution will make the difference in this campaign.

Please join me in standing up against bigotry, intolerance, and equality for every person.  This isn’t about being Republican or Democrat, man or woman, straight or gay - this is about people taking a stand for what is right!

I never imagined taking on this fight so publicly and becoming the poster-child for discrimination in Collin County – but that is where I’ve been led, and I am ready to fight.  I say to those bigots, “BRING IT ON!”

Thank you for your consideration and support, and please remember to forward this on to your friends, whether they are in Plano or not, because this fight affects us all!  I remain

Very truly yours,

Justin Nichols

Nichols has also been endorsed by the Victory Fund, and encourage you to visit their website.