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Hillary Clinton may be behind Barrack Obama in the polls but she is still helping the underdogs of society. While its cool lately to bash gays Hillary is taking a huge step in the right direction. Today a newspaper interview showed that she supports Gays and Lesbians more than ever.

Clinton said she opposes a measure that would ban gay marriage in Pennsylvania and proposed a few other great ideas:

• Eliminate her husband’s policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that prevents gays from serving openly in the military. Asked if she could do so by a signing order connected to a military appropriations bill, Clinton said she didn’t think that is possible but she would look into it and do it if it were legal.

• Be “very strongly outspoken” against foreign governments that execute gays and use financial assistance and other leverage to prevent the killings.  (read our article on dangerous gay travel destinations regarding this)

• Support federal domestic partner legislation to extend rights to all same-sex couples.

• Support services for gay youth, including guidance for schools about the discrimination they face.

• Continue to support gay pride celebrations, to the extent that security would allow. “I don’t think the Secret Service let Bill walk in a parade when he became president,” Hillary said.

She also recently spoke on AIDS/HIV Issues. I love Hillary and hope she gets the Democratic nomination for president. I am sad that had to support Obama in such an early state of the election. They clearly do not represent millions of progressive voters who are for Hillary.

Obama and McCain declined the interview with the Philadelphia Gay News.