Person Of The Year

The Person of the Year should be a tie between Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears, Ron Paul, and Hillary Clinton. Then again there were other influencers who made the year grand including Keith Olbermann, Ellen DeGeneris, and then Madonna and Al Gore with making the world a better place.

I do not think I could pick from all these people but Keith Olbermann really did the most presenting his news and poking fun of the pin heads over at Fox News. Bringing us truths that we have not seen for years that could all be seen on the Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

Time Magazine picked Russian President Putin as their Person of the Year. Maybe because of his shirtless fishing pictures while he was moving his pecs with his strangely shaped stomach area. Maybe it was that hes got more power than we know over there after the cold war. Or Maybe hes really a nice guy underneath all the testosterone. I would have picked Britney Spears for the Time Magazineaward because she was the most talked about person of the year over President Bush and Putin. Everyone wanted to know when Britney went to the bathroom, drove her kids to Starbucks, drove to the gas station, and walked in bookstores to get coffee.

We wanted more so she Gimme More. Gimme More. Britney Sprears 2007

Then there were the gay friendly people of 2007 who PlanetOut Voted on earlier this month. The winner went to Hillary Clinton for her consistent words on the gay issues.

The worst persons of the year go to Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Mitt Romney, Bill O’ Reilley, Fox Business Channel, Fox News, The Writers strike, amd the extremetists christians protesting along I-35 saying that the highway belongs to them (the start of our next holy war).


Bob Iger, CEO, Walt Disney Company — For so many, many out characters on ABC, and for the gay employee association and same-sex fairytale weddings at Disney parks

CSMR (Ret.) Brigadier General Keith H. Kerr — For asking the army to ask, and telling us to tell

Howard Stern, radio personality — For hiring George Takei, for denouncing Tim Hardaway, and for bringing a higher level of gay acceptance to an unlikely audience of millions

Tammy Faye Messner
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Bob Iger
Keith H. Kerr
Howard Stern

Did Tila Tequila Pick Bobby or Dani?

Move over who shot JR this is much more sexier…

I admit I got addicted to this crazy ‘Tequila’ show on accident just by turning channels in my hotel room one night. I was amazed first that my hotel had MTV because most hotels seem to have every boring cable channel but MTV. Not that I watch MTV much but when you are in a hotel as if you are going to get LOGO or MTV Hits or anything exciting that you are not charged extra.

So it lands on some kind of typical re-run-a-thon that MTV loves to do and has done since it quit playing videos back in the 90’s. I think I watched the episodes of ‘A Shot of Tila Tequila’ so many times my head could spin now. They were damn good episodes and I loved them.

Box Mods

Dani is adorable and even the blond huge-boobed amazon girl was interesting to watch when she was kicked off during a after-show. Amanda has a great sense of humor and seems like a fun diva to hang out with but Dani seems more the type to date. One funny thing is that if you click on the video of Amanda and Tila Tequila in the hot tub it asks your age because of viewer discretion. I also kept getting Dani and Bobby mixed up because their names could go back and fourth. I think they are both hotties.

Who did Tila Tequila pick on the dating show on MTV? Did she pick Bobby or Dani? It was kind of a male vs. female and straight vs. bisexual vs. gay tossup which made it more interesting than most dating shows. Girls kissing girls and boys going after hot girls… MTV is sounding much more fun than their gay sister LOGO.

Tila Tequila picked up a huge ratings for MTV networks just under the Hills which was an unstoppable hit.

You can actually watch the season finale here online from MTV’s Video Player. Update: The MTV Player is not working on this site for some reason.

Top Gay Christmas Gifts

gaybargaggiftSo, it’s that time of year again, you’re looking forward to the big day, you know where you are going, who you are going to see, you’ve got everything sorted and arranged but¦ oh Horror! You have forgotten to buy him (or that special lady lover) that special gift! What to do? What do you get the man who has everything?

You really need to spend a few minutes thinking about what kind of guy he is and then a few more minutes searching around for ideas. As we all know the internet is the place to shop these days but there is so much on offer it’s hard to now where to start. A quick search on ‘top ten gay gifts should bring up plenty of ideas, if not try some of the things I found:

First of all you’ll need to now what kind of ‘he’ he is. If he is a Technophile then you might like to think along the lines of gadgets and gizmos. I have to admit this isn’t me and looking at what some of these phones and things do boggles my mind but what about a new cell phone? Check out this listing for a top ten of the best looking cell phones or read these CNET reviews for a top rate list. Don’t forget the iPhone that includes iPod features, video screen, internet connection and oh yes, you can even make calls on it too. The accessories for the iPhone will be big this Christmas and even help with some of that dreaded Holiday travel on the way back home if you can purchase noise canceling headphones. And then there are games of course, with bringing you all the X-box updates and news and Playstation is doing the same for the Sony side of the market. is actually running a great deal on the Sony Playstation 3 and claim to have it in stock.

Box Mods

If your gay loved one is more of an out and about Techie then he may love you for ever if you present him with something for the car, and I don’t mean a pair of furry dice. Check out for the latest news on what’s to be had in GPS land. They have everything here from sports watches with GPS to things for your boat or plane – the ultimate techie gift.

But what if he’s not a techie person but more a Creative Sort? What are the top rated movies and books for the gay man who appreciates art and literature? has a list of the top rated presents for your gay male friends, at least in their opinion. Number one is ‘Clicking beat on the brink of Nada’ a novel about adolescent love by Keith Hale. Further down the list but of more interest (probably) to your older gay friends who will remember the ‘Tales of the city’ series is ‘Michael Tolliver Lives by Armistead Maupin. Also in the Amazon list are your, by now, standard ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and the ‘Spartacus Guide’. I found this gay list for male friends by the way. But to get something very special from the art world you could try for some original works of art.

Or maybe he is a Lifestyle Guru in which case something for body, soul or home might be more appropriate. How about a Christmas hamper and something for the kitchen from Dean & Deluca at A new travel bag, wallet or laptop case from or some unusual jewellery from where silver and titanium are the metals of the moment.

As I said before you could search around for ever as there is so much out there and these are just a few ideas I happened along. But remember that if all else fails there are always the good old adult sites to give you some inspiration. comes up with a good list of ideas from DVDs to toys and if you are in Europe then will do you just as well. But if all else fails and you find yourself there on Christmas morning with nothing to give him then just strip naked and tie a bow around yourself. After all, you are all he should need.

Gay Couples and Credit / Fun Gag Gift Ideas

Fun Gag Gift Ideas

gaydargaggiftBe the life of the party with these great gag gifts!

The mission here is to find a Christmas present that is fun or one you can use for the best Dirty Santa gift. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But I have a strange feeling that it’s not going to be that easy, particularly as we are finding it on line and there is bound to be a whole host of things out there to give your friends that are fun, sexy and a little bit gay.

So, I start with an internet search ‘gay gag gifts’ and come up with… several sites that are not what I am looking for as usual, followed by a couple that might start us on the road to seasonal mirth. Here we go:

There was a glass on sale on eBay on which was written ‘warning the contents of this glass will cause your penis to grow one inch’ but, by the time you read this it will be gone as I bought it. Ha, ha – just kidding. Next up was another eBay item, this time several packets of Jamaican Cock Soup Mix. I kid you not. You can actually buy packets of Cock soup and not just from eBay either, check the soup aisles next time you go to a superstore and if there isn’t any there then insist they get some in for you. There were several other gag gift ideas for sale on eBay so that could well be a place to check out for more quirky and unusual items.

Meanwhile, back to my search list: Everyone likes novelty soap don’t they? No? Well, shame as has a great mix of them. There are romantic soaps, rainbow coloured ones and humorous ones with naughty and personalised soaps on offer too. I then moved on and found some great political ideas that aren’t necessarily gay but… Like Hilary Clinton nutcrackers and the Larry Craig action doll that takes a macho stance and has a voice that says ‘I am not gay’. Here is the page for your novelty American political gag dolls.

I changed my search from ‘gag’ to ‘funny’ as I wanted to get away from politics and found myself in T-Shirt world, or rather T-Shirt heaven as loads of sites came up all with T-Shirts sporting funny slogans. had a nice selection of retro style shirts some of which were camp if not gay in nature. If you enter the word ‘gay’ in their search box you’ll get the full list. There are also slogans on T-Shirts at a site that carries more styles of shirt but less in the way of gay humour. came up next with something different: magnetic bumper gags. There were various slogans available here, ‘proud to be gay’, ‘Closet queen’ and ‘man whore’ for example, plus many others that are too rude to mention. It’s worth searching around this site as they have other categories too, like presents for the bathroom that are again, not necessarily gay but very camp. For example, how about a Psycho shower curtain that’s white with a silhouette of a mad mother with a knife on it?

Maybe it’s time to leave the searching there… What was clear from my trawl around these sites, and others I didn’t mention because they weren’t that gay, was that there are many products out there which will do as a humorous gay gift for Christmas. But I have to say that you will have to search for a while to find something just right. The thing about finding a gag gift for a friend or partner is that it should be appropriate to that person. Just because a T-Shirt says something funny doesn’t mean it’s going to be funny when someone puts it on. So think what would be funny for that person and personalize your gag gift.

How about a tee shirt with a nude image of Mike Huckabee with another guy making out? With superimposed hard steel ab bodies of course. This would make the bible thumpers fall over while they are protesting along I-35 gay bars.

Other Dirty Santa or gag gift ideas for the Holiday season include stripping games and even a Better Sex Video which will surely put a blush on someones face. Stripping games can be fun because if someone opens it up it can add more fun to a Holiday party where everyone starts drinking more and getting more wild. Nothing is wrong wtih spicing things up with some erotic toys and even a surpise stripper or entertainment. Have fun and enjoy!

Vote For Huckabee?

When it comes to the Republican presidential candidates I normally watch their debates as often as the Dems.  I find it interesting their views on things such as taxes, social security, gay rights, and of course the endless war in Iraq.

Mike Huckabee seemed like a nice guy when I watched him appear on the Bill Maher HBO show a few times and I even had a new love for Ron Paul once I saw him appear on Bill Maher’s Real Time. 

Then reality set in after watching a few debates and finding out this ex-Baptist preacher from Arkansas is really a hate-filled jerk.  This GOP contender that is leading many polls in Iowa and early primary states has not even taken back the mean words he has said towards gays or anyone with HIV.

Mike Huckabee brags to Christian Conservatives that he has the toughest position against gay marriage than any of the other GOP candidates.  Even Ryan Whites mother was sickened when she heard of Huckabee’s statement isolating infected people with HIV.

This man has no brains to lead our country.  AIDS cannot even be spread by casual contact and he is stating that gays with AIDS should be isolated.  He also commented that gays lived an “unnatural, sinful lifestyle”.   Ok, You Hitler jerk are you going to tattoo pink triangles on us as well.  Maybe make us your slaves?

Not only is Mike Huckabee uneducated but he has said many irrational things in his campaign this year and in previous years.  I certainly do not have anything against Arkansas because I have family there and love the Clintons but this moron is making Noahs-ArK-ansas look pretty bad.

The best thing to do in this situation is to donate time or money to the Ron Paul or Giuliani campaigns to fight against Huckabeast.  Even if you intend to donate Democratic we do not need this guy in any high ranking position.

Judge Gone Wild

I understand this is not a blog that has anything to do with Girls Gone Wild but in this case it does.  This blog stands advocates rights for everyone and this time we see a person who has been good to the gay community and an overall good person being kicked down for no good reason.  I have been flabbergasted from hearing the story behind Joe Francis the creator of Girls Gone Wild.  I was driving from Dallas to Austin so I had over an hour to listen to his side of the story and how the locals in Florida took advantage of him.

I heard one of the most amazing interviews on the XM Satellite radio last night on a conservative channel called AmeriRight.  I was channel surfing and stumbled upon it since it was next to Air America.  The Rusty Humphries show was the name of the show.  It was a show that Rusty said he normally would never have someone on so long and never takes the side of someone who owned something like Girls Gone Wild but in this case he did because of the corrupt judge and corrupt police officer in the Florida town where Joe Francis (the CEO of Girls Gone Wild) was arrested.

Supposedly Joe was jailed over a civil lawsuit (you are supposed to just be jailed for criminal charges) for not paying crazy amounts asked of girls that were 17 yrs old (one year from the legal limit in Florida) in videos filmed of them where they lied about their age and showed fake ID’s and the filming was not even done by Joe Francis.   He said the judge was friends and ex business partners of the lawyer for the girls or something to that effect.

Basically, its all a corrupt story in a Florida town and I listened to it for over an hour last night just amazed.  Joe was calling in from jail and you could hear the phone say “this call is being monitored…beep.”  Joe was treated like a murder and shackled up and cuffed similar to the way animals or mass murders are treated in a prison in Florida.  He  did not see daylight for 60 days and he’s still in prison but is now speaking out while hes in Reno so he does not get brought back to the inhumane Florida jail cell.   Both Rusty and Joe agreed that the lockup in Florida was worse than Guantanamo Bay treatment.

Most know him as the Girls Gone Wild CEO but he seems to me like a good person caught up with some shady girls and a judge that went wild on him.  I think this points out many reasons we should always send money to the Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal , American Civil Liberties Union, and groups that seek to defend our rights.  You may check out more of Joe’s story here.

Britney Spears Blackout

The biggest Yahoo search of the day today was Britney Spears for her new CD titled Blackout.  We are excited for Britney and hope it goes to #1.  The album has many hot songs including “Gimme More” which is a sexy dance song you can move to at the clubs.  We even have our own Britney dance we do at the clubs when it comes on!

The fact she is so talked about in the media from sites such as and Perez Hilton you just know Blackout will be hot.  Blackout goes on sale this Super Tuesday, October 30th.  Yes, the day before Halloween.

The gay bars in Houston are having a Britney Halloween where they will feature a contest for the best impersonator.  That will be hawwwt!

So if the new Blackout CD takes off on Itunes ond tops the billboard charts then Chris Crocker will be proud and so will some of the gay bars that Britney supported such as Tigerheat and Piranah in Vegas.  We love you Britney!

Madonna Book for Adults

Madonna has helped change our culture and openness about sex and now she is about to open up the world of the old-school record labels. With Madonna back in the news again signing a mega-million deal with Live Nation it made me do some downloading of all things Madonna including books and video media. I came across a .pdf file of a book of culture some may not remember.Think back to 1992. October 21st to be exact: was it a coffee table photo book? A publicity stunt? A personal view of sex? Whatever it was, it’s a fact that the world was shocked by its appearance. Actually I like to think of it as a coffee table photo book – which was what it was intended to be and even today I am still a little shocked by it.

I am talking about Madonna’s infamous book simply called “sex”. Looking at it again now in retrospect I don’t find it as shocking as when I first saw it and that’s because the world has moved on – and because I spend a lot of my time reviewing and writing about all things gay. But that doesn’t mean I find Madonna’s book pornographic, though that was one of the arguments against it when it came out. The thing that shocked everyone so much back then was that a mainstream artist, as Madonna no doubt was and still is, had never revealed themselves so much in print before.

The book contains a mix of text and images. The photography is by the same guy who photographed Madonna for the cover of the ‘Like a virgin’ album in 1984, a guy called Steven Meisel. He was also responsible for most of the photos of the superstar during the early 1990’s. Along with Herb Ritts, in the 1980’s, they have created some of the most iconic images of Madonna to date. The text is by the great lady herself though comes from the point of view of a character. Dita, inspired by silent film actress Dita Parlo, a character who appears in some of Madonna’s work of 1992/93, tells us of her lust and longing for sex in a kind of journal form where she fantasises about another fictional character, Johnny.

The publicity for the book, I remember, was enormous and the fact that it came in a sealed, silver mylar-wrapping made it all the more intriguing to the hyped up public. Everyone was clamouring to get a view inside without having to buy it but, in the end, the only way to see what all the fuss was about was to buy a copy. And when you did…

It is not only Madonna who makes an appearance inside. There are images of her engaged in sex acts, and other erotic and non-erotic poses, with guys like Vanilla Ice, Tony Ward and Daddy Kane. Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rossellini make an appearance too. The images, and the text for that matter, often have a dark, urban quality to them so should you ever get your hands on a copy don’t expect to see the kind of images you would see on an adult website for example – you may even find some that you find disturbing. I’m not talking about the three-way sex poses or the erotic lesbian images, in fact most of the pictures are what you’d call ‘classy’ and ‘arty’ – but there is something raw and undefined beneath all of that which leaves you with a sense of having seen something not only unique but somehow forbidden too.

Actually several organisations tried to ban the book, when first published, because of the imagery involved. Not least of all the religious ones. But the 1.5 million, limited edition print run sold out within a couple of days. Each copy was numbered and that was that. As far as I know there are no plans for a re-release and you’ll be very lucky to find a copy in good condition and for sale. You may have some luck at places like E-bay or specialist on-line stores but be prepared to spend mega bucks getting your hands on such a rare and sought after item.

Choosing the Best Gay Advocacy Credit Card

Are you active in the gay community? Are you passionate about gay rights? If so, you might want to choose your credit card according to your belief in advocacy. Both the Rainbow card and the Human Rights Campaign card benefit the gay community through the respective associations. This is a great way to show your support each time you make a purchase, while earning a few rewards along with your good deeds.

The Rainbow Card

The Rainbow card is a Visa credit card issued from Bank of America. It carries no annual fee and a six-month introductory APR of 0%. After that, the interest rates go up to a variable 11.99% – 23.99%, depending on your credit rating and your history with Bank of America. The account also comes with security fraud protection and access to BoA’s MyConcierge service.

One of the great things about the Rainbow Card is that cardholders get one point for every dollar spent. You can later redeem points for cash back, gift certificates and airline tickets, starting at a total of 5,000 points ($25 cash). Points expire in five years, however, and you have to use your card quite often in order to reap any rewards.

The Rainbow Card offers a 20-day grace period on new purchases, but interest rates are calculated based on the average daily balance including new transactions. If you make purchases on the card and carry a balance over into the next month, you no longer have access to that same grace period.

Usage of the Rainbow Card benefit the Rainbow Endowment, which is a funding institution that works with gay advocacy groups. Affiliated organizations include The AIDS Information Network, Gay and Lesbian Advocates, the National Youth Advocacy Coalition and Women’s Educational Media.

The HRC Card

The HRC Card is affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign, which is an advocacy group fighting for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgenders equality ( They work to end prejudice, hate crimes, workplace discrimination and a host of other issues that plague the gay community at large.

Washington Mutual issues the HRC Card, which carries the Visa logo, and it carries many of the same benefits as the Rainbow Card. It has a 0% introductory APR, with a variable interest rate thereafter. There is no annual fee, and you also earn points with this card. It carries a high 23.99% cash advance APR, but the grace period is longer at twenty-five days.

Which One Gives More?

Obviously, you’ll want to support the gay community in the best way you know how, which means determining which card, between the Rainbow Card and the HRC card, gives more to the groups they represent.

According to, Bank of America gives ten cents of every transaction to the Rainbow Endowment, which is considerable. Of course, you don’t want to confuse this generous gift; it isn’t ten cents for every dollar, but ten cents for every transaction. A purchase of $500 will give the same to the Rainbow Endowment as a purchase of $50.

Unfortunately, the HRC Card Web site ( does not disclose the amount of money donated per transaction. They iterate that  a “portion” of the funds used on each card benefits the Human Rights Campaign, but no specific numbers are given. When I called Washington Mutual, I was told that the amount donated depended on the transaction and was left to WaMu’s (now Chase Bank) sole discretion.

Furthermore, the Rainbow Card gives updates on the amount donated from your card on each credit card statement, which is not the case for the HRC Card. This might have a bearing on your decision if you want to keep track of your good deeds.

Gay Amsterdam Vacation

When you think about Amsterdam what comes to mind? Canals and boats, tall houses and tulips? Or dope cafes and the red light district? Well, what about gay clubs and days out and all manner of interesting gay things? Like the world’s first homomonument that is a stand against discrimination? The fact is there is more to Amsterdam that you might first realize and I’m going to try and point out some of these features for you.

Let’s start with a general day out. You have culture with various museums including the famous Rembrandt gallery and the Anne Frank House. There is a great zoo and your entry ticket there also gets you into the Planetarium (a great place to rest your feet after a hard days walking). There are the diamond workshops that organise tours, you can take a trip on a boat on the canal and there are the sex shops and even the sex museum to enjoy. Or for a special occasion you can visit in April for the national Queens Day (30th April and it’s to celebrate the Queen of the country not us kind of Queens!) or there’s the annual Amsterdam Pride festival in August. Check for details.

Pop back to your hotel – there are many gay run or gay friendly hotels to choose from ( – for a wash and brush up and then it’s off for the famous night life. Sure you can wonder the red light district – it’s interesting to see the girls in their windows and the drunk boys staggering in and out but do watch out for pick-pockets when the streets get busy.

There are plenty of exclusively gay bars to choose from for your pre-diner drinks. My favorite has always been April which is a big, trendy bar that’s also very friendly and which has some gorgeous young bar staff. Or, if you prefer something more traditional, the Amstel Tavern serves various beers around a horseshoe bar though the clientele are a little older. All of the bars, cafés and clubs are located within easy walking distance from Dam Square which is the centre of town – just watch out for the trams when you cross the road! And Dam Square is a short walk down from the main bus and train terminal so getting around the city and finding your night spots is easy.

After a few drinks there are more restaurants and cafés to eat at than you can shake a stick at. But THE place to dine at the moment is Getto; it has a bar, special offers on drinks and a DJ, as well as having good food. Like many evening easing places in the city it is open every day from around four in the afternoon until one in the morning.

But by then you will be in one of the clubs. There are also many that cater for the younger GLBT crowd, like Exit which is the biggest gay club in the city. It has four floors (including a backroom for naughty goings-ons), theme nights, a great sound system to blow your ears off and it’s open Friday and Saturday night midnight to five a.m. ( The other club worthy of note is Cockring – it’s leathery and butch but open every night (there is a small entrance fee of around €3.00) and it has live strip shows four nights a week. Naturally there are other clubs in the city but they’re not all exclusively gay. You can check out a good list at

Now all you need is a good gay friendly airline.  Read more about our favorite airlines.

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