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Jeffery Jackson Granted a New Trial

Jeffery Jackson, who claims he killed a gay man in self-defense because the man attacked him after he “rebuffed his sexual advances,” will get a new trial.

Jackson was convicted by a jury of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, but the appeals court vacated the conviction and remanded for a new trial based on the lower court’s erroneous evidentiary rulings.

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The State’s theory was that Jackson had killed the victim, Anthony Brown, in the course of Jackson’s attempt to rob Brown in his home. Jackson, however, contended that he had not gone to Brown’s home to rob him, but rather to buy cocaine from Brown. During the course of the transaction, Jackson testified, Brown made sexual advances toward him; when Jackson attempted to leave, Brown came at him with a knife. Jackson claimed that he then obtained a knife from the kitchen and killed Brown during a struggle. Jackson also testified that, following this struggle, he looked for the keys to let himself out of the house and, in the process, helped himself to the money and cocaine he found in Brown’s bedroom.

Read the details of the lower court’s evidentiary rulings in “Murderer of Gay Man Gets New Trial” on page 231 of the December edition of the Lesbian/Gay Law Notes.

A Goodbye to Blac(k)ademic

Kortney Ryan Ziegler published her last post at blac(k)ademic on December 18th. I blame the fact that I have neglected to wish her well on holiday chaos. I’ve never met Kortney, but I enjoyed her site and I know she must be an amazing woman (she was born on the same day as me).

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Kortney may still need help funding her film, so please try to contact her if you are interested in making a donation.

Blogging Blogads

As many of the posts you come across here are of interest to the lesbian community, Daily Dose of Queer has joined the Blogads Lesbian Bloggers Ad Hive. I’m not showing up on the hive page at the moment, but I will be soon.

If you’re interested in joining the Blogads Lesbian Bloggers Ad Hive too, shoot me an email and I’ll forward it to the hive administrator. I can’t guarantee you membership, but it never hurts to ask!

The Waiting List for AIDS Drugs in South Carolina

Due to South Carolina Legislature’s tiny contribution to the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program, more than 350 South Carolina H.I.V. patients remain on the longest waiting list for AIDS drugs in the country.

“There’s only two ways to get off of the wait list right now,” said Karen Bates, one of a group of South Carolina H.I.V. patients who have demanded that the state take emergency action. “One of them is if somebody else dies and you get their slot. The other is if you die.”

The program serves about 1,300 people a month, and patients are eligible for it if they are uninsured and cannot afford the drugs, which cost an average of $885 a month. State officials say it would cost South Carolina $3 million to clear the waiting list. The only other state with such a list right now, Alaska, has 13 people waiting.

North Carolina pays for 40 percent of its AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Georgia pays for 26 percent of its program. South Carolina pays for 3 percent of its program.

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Madrid Restaurant Fined after Refusing to Host a Gay Wedding Reception

La Favorita, a Madrid restaurant, has been fined for refusing to host a gay wedding reception.

While the owners of La Favorita plan to appeal the fine, the couple whose party the restaurant refused to host does not want to bring the matter to the courts because they fear legal action could affect innocent restaurant workers.

Anti-gay discrimination in the areas of housing, employment, public services and professional activities is illegal in Spain.

Majority of Queer Teens Surveyed Remain Closeted to Doctors

Only 35% of the lesbian, gay and bisexual teenagers who took part in a health care study by RAND Corporation and the University of California, Los Angeles, responded that their doctor knew their sexual orientation.

Researchers surveyed 131 participants at the Models of Pride Youth Conference hosted by a southern California campus in October 2003 for this study. [Dr. Garth D. Meckler, lead author of the study,] said the researchers knew the survey sample would not be representative of all lesbian, gay or bisexual youth, because 70 percent said they were “out” to everyone or nearly everyone in their lives, and many had to travel to attend the conference.


Ninety percent of the teens had been to see a doctor in the past two years, and nearly two-thirds had gone within the past 12 months. But despite the fact that 66 percent thought it was very or somewhat important that their doctor know their sexual orientation in order to provide the best health care possible, only 35 percent said their physician knew their sexual orientation. Of those teens whose physician knew their sexual orientation, only 21 percent said their doctor had raised the topic.

“One of the strongest predictors of whether or not the teens disclosed their sexual orientation was whether the physician had discussed sex with them at all,” Meckler said. “Very few physicians were regularly discussing sexuality, even though sex is one of the major developmental challenges and health risks at that age.”


Other reasons the teenagers gave for not disclosing their sexual orientation included: the fact that their parents were in the exam room with them; fear that the doctor would tell their parents their orientation; embarrassment; and fear that their doctor would disapprove.

Homophobic Board of Ed. Members May Need to Pay Damages

Members of the Morgan County Board of Education in Tennessee who voted against Paul Scarborough, a Director of Schools candidate, because of an article in a local newspaper that stated he would be speaking at a convention of Metropolitan Community Church, a predominately gay church, may have to pay damages for violating Scarborough’s constitutional rights.

According to Scarborough, he was not aware at the time that MCC was a predominantly gay denomination. He was just doing a favor for a friend when he said [he would speak]. When he consulted his calendar and realized he had a conflicting engagement, he called his friend to back out. The friend then asked if he could speak at the convention at a different time, which Scarborough agreed to consider, but ultimately he found he could not accept the invitation.

Unfortunately for Scarborough, however, MCC had sent a news release to the Knoxville News-Sentinel, the local newspaper, about its convention plans, announcing that Scarborough, the Morgan County Superintendent, would be a speaker at the conference.

After the news of Scarborough’s speaking plans appeared in the Knoxville News-Sentinel, several members of the Morgan County Board of Education “[decided] that he was putting the public schools’ ‘stamp of approval’ on homosexuality by his actions and had exhibited poor judgment by accepting the invitation in the first place.”

Continue reading about Scarborough v. Morgan County Board of Education in December’s edition of the Lesbian/Gay Law Notes.

Do you solemnly swear you are not a transsexual?

You must if you want to get married in Ohio’s Clark County.

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