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The glbtq carnival page is up. I’m also posting the info here.

GLBTQ Carnival is made up of submitted blog posts from various blogs on articles of interest to the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans and queer communities. GLBTQ Carnival is published monthly and posts included are from the previous month in GLBTQ blogging.

Here’s how it works: Go here and click on “Submit Your Blog Article to This Carnival” (found on the upper right side of the page) to submit a post to GLBTQ Carnival. Enter the URL of the post you wish to submit along with your name, email and the category your post falls under (art and performance, books, magazines and zines, music, news and politics, tv, movies and film or other). All appropriate submitted posts will be included in the carnival. The submissions deadline to have your post appear in the upcoming carnival is the 1st of the month (for example: if you want your post to appear in the 12/10/05 carnival, I must receive it by 12/01/05).

This is a traveling carnival. If you want to host GLBTQ Carnival, email me and let me know. Please include the month you wish to host the carnival (as alluded to above, carnival posts will be made on the 10th of each month).

For those who are not familiar with blog carnivals (I wasn’t), here are two examples of other carnivals in the blogosphere.