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Box Mods

This is the last post of 2005, everyone. I wish all of you health, happiness, success, and some great shoe shopping in 2006! Thanks for a wonderful year!

Wedding Planning

If you’re me, that means What will I wear? (to someone else’s wedding). One of my friends is getting married in May and it’s such a great excuse to buy a dress and more shoes!

I want need this outfit!

Crinkled Silk Chiffon Sailor Dress

Metallic Leather Pumps

[see them together]

Anti-Gay Person of the Year: Pope Benedict XVI

Tis the season for 2005’s bests. But lets not forget the best of the worst.

Washington Blade editors have named Pope Benedict XVI 2005’s Anti-Gay Person of the Year.

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From banning gay priests to publicly lobbying against same-sex marriage rights in Spain and Italy, Pope Benedict XVI appears to be taking a swift approach to excluding gay people from equal rights across the globe.

“His rhetoric is obscene. He wants gays clearly taken care of — it’s almost like the Final Solution,” said Kara Speltz, a Catholic lesbian activist for Soulforce, an organization dedicated to ending anti-gay discrimination within all religions.


Do You Have a Favorite Conservative Blogress Diva?

If so, and she’s listed here, you’ve got until 6 PM EST today, when Gay Patriot will announce the Grand Conservative Blogress Diva 2006, to give her your vote!

‘Jump the Couch’ Named the Best Slang Term of 2005

The term “jump the couch,” meaning to exhibit “strange or frenetic behavior,” which was born earlier this year when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch because, well, that’s what you do when you’re in love (or on something), has been named the Slang Term of the Year by the editors of the Historical Dictionary of American Slang.

Your Queer TV in 2006

A list of upcoming series premieres, along with other television highlights, from the San Francisco Bay Times:

Jan. 6: The Book of Daniel (NBC) is a witty and unconventional family drama starring Aidan Quinn (An Early Frost) as Reverend Daniel Webster, an Episcopalian minister who actually sees Jesus and discusses life with him. Daniel’s family includes his 23-year-old gay son Peter (Christian Campbell, Trick) and his bisexual sister-in-law.

Jan. 9: Emily’s Reasons Why Not (ABC), comedy about a single girl (Heather Graham) looking for love. Features actor Khary Payton as her gay best bud Josh who runs a tea shop and has a boyfriend named Aknad (actor Michael Benyaer).

Jan. 12: Crumbs (ABC) is a dysfunctional family comedy with Jane Curtin and William Devane. The only sane one in the Crumb clan might just be their gay son, Mitch, played by Fred Savage (The Wonder Years).

Jan. 17: Love Monkey (CBS), the new one-hour comedy-drama stars Tom Cavanagh (Ed) searching for love against the backdrop of the music industry. Features his gay pal Jake (Christopher Wiehl, Playmakers), an ex-pro athlete and sportscaster.

Feb. 21: The Real World: Key West (MTV) is the 17th incarnation of the reality series and features gay castmember, Tyler, who joins the housemates in running a tanning salon in South Florida.

March 15: Top Chef (Bravo) is the new reality-competition where 12 chefs aspire to win the coveted crown of “Top Chef.” Features 28-year-old bisexual Tiffani Faison (signature dish pumpkin lasagna) and 40-year-old Dave Martin (signature dish lamb enchiladas) who recently came out as a gay man.

Additional LGBT Programming Highlights (by date):

Jan. 1: Celebrity Fit Club (VH1) kicks off a new round of famous people fighting flab, including out performer Bruce Vilanch and activist Chastity Bono.

Jan. 6: Party Line with the Hearty Boys (Food Network) premieres its second season, hosted by real-life couple Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh.

Jan. 8: The L Word (Showtime) season three premieres. Alan Cumming joins the cast as a Billie Blaikie, the quintessential party boy party planner. Actress Daniela Sea joins the show in the recurring role of Moira, a transgender character.

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Rikers Island Closing Gay and Trans Housing Area

The section of Rikers Island designated for gay and transgender prisoners, which has space for 146 people, stopped accepting new inmates last month and began emptying out prisoners on November 28th. Fifty-six prisoners, of 126 who were housed there, remained yesterday.

The Department of Corrections plans to replace the special housing area for gay and transgender prisoners with a new protective custody system that will be available to all prisoners.

Many activists are concerned about this change:

The change has alarmed members of some civil liberties and gay rights groups, who note that the new protective housing would likely be more restrictive than the old unit.

Prisoners whose safety was at risk would be locked in their cells for 23 hours a day, rather than be allowed to mingle with other inmates. Prisoners could avoid the extra restrictions by staying in the jail’s general population, but there, they might be subject to harassment or worse, activists said.

“We’re not talking about people calling you names,” said D. Horowitz, a legal fellow at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. “People should not be punished for wanting to be safe.”

Eighteen groups sent a letter to Horn on Thursday asking him to reconsider, including the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Legal Aid Society, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Read more: “Jail for gay or transgender prisoners to close on Rikers Island”

Get Your Submissions in for January’s Carnival of Bent Attractions!

You have until 12:01AM on January 2nd to get submissions in for the January 10th Carnival of Bent Attractions, which will be held at Desperate Kingdoms.

Denise is Getting Married Today!

Wow, I didn’t realize it was happening so soon!

Congratulations, Denise!


Dylan Theno Awarded $440,000 After Years of Harassment at School

Dylan Theno, harassed with homophobic slurs from seventh grade, left high school during his junior year. Kansas’ Tonganoxie School District, which enforced its sexual harassment policy when female students were harassed, did nothing about the bullying of Dylan that occurred for years by classmates who believed he was gay.

PlanetOut reports that Dylan, who filed suit against the Tonganoxie School District in 2004, was awarded $440,000 in a settlement last Thursday.

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